ATWT Update Friday 4/25/03


As the World Turns Friday 4/25/03

By Dione 

In order to pay Mike back for repairing her roof, Katie cooks lunch for him. Katie tells Mike she learned to cook since she grew up on cruise ships (her mom Lyla sang on them). Katie tells Mike that Molly’s relationship with Rusty (Katie means Dusty) is shallow, so he shouldn’t worry about Dusty being any competition for him. Molly arrives and tells Mike how two men threatened her since Dusty is involved in some kind of shady business dealings. Katie wants to call Margo but Molly says no. Mike goes to ask Dusty some questions about this. Molly and Katie begin discussing Mike. Molly tells Katie that after being threatened by these two men earlier, she did not know where else to go, as she was frightened. Katie sarcastically tells Molly that she knew exactly where she was going. Molly tells Katie she must be after Mike. Katie tells Molly that she and Mike are just friends. Molly tells Katie that she doesn’t want to see her get hurt, so she shouldn‘t fall in love with Mike. Molly leaves. Katie calls Molly “a witch.”

Rose arrives in Dusty’s room bringing good news: her salon will open in two weeks. Seeing the look on Dusty’s face, Rose asks him what is wrong. Dusty explains that he and Molly just argued. Rose tells Dusty that he is a nice guy and he can do better than Molly. Rose tells Dusty that he should kick Molly to the curb. Dusty says he needs a woman who is funny, easygoing and has a big heart. Dusty says all the women in Oakdale with these qualifications are already married. Rose tells Dusty she will find him a gal. Rose looks lovingly into Dusty’s eyes but she catches herself and stops. Rose leaves. Dusty then gets a visit from Mike. Mike tells Dusty that if his friends bother Molly again, he (Mike) will come after him (Dusty).

Rosanna warns Carly that if Craig comes back and does not want her, she will ruin her. Jack hears this and asks Rosanna what she means by this. Jack tells Rosanna he does not want Carly threatened. Rosanna tells Jack that she is sick of Craig doing everything with Carly in mind. Rosanna tells Jack that she intends to ruin Carly if Craig wants a divorce. Rosanna (fuming with anger) leaves the room.

Hal tells Emily he knows she helped kidnap Barbara (due to her watch receipts). Emily admits this and says it was Craig’s idea. Emily says they had no intention of hurting Barbara, they just wanted to keep her on ice for a few days. Emily says they just wanted to help Carly with her design career. Emily tells Hal she is sorry “they” got caught. Hal asks Emily who else assisted with the kidnapping. Emily just says Barbara deserved it and she will accept her punishment. Finally Emily tells Hal that Rose and Henry helped her. Hal tells Emily that she is facing 25 years in prison for this crime. Emily cries in Hal’s arms. Carly arrives and asks Hal if he will order Jack to destroy the evidence linking Emily to the crime. Hal is hesitant about doing this. Carly tells Hal all the reasons why he should. Hal agrees and says he will speak to Jack in the morning. Carly leaves to see Jack at the police station. Carly tells Jack that she intends to be totally honest with him from now on. Jack laughs. Carly tells Jack that Emily confessed everything about the kidnapping to Hal. Carly tells Jack that Hal and Emily don’t deserve punishment since Barbara got off free from for her crime (kidnapping Carly, Emily and Rose). Carly asks Jack to keep quiet about Emily and Rose’s involvement. Jack says nothing. Carly tells Jack she knows he will do the right thing. Carly kisses Jack and leaves. Carly phones Emily telling her that she thinks she convinced Jack to keep quiet. Emily thanks Carly then phones Rose with this news.

Henry runs into Barbara at the Lakeview bar. Henry tells Barbara that he heard about her kidnapping and says that it was a shame. Barbara insists that Henry join her for a drink. Although nervous, Henry does as she says. Barbara tells Henry that the police are looking for a man involved in her kidnapping. Henry says he must leave to help at the homeless shelter. Barbara tells Henry that she knows he was involved in her kidnapping, and offers him a large amount of money to do as she says. Barbara orders Henry to tell the police that Emily and Rose were behind her kidnapping and that he (Henry) allowed her to escape. If Henry does not do as she says, Barbara says she will tell the police of his involvement. Henry leaves. Barbara phones Paul to tell him she needs to discuss something with him. Paul arrives. Barbara shows Paul the preliminary designs she had been working on for Monte Carlo before she was kidnapped, which is proof that she was hired as Carly’s backup. Barbara tells Paul she has a witness, which proves that Emily and Rose were behind her kidnapping. Barbara asks Paul if he will stay behind her if she is right about Rose. Tired of hearing his mother nag, Paul agrees. Rose arrives. After Barbara hugs Paul, she leaves. Paul sits at a table with Rose. Paul tells Rose that his mom made him promise to stand by her if she can prove that Rose was involved in the kidnapping. Rose gets a call from Emily. Emily tells Rose that Hal knows everything since they traced the watch receipts back to her. Emily says that Rose should tell Paul about the kidnapping. Rose tells Paul that she must tell him something. Before Rose begins to tell Paul the truth, she gets a call from Emily telling her that Carly may have convinced Jack to keep quiet about their kidnapping plot. Emily tells Rose to not tell Paul yet. Rose thinks up a quick lie to tell Paul.

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