ATWT Update Thursday 4/24/03


As the World Turns Thursday 4/24/03

By Dione

The last five minutes of today’s show was interrupted by a CBS special report.

Molly goes to see Dusty in his room. Molly apologizes for using him to make Mike jealous. Dusty accepts her apology. They kiss. Dusty tells Molly he needs to take care of some business before they get more cozy. Molly agrees to wait for him in his room. Molly begins to change into something more comfortable for Dusty’s returns. The doorbell rings. In her undies, Molly answers the door thinking it is Dusty. Two men barge in the door. One man asks Molly about Dusty, another man roughly pushes Molly onto the bed. When Dusty is downstairs at the bar he learns these two men were asking for him. Dusty immediately runs back to his room. Dusty enters and tells the men to leave Molly alone. These men came to collect the money that Dusty owes them. Dusty tells them to never come around his friends again. Before they leave, they threaten Dusty. Now fully dressed, Molly asks Dusty what this was about. Dusty says that some of the people he does business with are a little unconventional. Molly reminds Dusty that these men threatened her. Dusty insists these men won’t come around again. Angered by Dusty’s careless attitude, Molly leaves.

After helping Regina (the warden) escape Nicole‘s stabbing, Nicole grabs Alison and holds a knife to her throat. Alison bites Nicole’s hand, breaking herself free from her grasp. Kelsey holds back Regina. Nicole jumps on Alison and they struggle. Nicole again holds a knife over Alison. Just then a guard opens the door. Emily enters. The guard take away Nicole and Kelsey. Alison tells Regina that she tried to tell her about the planned attack but she was unable to. Regina thanks Alison for saving her life. Alone with Alison, Emily tells Alison she is proud of her and that Regina will speak at her upcoming appeal in court. Chris stays behind to help Alison, who is dealing with this stress with an upset stomach. Alison asks Chris why he trusts her so much. Chris laughs and says “he is a Hughes.“ Chris says he must leave but promises to write Alison if she writes him. Chris and Alison kiss. Afterwards Chris is uncomfortable about this kiss. Alison says they should discuss this kiss. Chris says doctors do not kiss their patients. As Chris walks out the door, Alison has a smile on her face.

At the Lakeview, Jack presents Hal with copies of the credit card receipts showing Emily’s purchase of the watch Barbara grabbed off her. This links Emily to Barbara’s kidnapping. Hal is not too shocked. Jack tells Hal that he cannot blame Rose and Emily, especially what Barbara did to them (the kidnapping-spa incident). As Jack leaves, Hal asks him not to say anything to Barbara about this yet. Jack agrees. Later Hal asks Emily about this. Emily confesses to Hal that she kidnapped Barbara Ryan.

Carly arrives at Rosanna’s just after Rosanna found Barbara’s sketches. This convinces Rosanna that Carly conspired with Craig to kidnap Barbara. Rosanna tells Carly that Craig left her on her wedding night as he was upset that she (Rosanna) helped Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna is eager to turn in the sketches to the police to put Craig behind bars. Carly orders Rosanna to destroy this evidence. Rosanna tells Carly that she only wants to save Craig in order to save her career. Carly insists she is trying to save her (Rosanna) marriage to Craig. Rosanna and Carly continue bickering. Rosanna tells Carly she is sick of Craig doing things for her benefit. Holding a search warrant, Jack arrives to check out Fairwinds and question Craig. Rosanna tells Jack that she and Craig fought and he left her. Rosanna tells Jack to go ahead and search the house. Jack asks Rosanna if she knows anything about Craig’s involvement in the kidnapping. Rosanna says that Craig told her nothing. Rosanna does not mention the sketches to Jack.

After Jack leaves the room, Rosanna hands Carly the sketches. Rosanna tells Carly the only reason she kept quiet about the sketches is that she wants to make her marriage to Craig work. Rosanna tells Carly she doesn’t need her for a sister. Rosanna tells Carly that if Craig wants a divorce, she will make her life a living Hell (Jack overhears this).

At the hospital Susan tells Bob that he does not look well. Bob explains that he just lost a patient. Bob asks Susan how the conference went, since she seems so cheery. After returning from the women’s facility Emily tells Susan what happened to Alison. Emily tells Susan how Alison risked her life to help the warden. Susan says she hopes Alison learned something for this. Emily notices that Susan got a new haircut and added some highlights. Emily wonders why her mom looks so wonderful. Susan tells Emily that she met a man named Rick at the conference in Florida. Susan is smiling. As Emily mentions to Susan that Chris is treating Alison at the facility, Bob questions this. Bob says that he is glad that Chris helped, but he is not allowed to treat anyone outside Oakdale Memorial. Late Susan and Emily talk alone about the man she met in Florida. Susan (now giggling) says Rick is a doctor with gorgeous eyes and that she had a wonderful time with him. Emily is happy for her mom. Susan says that Rick is planning on coming to Oakdale soon. Emily giggles too.

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