ATWT Update Thursday 4/17/03


As the World Turns Thursday 4/17/03

By Dione

Before the trial, Jessica informed Margo that Marshall confessed to raping her. Kim and Bob told Jessica that Ben was subpoenaed for the defense. In the courtroom, Ben refused to take the stand after he took his oath. He stated that Marshall was guilty of raping Jessica and that she was a fine woman and he needed to pay for what he had done. He was asked to quiet down, but walked over to Marshall yelling and pointing. The bailiff arrested him. The judge declared the case as a mistrial. After the trial, Evelyn asked Jessica if she was going to pursue further, but Jessica declined. Bonnie told Marshall that she was going to make sure that he paid for what he had done to her mother.

At the cabin, Barbara awoke to a fire that had gone out on it's own. She frantically went over to the fireplace & threw in more logs. She began screaming. Outside, a fisherman approached the door. Barbara heard him and began screaming and throwing apples at the door. The fisherman ran to call the police. At the station, Emily overheard another officer get the call about screaming inside of the cabin. She rushed to call Rose who suggested that she deny everything. When she called Craig, he hung up on her. He was preparing for his wedding.

Emma, Lily, and Carly assembled at Fairwinds to help Rosanna get ready for her big day. Carly said that she wanted to help Rosanna and be her sister. Margo told Rosanna that she is part of her family. Lily suggested that everyone leave, so that Lucy and Aaron could have a minute alone. In the gazebo, Tom suggested that he be Craig's best man, since he didn't have any friends, but he had family. Molly played innocent when she was Mike at the wedding. Dusty was on to her game. She spoke to him and sort of introduced Dusty. Katie walked up and pretended to be Mike's date. Paul told Rose that he was going to search the tunnel under the house during the wedding in hopes to find his mother. Rose assured him that she would be fine and come home unharmed soon. Paul found Craig's cell phone that Margo put in a drawer and tried to find a number of an accomplice. Rose stopped him. During the wedding, Lucy took her first steps towards the altar where she met Craig. Craig and Rosanna exchanged vows and everyone in attendance glanced at their wedding rings. Craig and Rosanna shared their first dance, but Rosanna suggested that he dance with Lucy. Lucy appeared hurt and went in the garden with Aaron. During the event, Barbara emerged looking distraught. Jack was at her side. She yelled and pointed that Craig had something to do with her disappearance. Rosanna looked stunned.

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