ATWT Update Monday 4/21/03

As the World Turns Monday 4/21/03

By Dione

Jessica tells Margo that she feels a restraining order against Marshall is necessary. Margo agrees. Immediately Margo and Jessica present Marshall with one at the Lakeview. Margo reads the content of this order to Marshall, which states that he must remain 100 yards away from Jessica at all times. Marshall asks Jessica how she could stoop so low. Marshall tells her that she is a coward for allowing her fear to take over. Jessica tells Marshall she is afraid of him and cannot forgive him. Marshall tells Jessica that he thought their discussion the previous night would change things. Recalling Marshall’s confession of rape on this night, Jessica asks Marshall to state this now in front of Margo. Marshall says he will not do this. Jessica tells Marshall he is a coward. Later Isaac approaches Jessica and tells her how Bonnie asked him to help her get even with Marshall. Isaac also states that her (Jessica’s) gun is missing from the safe and he feels Bonnie has it. Isaac leaves to see if he can find Bonnie. After learning from the bartender that Bonnie was seen riding the Lakeview elevator recently, Jessica realizes that Bonnie may be up in Marshall’s room.

Bonnie sneaks into Marshall’s room and retrieves the x-rated photos of him and her mother (Jessica). Bonnie angrily tears them into pieces and drops them on the floor. Bonnie takes her tape recorder and states into it that she intends to make Marshall confess that he raped her mother. Bonnie then turns the lights off while she sits and waits for Marshall to return. Marshall returns and finds Bonnie waiting for him. Bonnie tells Marshall that she wants him to confess that he raped her mother on tape. Marshall takes the tape recorder away from Bonnie. Bonnie reminds Marshall that he humiliated and violated her mother, causing her to be frightened in her home. Bonnie tells Marshall he must now pay for this crime. When Marshall pushes Bonnie away, she pulls a gun out. Marshall tells Bonnie she will regret this. Jessica then walks in. Jessica tells Bonnie to give her the gun. There is a struggle. We hear a gun shot. The screen goes black and silent.

Dusty heads to Barbara’s. Dusty tells Barbara she must give him $25,000 to help with Rose’s business. Barbara sarcastically reminds Dusty that she was kidnapped, preventing her from giving him the money earlier. Dusty asks if Barbara is ok after her ordeal. Barbara says yes, especially since Paul will soon learn that Rose was involved in her kidnapping. Later, Paul tells his mom (Barbara) that on the day that she disappeared, Rose was Dusty, which makes Rose innocent of having anything to do with the kidnapping. Barbara insists that Rose was involved, but Paul will not believe her. Paul tells Barbara that he will not allow this kidnapping to be used as a weapon against Rose. After Paul leaves, Barbara says that Dusty has just double-crossed the wrong mother. In yet another foul mood, Barbara phones Dusty and tells him she wants to see him.

Paul meets Rose at the Lakeview. Paul tells Rose how Craig was responsible for the kidnapping and was assisted by two women. Paul asks Rose if she was involved. At first Rose tries making a joke out of it. Rose tells Paul that his mom (Barbara) would have herself kidnapped just to come between them. Paul insists his mom did not kidnap herself. Paul asks Rose if she took part in his mom’s kidnapping. Just as Rose is about to tell Paul the truth, Dusty (who has heard this conversation) appears. Rose tells Dusty that Paul thinks she kidnapped his mother. Dusty (lying) says that Rose was with him the day Barbara was missing. Dusty says that he and Rose were planning the renovations on her salon that day. Paul is clearly embarrassed and apologizes to Rose. Paul goes to tell his mom that she was wrong about Rose taking part in the kidnapping. Rose asks Dusty why he told Paul that lie, since she does not want to lie to Paul. Dusty tells Rose that if he did not, Barbara would make her life a living Hell. As he takes her hand, Dusty tells Rose to trust him.

On their wedding day Craig and Rosanna are still arguing. Craig asks Rosanna how she could lie to him about Lucy seeing Aaron behind his back. Rosanna explains that she had to keep this a secret since Lucy planned to surprise him at the wedding by walking out of the wheelchair by herself. Craig tells Rosanna that Aaron stole Lucy’s innocence from her and he does not want him near her. Rosanna tells Craig that he cannot decide whom Lucy should see. Craig reminds Rosanna that since she has no children of her own, she does not have any right to decide Lucy’s future. Rosanna tells Craig she is trying to save his relationship with Lucy. Craig wants no part of Rosanna’s explanation. Rosanna realizes that Craig is afraid that if he does not protect Lucy, then she will die like Bryant did. Craig admits this but says this was no reason for her to lie about Lucy and Aaron. Craig tells Rosanna that he thought he could love and trust her. Hearing the word “trust,“ Rosanna reminds Craig how he kidnapped Barbara in order to help Carly. Craig says this was strictly business. Rosanna begs Craig to work this problem out. Craig says he cannot. A teary eyed Rosanna tells Craig how much she loves him and begs him to stay. Craig stands up and leaves. Craig heads inside the house and sees Lucy. Lucy tells Craig that she intends to remain with Aaron, whether he likes it or not. Craig says nothing and walks off. After plucking leaves off a flower and chanting “he loves me - he loves me not,” Rosanna heads to find Craig. In the Fairwinds living room, Lucy tells Rosanna that she is sorry for ruining her wedding. Rosanna tells Lucy it is not her fault and not to worry. To give Rosanna and Craig time to work things out, Lucy spends the night at her Aunt Katie’s. Alone with Craig, Rosanna begs him not to leave her alone. Craig leaves.

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