ATWT Update Monday 4/28/03

As the World Turns Monday 4/28/03

By Loretta

Still hospitalized for her bullet wound, Jessica now has a lung infection. Jessica manages to tell Ben that Bonnie must not talk to the police. Jessica tells Ben to call Marshall. At the station, D.A. Evelyn asks Margo why she has not brought Bonnie in for questioning. Evelyn says she knows that Bonnie is guilty of a crime and she wants her to pay. Evelyn goes to find Bonnie and is followed by Margo. Evelyn and Margo arrive at the hospital to question Jessica. Ben reminds them that Jessica is in no condition to answer questions. Evelyn asks where Bonnie is. Ben says Bonnie is not at the hospital. Evelyn leaves in a foul mood since she is tired of everyone protecting Bonnie. Running into Kim, Ben explains to her that he must find Bonnie who is wanted for questioning.

After being told by Ben to make sure Evelyn doesn’t try to question Jessica, Kim sees her husband Bob. Kim tells Bob he is working too hard. Bob says he is still bothered by the patient he lost the other day. Kim asks Bob to leave early. Bob says he cannot. Kim has a worried look on her face.

her for questioning, so he tries to accompany her. Bonnie does not listen to him but thanks him for his concern. Isaac tells Bonnie that she will be charged for murder. Bonnie says she must tell the truth to the police. Isaac tells Bonnie that the truth will put her behind bars. Marshall arrives and explains that Jessica sent him. Bonnie tells Marshall that she does not want his help. Marshall tells Bonnie that her mom (Jessica) now has a lung infection. Before Bonnie dashes off to the hospital, Isaac asks Marshall what Bonnie should say if the police question her. Isaac and Marshall instruct Bonnie what to say. Ben arrives and tells Bonnie that her mom (Jessica) wants Marshall to help her. Bonnie says she would rather go to jail then take help from Marshall. Ben tells Bonnie that Jessica loves her more than anything, so she will do anything to protect her - even if it means getting help from Marshall. Isaac gets a call informing him that Margo and Evelyn are on their way to question Bonnie. Bonnie tells Evelyn and Margo that she will tell them the truth.

While Barbara is visiting, Dusty gets a call from Rose. Dusty asks Rose to drop by his room. Rose agrees. Barbara tells Dusty that she is sorry that he could not get Rose into bed, since he will lose all that money she offered him. Barbara tells Dusty that he has lost his charm. After Barbara leaves, Rose arrives. Before he opens the door, Dusty removes his shirt. Dusty complains to Rose of a backache. Dusty asks Rose to massage his back. Rose does, but nervously. When Rose is finished, Dusty takes Rose’s hands and says they are soft and strong. Rose asks Dusty for the check he promised her for the business. Dusty says he forgot and apologizes. Rose tells Dusty that she lied to Paul about Barbara’s kidnapping and she is afraid she will lose him. Dusty tells Rose that Paul would be an idiot to let her go. Dusty asks Rose to help him put his shirt back on. Rose gets jittery and tells Dusty she will find him a wife. As Dusty buttons his shirt, he gazes into Rose’s eyes for a few moments. Rose tells Dusty that she loves Paul. Dusty says he knows that. Rose is confused by the feelings she is having towards Dusty and she leaves. Dusty reminds Rose not to tell Paul the truth about the kidnapping.

Rose, who is lunching wit Paul, tells him she must go to meet with Dusty. Rose asks Paul to come with her but he declines. Paul tells Rose he loves her. Still suspicious of Rose’s involvement in his mother’s kidnapping, Paul phones Molly. At his request Molly meets Paul. Paul asks Molly if Dusty was with her on the day his mother was kidnapped. Molly says yes, all day and evening. Molly says that even if Rose was involved, she does not blame her since Barbara deserved it. Later, Dusty gets a visit from Paul who asks why he lied and said that Rose was with him on the day the kidnapping occurred.

After sleeping past noon, Hal walks downstairs and kisses Emily good morning. Hal does not know how he can ask Jack to bury the evidence in order to protect Emily and Rose. Emily tells Hal that Carly already did talk to Jack and he may agree. Hal reminds Emily that by Jack doing this, his job is at risk. Without knocking Barbara arrives with Jack. Barbara announces that she wants Jack to arrest Emily. Jack announces that they found the receipt for the watch Emily purchased. Pleased with this announcement, Barbara suggests to Emily that she get an adjoining jail cell with her sister (Alison). Jack tells Barbara that the watch receipts and Henry Coleman’s testimony is not enough to prove Emily and Rose’s guilt. Jack and Hal ask Barbara if she bribed Henry to say Emily and Rose are guilty. Barbara denies this. Hal orders Barbara to leave. Emily comes back downstairs and cries. Hal takes Emily in his arms and assures her everything will be ok. Rose then pays a visit to Emily and tells her that she must tell Paul the truth.

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