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As the World Turns Wednesday 4/16/03

By Dione

After the hearing, Marshall handed a subpoena. Ben told Margo that he was going to need Tom's help. Ben wants to do everything he can to show Jessica that he's on her side. Jessica decided to go into the courtroom and act out what she would say if she was the defense attorney in her trial. She stated an opening argument to empty seats to what would be the jury. As she was talking, in walked Marshall. She asked him to get away and that she would call the police if he didn't. He slowly walked closer to her and began to take the stand. He told her that was where she wanted him, on the stand. He put his hand on the Bible & began to take an oath to tell the truth. She cross examined him and he flashbacked to the night in question. In her line of questioning, she made him see that he did in fact rape her. He admitted to being a rapist and apologized. She suggested that he tell that to the court. He stated that his life was at stake and said that he would give a "not guilty" plea in court the following day.

At Fairwinds, Carly asked Rosanna to look at her designs. Craig stood by saying that her time was up and that she was no longer needed. Rosanna was curious as to how she finished them so fast and where her inspiration came from all of a sudden. Carly insisted that it came from knowing that Barbara was not to be found & that she was no longer under pressure. Carly told Rosanna once again that she wanted her to be in her daughter's life because she is her family. She said that she missed Molly and not knowing what was going on in her life hurt her. Rosanna was touched by Carly's speech and decided to take a gander at the designs. Rosanna loved them and gave Carly the advance that she wanted. Rosanna extended her hand, but Carly gave her a big hug. Rosanna told Carly to come to the wedding if she brings Parker.

Lucy showed Aaron how she could make more steps while in the gazebo. Aaron showed Lucy his new tie for the wedding. They exchanged "I love you's". As they were kissing, Craig called. Aaron dropped his tie and hopped over some bushes. Craig saw the tie on the ground as he assisted Lucy into her wheelchair. Lucy said that it must've been left by the caterers. Craig thought it was too nice for them to wear, so he slipped it into his coat pocket. Later, Craig threw it on the coffee table where Lucy quickly picked it up.

At the Lakeview, Craig asked Molly if she wanted to come to his wedding. She declined until he mentioned that Mike would be there. Later, in Dusty's suite, Molly asked him if he would escort her to the wedding. He declined thinking that Mike would be there. She insisted that he wouldn't and took his mind off of Mike by kissing him and jumping his bones.

At the cottage, Barbara is desperate to be located. She found a flammable cleaning agent and set fire inside of the fireplace. She hopes someone sees the billowing smoke and rescues her.

Ben meets Jessica outside the courtroom. Ben tries to apologize for not being present in court this day, but Jessica wants nothing to do with him or his excuses. Still upset, Jessica tells Bonnie she cannot go home yet until she can collect her thoughts. Bonnie tells her mom (Jessica) that she is proud of her. Marshall comes up to Jessica to apologize for his words in court earlier. Marshall places his hand on Jessica’s shoulder and Bonnie pushes him away and tells him to never touch her mother again. Jessica speaks to Marshall, but Margo interrupts her. Before Marshall leaves with Margo, he tells Jessica that this is not how he intended things to work out for them. In another room Margo tells Marshall to leave Jessica alone, then Ben comes in the room. Marshall tells Ben he should have been in court today for Jessica. An angry Ben tells Marshall that his criminal past will catch up with him. Marshall tells Ben he will be called as a witness for the defense. Ben tells Margo this. Margo tells Ben she will phone her husband Tom about this. After Bonnie has left, Jessica walks inside the courtroom. Alone in the courtroom, Jessica pretends to ask the jury to find Marshall guilty of felony rape. Marshall walks in and sits down on the witness stand. Jessica tells Marshall to leave but he does not. Marshall tells Jessica that now he is her witness. Marshall says he swears to tell her the truth and will prove that he did not rape her. Jessica then questions Marshall about his relationship with Jessica Griffin as if they were actually in front of a jury. Jessica asks Marshall if Jessica initiated any sexual interest in him during the last few months. Marshall states no. Marshall admits that Jessica did not indicate that she wished to engage in any sexual relationship recently. Marshall says that Jessica invited him to live with her. Marshall says that he feels that an emotional bond and sexual chemistry exists between him and Jessica. Jessica then questions Marshall about the night of the rape. Jessica asks Marshall if Jessica told him to stop, when he began kissing her on the couch that night. Marshall admits yes. Jessica asks Marshall if the victim (Jessica) ever said no to sex before with him. Marshall says no. Jessica asks Marshall if the victim said no to sex on that particular night. Getting a strange look on his face, Marshall says he can’t remember. Jessica reminds Marshall how he held Jessica’s hands up above her head during their sexual act and how she struggled against him, crying out “no” several times. Marshall gets a frightened look on his face. Jessica asks Marshall if he raped Jessica Griffin. Marshall says “yes” in a confused way. Marshall stands up and tells Jessica he is sorry he hurt her, since he realizes this now. After admitting the truth, Marshall says nothing has changed as far as court goes, since he still intends to plea not guilty. Marshall says he cannot afford to lose this case. Jessica tells Marshall he will live with this “fact” for the rest of his life. Marshall leaves. Alone in the courtroom, Jessica looks up towards the ceiling and says “thank you.”

At the gazebo at Fairwinds, Aaron tells Lucy he loves her. They kiss. Lucy tells Aaron she loves him. Aaron tells Lucy that he bought a new suit for the wedding. Aaron shows Lucy his new tie also. They soon hear Craig coming and Aaron runs off. While running, Aaron drops his tie. With Aaron out of sight, Craig arrives in the gazebo. Craig finds the tie and Lucy says it must belong to one of the caterers. Craig wheels Lucy back inside the house.

Craig runs into Molly at the Lakeview. They discuss Barbara‘s sudden disappearance. Craig invites Molly to his wedding and says that she may be lucky and catches the bouquet. After Craig leaves Molly phones Dusty. Molly immediately heads to Dusty’s room. Dusty (wearing a towel) kisses Molly. Molly asks Dusty to accompany her to Craig and Rosanna’s wedding. Dusty says no. Molly tells Dusty she doesn’t know why Barbara is so important to him. Dusty says that Barbara was very good to him when he was a child. Dusty suggests they order room service. Molly asks Dusty how her investments are doing. Dusty says her investments are up 5%. Molly says she will let him pay for their room service as long as he accompanies her to Craig and Rosanna’s wedding. Dusty and Molly begin making love.

Barbara in frenzy, frantically thinks of a way to escape. Fire comes to Barbara’s mind. Barbara hysterically breaks apart a wooden table. Barbara then comes across some gun cleaner, which is highly flammable. Like a maniac Barbara tosses the wood in the fireplace, sprinkling on some gunpowder. Barbara then madly searches for matches. Barbara manages to find a match on the floor underneath a piece of furniture. After starting a fire, Barbara screams for help and says that Craig Montgomery will pay dearly for this.

Carly arrives at Fairwinds to hand over her sketches to Rosanna. Rosanna makes her entrance in the living room. Carly tells Rosanna that she is crazy with inspiration. Carly asks Rosanna to look at her sketches for the Fall line. Rosanna tells Carly to get herself and her sketches out of her house. Carly says without her designs Monte Carlo is nothing. Rosanna asks Carly why Barbara suddenly disappeared. Carly admits she is pleased that Barbara left, but states she had nothing to do with Barbara‘s disappearance. Carly begs Rosanna to look at her sketches. Carly tells Rosanna that for the first time she knows what it is like to be like her (successful business woman Rosanna Cabot). Craig walks in on Carly and Rosanna. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly has completed the Fall line. Craig urges Rosanna to look at the sketches. Craig goes upstairs while Rosanna looks at the sketches. Rosanna asks Carly what she really is after. Carly tells Rosanna she wouldn’t work herself crazy like she has been doing, just to “get her.” Carly tells Rosanna she needs her to be a part of her baby’s life, no matter how bad they get along. Carly says she wants her daughter to grow up being surrounded by strong women like her (Rosanna). Rosanna starts getting emotional, and then she looks at Carly’s designs. Rosanna is pleased with them. Carly is shocked. Rosanna tells Carly that she is capable of amazing things. Carly asks Rosanna if they are back in business. Rosanna says yes and holds out her hand for Carly to shake. Instead of shaking Rosanna’s hand, Carly hugs her. Craig walks in wheeling Lucy in her chair. Carly offers to help Lucy alter her dress for the wedding. Looking at everyone in the room, Rosanna tells Craig that it looks like they have a family. Rosanna asks Carly if she is coming to the wedding. Carly (a little shocked) finally says yes. Rosanna tells Carly to bring Parker with her. Alone with Craig, Rosanna starts to cry. Craig asks why she is crying. Rosanna says she is happy for the first time in her life.

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