ATWT Update Tuesday 4/15/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 4/15/03

By Dione


Rose arrives at the Lakeview to meet Paul. Rose is ecstatic regarding her salon plans, but Paul’s mood is low since he feels his mother (Barbara) is missing. Rose insists that Barbara is probably hiding at a high-class hotel, just looking for attention. Paul states that his mom has changed and feels she is in serious trouble. Rose says that if Barbara is, maybe she will learn something. This remark angers Paul, so he leaves. Rose curses Barbara Ryan. Emily arrives and tells Rose that they are having problems with Barbara back at the cabin. Emily explains that Barbara got a hold of a poker stick in the cabin, and has begun a mission to break the door down. Rose phones Craig ordering him to come meet them immediately. Craig arrives and manages to calm Rose and Emily down. Craig assures them that since Carly’s designs are now with Rosanna, it does not matter what Barbara would say to the police. Craig leaves. Emily jokes with Rose that when she becomes Mrs. Paul Ryan; she will be stuck with Barbara forever as a mother-in-law. Emily points out that if Barbara had never had them kidnapped, they never would have met and become friends. Rose smiles. Emily and Rose toast to Barbara.

A crazed Barbara continues to beat her poker stick against the cabin door. Henry is outside with Emily discussing a plan to keep Barbara from escaping. Barbara’s mad screams frighten Henry, so he tries to flee, but Emily threatens him if he runs off. Emily leaves. Inside the cabin, Barbara holds the wristwatch she obtained from her kidnapper. Holding the wristwatch, Barbara vows to make her kidnapers pay. Outside Henry prepares to battle with Barbara. Hearing someone outside the cabin, Barbara sticks her head outside the doggie door. Henry immediately sprays water in Barbara’s face. Barbara screams. As Barbara screams like Hell, Henry manages to pull the poke stick out of her hands. Doing this, Henry falls down. Henry then begins securing the doggie door back in place, accompanied by Barbara’s explosive screams.

Craig arrives at the farmhouse to look at Carly’s sketches. Craig tells Carly that Barbara went off to Milan. Craig tells Carly that her designs are incredible. This pleases Carly. Carly and Craig hug. Carly insists she wants to personally deliver the designs to Rosanna herself, so she can witness the look on Rosanna’s face. As Craig and Carly are laughing, Jack walks in. Jack tells Craig that Barbara is missing, which is convenient for Craig, as Jack puts it. Jack orders Craig to come to the station for questioning regarding Barbara’s disappearance. After Craig leaves for the Lakeview, Carly asks Jack if he feels she had Barbara kidnapped. Jack just says that Barbara’s sudden disappearance is too convenient for her (Carly). Carly tells Jack that she is tired of his accusations. Jack says he is sick of Craig always being mixed up in her matters. Carly heads off to Fairwinds with her sketches in her hand.

At the hospital Kim and Bob ask Ben why he is not attending Jessica’s trial. Ben says he cannot bear to watch Jessica on the stand for questioning. After Bob and Kim leave, a man is brought in to emergency with a head injury. Apparently a woman had thrown a lamp at this man’s head. Ben tends to him. A young woman arrives crying. Margo tries to console this woman. This woman tells Margo she doesn’t think she can answer questions. Margo assures this woman that she will remain with her during questioning. Their conversation makes Ben realize that the man brought in with the head injury raped this woman. Ben questions this man about his date with this woman. This man explains how they went to her apartment, he started kissing her but she told him to stop. This man states that all women play this “game.“ Ben tells this man he is a scumbag for raping this woman. Ben gets very angry with this man, so angry that Margo and John rush in to see what all the commotion is about. John pulls Ben off this man. John advises Ben to calm down. Ben then heads to court to be with Jessica.

Before arriving at Jessica’s trial, Kim and Bob have coffee at Al’s. Bob tells Kim that lately he has been having trouble concentrating and this morning, he forgot his keys. Kim tells Bob his forgetfulness may be from the stress they are all feeling lately. Kim expresses her concerns about Barbara to Bob. Kim feels that Barbara is too far gone and will never be the same woman they all loved in the past. As they prepare to leave, Bob realizes he forgot his wallet. Kim assures Bob she’ll pay for him since she is employed! Kim goes up to the cashier as Bob starts to wonder why he is suffering from forgetfulness.

Before Jessica heads inside the courtroom, Lucinda and Bonnie wish her luck. D.A. Evelyn begins questioning Jessica. Jessica explains in detail to the court about the night Marshall raped her. Jessica states she could not scream since Marshall was kissing her on her mouth. Jessica states she told Marshall “no” as he was kissing her but he would not stop. During the court’s recess, Lucinda, Kim, Bonnie and Evelyn give Jessica moral support. After taking notes during Jessica’s testimony, Marshall advises his attorney on how to question Jessica. Back on the stand, Marshall’s attorney questions Jessica. Marshall’s attorney gets Jessica to admit that on the night the rape occurred, she (Jessica) sent Ben Harris home, which left her alone with Marshall. He also gets Jessica to admit that she had told Marshall “no” before, during their sexual relationship, so why would her resistance make any difference to Marshall on that particular night. Jessica is frustrated. Outside the courtroom Ben arrives. Jessica cries and tells Ben that she needed him in the courtroom during her testimony.

Jack arrives at the station. Hal hands Jack a copy of the letter from Barbara addressed to Rosanna. Hal states that Barbara seems to have disappeared. Jack suggests maybe James is responsible for Barbara vanishing, but Hal assures him that James is under 24-hour surveillance. Hal tells Jack that he feels Craig may be a suspect since he has the most to gain from Barbara disappearing. Later on Craig arrives to be questioned by Jack regarding Barbara’s disappearance. Jack reminds Craig that he had many things to gain from Barbara disappearing. In his usual cool manner, Craig tells Jack that he has no proof of this.

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