ATWT Update Friday 4/18/03


As the World Turns Friday 4/18/03

By Dione 

Before Ben is taken away to be locked up (Ben made a scene in court, causing Jessica‘s case to be thrown out), an officer begins reading him his rights. Jessica takes over this task and lovingly reads Ben his rights. Jessica thanks Ben for everything. Ben kisses Jessica. Bonnie asks her mother (Jessica) how she can accept this. Jessica tells Bonnie how the day before Marshall admitted to her that he raped her. Bonnie and Jessica enter the courtroom and discuss this further. Bonnie says that Marshall’s confession to her should not make a difference, since Marshall is free to do to some other woman. Jessica tells Bonnie she did her best. Bonnie says she (Jessica) can give up but she intends for Marshall to pay. Jessica walks out and is approached by Marshall. Marshall says that originally he wanted to change his plea, but he changed his mind when he realized she would never forgive him. Jessica tells Marshall that one day she may respect him but she can never forgive him. Marshall gets closer to Jessica and tells her that he can never stay away from her. Jessica tells Marshall to stay away from her or she will call the police. Jessica heads to the station and finds Ben completing his mug shots. Jessica informs Margo how Marshall approached her earlier outside the courtroom.

During Craig and Rosanna’s reception Barbara (now free) tells the guests that Craig had her kidnapped and he must be arrested. Craig tells Barbara he has not been near her. Barbara says that Craig had two female conspirators (while holding up Emily’s wristwatch). Rose and Emily exchange glances. Rosanna asks Carly if she had something to do with this. Carly says no. Barbara flaunts the watch in front of Rose. Rose says is it not her watch. Barbara then flaunts it in front of Carly. Carly says it is not hers. Barbara then tosses it in front of Hal and Emily. Hal asks to see the watch. Alone with Emily, Hal tells her the watch looks similar to hers. Emily then holds up her hand and the same watch is on her wrist (good work Emily)! Barbara apologizes to Rosanna for ruining her wedding day. Rosanna tells Barbara that no matter what; Monte Carlo is using Carly’s designs since she did not meet the deadline. Rosanna asks Barbara to leave, despite her protests. Carly tells Jack that she had nothing to do with Barbara’s kidnapping. Carly admits to designing but not kidnapping Barbara. Jack tells Craig that he is the primary suspect in this kidnapping and he wants him in the station for questioning. Margo convinces Jack to question Craig in the morning, since this is his wedding day. Craig thanks Jack. John takes Barbara aside and advises her to go home and relax. Barbara does, but first speaks to Hal. Barbara asks Hal to please lead her kidnapping investigation. Hal agrees. Rose tells Paul that she cannot believe his mother (Barbara) came and caused a scene at this wedding. Paul reminds Rose that his mother was kidnapped. Rose snaps back and says she was kidnapped and almost killed. Paul gets frustrated with Rose and leaves to tend to his mother. Emily finds Rose and tells her that Hal believed her story about the watch. Rose tells Emily how Paul left her to be with his mother.

Barbara arrives home with Paul and finds her sketches missing. Barbara screams that Craig stole the designs and had her locked up in the cabin, in order to allow Carly to have her chance at designing for Monte Carlo. Jack and his team are at Barbara’s apartment investigating. Barbara yells at Jack to lock Craig up. Paul tells Barbara that if he finds out that Craig kidnapped her, he will make him pay. Barbara tells Paul to ask his fiancée (Rose) if she had anything to do with her kidnapping.

After Barbara left the reception, Craig announces to the guests that the reception is back on. Aaron then sneaks some time in with Lucy. Alone with Craig, Rosanna asks him what he did to Barbara and who helped him. Craig tells Rosanna that maybe Barbara faked this whole kidnapping. Rosanna reminds Craig that they promised to be truthful with each other. Lucy then arrives and asks to speak with her dad (Craig). Craig then dances with Lucy. Lucy confesses to Craig that Aaron helped her to walk every day and if it were not for him, she would still be in a wheel chair. Craig tells Lucy that Aaron is only using her. Lucy brings Aaron out. Lucy asks her dad to give Aaron a chance. Craig, now steaming with anger, orders Aaron to leave. Holden, newly arrived comes to Aaron’s side. Aaron heads back home with Holden. Lucy cries and asks her dad how he could do that to her. Lucy runs off crying. Rosanna tells Craig how Lucy and Aaron worked six hours a day practicing to walk just to surprise him. Craig yells at Rosanna and asks her how she could lie to him about Aaron and Lucy. Craig tells Rosanna their marriage is getting off to a shaky start.

After seeing Mike with Katie at Craig‘s wedding, Molly tells Dusty she wants to leave. Dusty says he will not be used like this, so she (Molly) can go home if she wants. Molly walks inside the house to call a cab. Dusty then heads off with Rose. Lily notices that Rose is getting chummy wit Dusty. Rose leaves the wedding with Dusty, but she first thanks Rosanna for her invitation. Rose goes to have a drink with Dusty in his room. Rose brings up how Barbara ruined Craig’s wedding. Rose compares Barbara to a cockroach, neither of which ever goes away. Dusty laughs. Rose gets a call from Paul. Paul asks Rose to meet him at the Lounge. Rose leaves.

Carly heads inside the house and checks to see how Molly is. Molly says she is ok. Mike pops in and offers to give Molly a ride home. Mike tells Molly that he did not come to throw Katie Frasier in her face. Molly tells Mike that taking care of a woman in need is just his style. Molly tries walking away, but Mike apologizes to her, stating that he should have treated her more fairly. Molly in tears leaves.

Bonnie heads off to Java Underground where she talks with Isaac. Bonnie asks Isaac to help her get Marshall on tape, confessing that he raped her mother. Isaac tells her to let this go, as her mother (Jessica) has. Isaac reminds Bonnie that doing this would be illegal. Bonnie reminds Isaac that he promised he would help her and she feels Marshall must pay. Isaac says Marshall will pay in the long run. Isaac reminds Bonnie that enough people have paid for her mom‘s relationship with Marshall, like his brother Ben, who is now in jail. Bonnie ignores him. Isaac tells Bonnie that if she intends to go after Marshall Travers, she is on her own. Outside Java Underground we see that Bonnie is carrying a gun.

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