ATWT Update Tuesday 4/29/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 4/29/03

By Loretta

At Emily’s, Rose says that if Paul finds out the truth, he will not want to see her again. Emily feels if Rose tells Paul the truth, he may respect her more. Rose gets a call from Paul asking her to meet him at Java Underground. Paul’s voice is angry. After she hangs up, Rose cries. Rose tells Emily that she loves Paul so much. Emily hugs Rose. Emily tells Rose that she feels if Paul knows the truth, he will accept it.

Paul asks Dusty why he lied and provided Rose with an alibi. Paul says he asked Molly for this information. Dusty says he lied because he felt bad for Rose. Dusty explains that he lied for Rose since she was afraid that Paul would believe she was involved in the kidnapping. Paul gets upset and tells Dusty to next time - stay out of his business. Paul meets Rose at Java Underground. Paul angrily asks Rose why she and Dusty lied to him the day his mom (Barbara) was kidnapped. Rose tells Paul that she kidnapped his mother. Rose says she was hesitant to tell him, since he promised to stand by Barbara if he found out she (Rose) was lying. Rose says she is glad she did it. Paul and Rose argue. Rose reminds Paul that Barbara had her kidnapped and almost killed. Paul tells Rose that she now put him between him and his mother, a position he does not want. Paul asks Rose if Dusty was in on the kidnapping also. Rose says no - she did it alone. Rose tells Paul she will not beg him to forgive her, so he can call the cops and turn her in.

At the Lakeview bar John runs into Molly. Molly informs John that she and Dusty parted. John says he is glad, since she was “running around” with Mike. When Molly tries to put the blame on Dusty, John tells Molly he does not want to hear any of her sad stories. Molly tells John that Dusty is hanging around with shady business people. John does not believe Molly. Dusty comes along. John tells Dusty that Molly just told him that he is hanging around with thugs. Dusty says that all business have their shady people. John leaves. Dusty tells Molly to stop bad-mouthing him around town. Dusty tells Molly to forget about the two men that threatened her, since they will not come back. Molly asks Dusty what he did to Paul and Rose. Dusty says it is none of her business. Having a change of heart, Dusty tells Molly he is sorry things did not work out between them. Pretending she is going to kiss Dusty, Molly tells Dusty that she wants her money back and if she does no get it, she will tell everyone the truth about him.

At the hospital, Bob checks out Jessica’s lungs. Bob advises Jessica he will increase her antibiotic since she has more fluid in her lungs, which may lead to pneumonia. Bonnie arrives and finds out that her mom’s (Jessica) condition has worsened. Bob tells Bonnie that since Jessica is sleeping, she cannot see her. While Ben chats with Bob, Bonnie sneaks in her mom’s room. Bonnie tells Jessica she must tell the truth to the police. Before Jessica falls asleep she tells Bonnie to tell the police that she doesn’t remember pulling the trigger. Outside Jessica’s room, Ben tells Bonnie to take her mother‘s advice. Bonnie thanks Ben for loving her mother. Bonnie leaves without saying a word. Bonnie arrives at the police station to give her statement to Evelyn and Margo. Recalling Jessica’s advice, Bonnie says she picked up the gun, it went off but she does not remember how she got into Marshall’s room. Margo and Evelyn are frustrated. Bonnie gets up and leaves. Bonnie returns to Java Underground to inform Marshall and Isaac that she told Margo and Evelyn what they advised her to say. Bonnie is not happy with this decision. Bonnie says that she almost killed her mother and will get away with it and she does not know how she can live with herself.

Evelyn and Margo arrive at Java Underground to question Bonnie. Ben reminds Bonnie to wait before she makes a statement. Evelyn tells Bonnie that no matter what; she will eventually be questioned. After Bonnie says she will tell the truth, Ben takes her aside. Ben tells her that she should take her mom’s advice and remain silent. Bonnie tells Ben she can’t do what Marshall tells her to do. Ben reminds Bonnie that Jessica is in critical condition, so she must keep quiet for now, to keep Jessica from worrying. Ben and Bonnie decide to go see Jessica. Margo tells Bonnie she can’t leave. Bonnie asks for one hour alone with her mom. Margo agrees despite Evelyn’s outburst. Alone with Marshall, Isaac tells him that just because he is trying to help Bonnie and Jessica now, no one in Oakdale will forget his past. Isaac tells Marshall to go back to Hell.

Susan lunches with Rick at the Lakeview. Susan tells Rick all the good things about Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Rick tells Susan he is considering leaving Florida and working at Oakdale Memorial. Susan is happy and says he will like Oakdale. Kim and Nancy arrive. Susan points out that Kim is Bob Hughes‘ (Memorial‘s Chief of Staff) wife and Nancy is his mother. Susan introduces Rick to Kim and Nancy. They all agree to dine together. A beaming Susan phones Emily and tells her to get down to the Lakeview NOW and meet her handsome doctor friend (Rick). Susan begs Emily to come and meet him. Emily agrees. After looking in the empty refrigerator, Hal asks Emily if they can have takeout for dinner. Emily tells Hal they will dine at the Lakeview for dinner with her mom and her new boyfriend (Rick). Hal is hesitant, but after kissing Emily he agrees. Hal and Emily arrive and are introduced to Rick. During dinner Rick tells Emily and Hal how he met Susan (at the physicians conference in Florida). Kim tells Rick that Bob could use his help at Memorial. Rick puts his arms around Susan and tells her she is incredible (Emily gives Hal a surprised look). Emily whispers to Hal that Rick seems to really like her mom.

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