ATWT Update Tuesday 4/22/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 4/22/03

By Dione

Hal arrives home and apologizes to Emily for accusing her of being involved in Barbara’s kidnapping. Carly and Parker stop by. Hal hugs Parker on his way out the door. Carly asks Emily if she and Parker can spend the night with her. Emily says sure. Carly senses that Emily has something on her mind. Carly tells Emily that Hal must have accused her of kidnapping Barbara. Emily doesn’t say anything. Carly says that she will always hate Barbara and she deserved to be kidnapped. Henry Coleman arrives and tells Emily that he was brought in the police station and questioned about the kidnapping. Henry threatens Emily that if she and Rose don’t help him, he will tell the police everything (Carly hears this conversation). After Henry leaves, a shocked Carly tells Emily that she cannot believe that she, Rose and Henry kidnapped Barbara. Emily says it was Craig’s idea, but she and Rose agreed to assist him to help her (Carly). Emily tells Carly that she and Rose would not allow Barbara to take over as Monte Carlo’s designer. Carly hugs Emily. Jack stops by to see Carly and tells her that he knows she had nothing to do with Barbara’s kidnapping. Jack tells Carly he is glad her designs for Monte Carlo worked out and he is proud of her. Carly smiles and kisses Jack. Jack leaves. Carly asks Emily if there is any way the kidnapping can be traced to her and Rose. Emily says she hopes not.

At the station Hal gets word that Jessica Griffin was shot in Marshall Travers‘ room at the Lakeview. Hal tells Margo this. Margo heads for the hospital. Chris stops by and tells Hal that he visited Alison in jail. Chris says that Alison’s cellmates are planning a murder and Alison is afraid they will hurt her to keep her from blowing their cover. Hal doesn’t believe Alison’s story. Chris says that although Alison lies, she is new to the system. Chris says that he was right about Will and he is right about Alison. Hal agrees to phone the warden.

Henry Coleman is brought in for questioning regarding Barbara’s kidnapping (Henry was found wandering near the cabin grounds by the police). Jack begins questioning Henry. Henry tells Jack that he is crazy if he believes that he (Henry) would kidnap the ex-wife of the chief of police (Hal Munson). Henry says he is innocent. Jack asks Henry to take a polygraph test. Henry refuses and is released. Having obtained Barbara’s cellular phone, Jack listens to the numerous messages left for her by Dusty Donovan, in which he asks her for money. Jack goes over to Barbara’s to question her. Later Marshall arrives at the station to inform Ben that Jessica has been shot and is now in surgery. Ben pleads with Hal to allow him to go see her. Hal finally agrees. Tom accompanies Marshall and Ben to the hospital.

Barbara is angry at Dusty for disobeying her orders. Barbara tells Dusty that the Bank of Barbara is closed and he is fired. Barbara is angry that Dusty covered for Rose on the day she was kidnapped, which cleared Rose of the kidnapping. Dusty tells Barbara that he overheard Paul tell Rose that even if she was involved with the kidnapping, he would forgive her. Dusty say that no matter what Rose does, Paul loves her. Dusty says that Rose will make Paul happy. Barbara tells Dusty that he must want Rose for himself. Jack arrives to question Barbara about Dusty’s numerous cell phone messages to her regarding money. Dusty says he left messages about money because he is a financial analyst. Barbara tells Jack that Dusty’s phone calls to her are none of his business. Jack leaves. Barbara tells Dusty he should not have left those messages on her cell phone mentioning the money. Dusty leaves. Later Barbara visits with Dusty in the Lakeview bar and re-hires him to break up Paul and Dusty.

As Bonnie holds a gun to Marshall, Jessica enters the room. There is a struggle and a shot is heard. Jessica falls to the ground. Bonnie panics and cries. Isaac arrives. Marshall calls for an ambulance. Bonnie rides along with her mother (Jessica) in the ambulance. Bonnie keeps telling her mother she did not mean to shoot her. Suddenly Jessica’s blood pressure drops. Jessica is brought into the emergency room. John tells Bonnie that surgery must be performed on Jessica since she has internal bleeding. Marshall takes Isaac aside and instructs him that if Bonnie is questioned, she must say that the gun just went off. Isaac tells Marshall to keep away from Bonnie and Jessica. Isaac checks on Bonnie. Crying, Bonnie explains that she wanted to make Marshall pay for raping her mother, but never did she think her mother would get hurt. Margo arrives and hears Bonnie state that she shot Jessica. Tom arrives to say he is representing Bonnie. Margo tells Tom that she overheard Bonnie say that she shot Jessica (Marshall hears this). Marshall explains to Margo what happened regarding Jessica’s shooting. Marshall says he does not know who fired the gun except that it went off by accident. Margo asks Marshall why he is helping Bonnie. Marshall says because Bonnie’s mother cannot.

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