ATWT Update Wednesday 4/30/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 4/30/03

By Dione

At the Lakeview bar, Molly tells Dusty that if he does not pay her money back she will tell everyone about his involvement in shady business dealings. Dusty feels Molly is over reacting about the two men who threatened her. Dusty tells Molly those men were just security guards, but warns her it is dangerous to open her mouth. Barbara arrives and sees Dusty threatening Molly. Barbara walks away from them. Later as she sits alone at the bar, Molly notices a strange man staring at her.

After Molly leaves, Barbara confronts Dusty. Barbara tells Dusty that Jack knows that they (Dusty and Barbara) are involved in something. Barbara reminds Dusty that he was unable to bed Rose. Dusty insists he will get Rose into bed this evening. Barbara tells Dusty that their deal is back on. Dusty asks Barbara for money. Barbara tells him she deposited lots of cash into his account that morning. After Barbara leaves, Rose arrives in tears and tells Dusty that Paul knows everything. Dusty tells Rose that Paul already came to question him. Dusty says that Paul that she (Rose) would never be involved in any kidnapping. Under severe stress, Rose becomes nauseated. Dusty suggests she come up to his room. In Dusty’s room, Rose is crying and saying how she should have been honest with Paul from the beginning. Dusty tells Rose that if Paul cannot accept this situation, it is his choice. Rose cries hysterically in Dusty’s arms. Dusty tells Rose that any man who would not want her, does not deserve her. Dusty takes Rose’s face in his hands and kisses her. Rose puts her arms around Dusty and kisses him back. Rose is now ashamed that she kissed Dusty. Rose frantically leaves Dusty’s room.

After telling Paul the truth at Java Underground, Rose tells him to call the cops. Rose walks out. Paul tries going after Rose but Holden and Lily stop him. Paul tells Lily and Holden that Rose explained that she kidnapped his mom (Barbara). Paul is angry that Rose lied all along to him, but told Dusty the truth. After Paul leaves, Holden sits with Lily. Lily says that she can’t blame Rose in a way for kidnapping Barbara. Aaron arrives and is told by Holden that Craig has left town for awhile. With a happy look on his face, Aaron heads over to Fairwinds to see Lucy.

Paul goes to the station to see Jack. Jack tells Paul that his mother may be involved in something shady with Dusty Donovan. Jack tells Paul that they found several messages from Dusty Donovan to his mother (Barbara) when they seized her cell phone. Paul says that Dusty is a financial consultant, which is probably the reason. Jack says that Dusty threatened to sue him if he (Jack) mentioned this to him (Paul). Jack plays the messages for Paul to hear. Paul says he wonders what his mom has to due with Rose’s beauty salon. Jack says that is what he wants to know. Jack says he would not put anything past his mother (Barbara). Jack tells Paul he is sorry for this news.

Emma goes to Fairwinds and finds Rosanna frantically trying to find out Craig’s whereabouts. Rosanna starts crying. Emma tells Rosanna that Craig acted like a spoiled child and she (Rosanna) should be mad at him. Rosanna thinks Craig must have phoned Carly. Emma tells Rosanna to go see Carly. Rosanna says Carly hates her so she can‘t. Emma tells Rosanna to pull herself together and stop feeling sorry for herself. Emma tells Rosanna she is a beautiful and successful woman, so she should act like one. Lucy arrives and apologizes to Rosanna for ruining her wedding. Rosanna says she never blamed her for Craig’s actions at the wedding. Rosanna tells Lucy she was so proud of her walking down the aisle and says that Aaron deserved to be there. After Rosanna leaves to run some errands, Lucy gets a call from Aaron who says he is coming over. Aaron arrives, excited that no one is home. Aaron yells out loud that he loves her (Lucy). Lucy does the same and yells out loud that she loves him and Aaron loves her. They kiss.

At Monte Carlo, Carly puts the finishing touches on one of her designs. Jack arrives and sees how happy Carly is. Barbara’s name comes up in their discussion. Jack says he may have something on Barbara. Jack says that Barbara is involved in something with Dusty Donovan, which will take the investigation focus off of Emily and Rose. Carly tells Jack not to do anything that will jeopardize his career. Carly tells Jack she is sorry for her past mistakes, but she feared he would leave her. Jack asks Carly where Craig is. Carly says she does know, which is the truth. Carly invites Jack to attend the Monte Carlo run-through in a few weeks. Jack says he would not miss it. Carly tells Jack that they seem to be getting along better lately. Jack takes Carly in his arms and kisses her. Carly’s phone interrupts their kiss. Its Craig. Carly hands the phone to Jack but when he speaks, Craig hangs up. Jack and Carly kiss more. Carly reminds Jack that she is not reliable in relationships. Jack smiles and tells her he knows she is working on that. As Jack leaves, Carly wears a big smile. While looking at one of her Monte Carlo black evening gowns, Carly imagines herself wearing it while Jack takes photographs of her, exclaiming how gorgeous she is. After Jack is done photographing Carly, he starts to undo her dress while they kiss. The phone rings, bring Carly back to reality. Its Craig again. Carly tells Craig what a terrible thing he did to Rosanna on her wedding day. Craig ignores her requests to tell her where he is. While on the phone, Rosanna walks in and grabs the phone from Carly. Rosanna gets on the phone and asks Craig where he is. Craig hangs up. Rosanna then accuses Carly of conspiring with Craig. As Carly defends herself, Rosanna starts grabbing her by the shoulders. Mike walks in and asks Rosanna what she is doing.

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