ATWT Update Wednesday 4/23/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 4/23/03

By Dione

Katie is at Fairwinds trying to help Rosanna deal with Craig leaving. Katie tells Rosanna that Craig will eventually come to his senses and return to her. Barbara arrives, despite Katie’s protests. Barbara reminds Rosanna that she warned her that Craig was poison. Rosanna asks Barbara what she wants. Barbara tells Rosanna that if they work together, they can put Craig behind bars for good. Rosanna says that Craig loves her. Barbara says that Craig said he loved her once too, then got his hooks into BRO. Barbara tells Rosanna that everything Craig does; he does it for Carly Tenney. Rosanna insists that Craig loves her. Barbara tells Rosanna that Craig is just using her to get what he can for Carly. Rosanna orders Barbara to leave. Barbara leaves. Rosanna then frantically tears Fairwinds upside down to locate Barbara’s missing sketches. After Rosanna finds them, Carly arrives.

Jack is handed some charge card receipts, which link Emily to Barbara’s kidnapping. Jack is confused as what to do next. Jack goes to see Carly who is staying at Hal and Emily’s. Jack tells Carly that evidence was found involving Emily which links her to Barbara‘s kidnapping. Carly tells Jack that even if Emily was involved, Barbara deserved to be kidnapped. Jack reminds Carly that he is a cop. Carly tells Jack to speak to Hal first, before doing anything official. Jack then leaves a message for Hal to meet him. After Jack leaves, Carly heads for Fairwinds. Meeting with Hal at the Lakeview, Jack presents him with the report which links Emily to Barbara’s kidnapping.

At breakfast Carly thanks Hal and Emily for allowing she and Parker to spend the night. Hal gets a phone call from the warden regarding Alison. Hal tells Emily that she must come with him to the station. Emily asks Hal if she should be worried. Hal explains it has to do with Alison. At the station Regina (the warden) tells Hal that they searched Alison’s cell and found no knife. Hal tells Emily this and that Alison may be moved to a different room. Emily says that Alison must be moved to a different cell now. Emily says that she will call Tom, her mother and even the Governor if she must, in order to get Alison moved today. Chris is there and insists that Alison is terrified. Emily heads to the women’s facility herself. Hal then phones Regina to inform her of what is going on.

At the women’s facility, Alison (pretending to sleep) hears her cellmates planning to stab the warden (Regina). The warden arrives to inspect their room. Alison worries that the knife under her mattress will be found, making it look as if it belongs to her. The girls wait outside while their room is searched. The warden tells Alison that she will work in the library today. Back inside their cell, Alison finds out that Nicole hid the knife in her teddy bear. Nicole removes the knife from the bear, then hides it under her sleeve. Regina informs Alison that she is being moved to another cell. All packed up and ready to leave; Nicole hands Alison her teddy bear back. Nicole and Kelsey remind Alison that even though they no longer share the same cell, they will be in touch. As an officer escorts Alison to her new cell, Nicole and Kelsey shut their cell door, with Regina still inside. Alison tells the officer that Regina is in trouble but Aloson is ignored. Alison then hits the officer on her head with her duffle bag. The officer stumbles to the floor. Alison opens the cell door and quickly pushes Regina away from Kelsey (who was preparing to stab her). Alison tells Regina everything will be okay. Nicole and Kelsey tell Alison she will die. Emily arrives to find there is an emergency situation taking place right outside Alison’s cell.

At the hospital Bonnie asks John how her mother is. John says Jessica is sleeping and she has the best doctors caring for her. Bonnie rejects John’s offer to take some sedatives to calm her, but John goes ahead and writes her a prescription. Taking Marshall’s advice, Isaac tells Bonnie not to go to the police yet. Margo tells Marshall that eventually Bonnie will have to answer her questions. Bonnie and Isaac arrive. Isaac tells Margo that she will have to wait to question Bonnie. Margo says she can’t wait too long. Margo leaves. Marshall tells Bonnie that unless she wants to go to prison, she should do as he tells her. Bonnie tells Marshall she does not need his help. Marshall advises Bonnie to just say the gun went off by accident and that they should all stick to the same story. Later Marshall goes to talk with John Dixon. Marshall tells John that he did rape Jessica but he realized that too late. John agrees to keep this statement from Marshall confidential. John assures Marshall that Jessica will be okay. Ben arrives and tells Bonnie that her mom wants to see her. At first Bonnie says she can’t see her mom since she is responsible for her condition. Isaac reminds Bonnie that the shooting was an accident. Isaac convinces Bonnie to talk to Jessica.

Ben has spent the night by Jessica’s bedside. Ben dreams of him and Jessica on their wedding day. Ben wakes up and feels Jessica’s hand on his face. Ben asks Jessica if she forgives him for making a mess out of her trial. Smiling, Jessica says yes. Suddenly Jessica asks where Bonnie is and if she said anything to the police. Jessica says the shooting was an accident and Bonnie was just trying to protect her. Jessica asks Ben to bring Jessica to her. Ben agrees. Bonnie arrives and cries. Jessica holds out her hands and asks Bonnie for a hug. Bonnie cries in her Jessica’s arms. Bonnie says that she is sorry. Jessica tells Bonnie that she knows she had no intention of hurting her. Bonnie says she will tell the police the truth. Bonnie tells Jessica that Marshall advised her not to tell the police anything and say the gun went off by itself. Jessica says that Marshall is right. Bonnie is a little shocked by this statement. Jessica makes Bonnie promise that she will wait to speak to the police. Bonnie agrees. Outside Jessica’s room Bonnie meets Lisa. Bonnie informs Lisa on Jessica’s condition. Bonnie thanks Lisa for all her help. Margo sees Bonnie and Isaac. Bonnie tells Margo that Jessica wants her to wait until she speaks to her about the shooting.

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