ATWT Update Monday 4/14/03

As the World Turns Monday 4/14/03

By Dione

Emily saw that Barbara snatched off the doggie door as she approached the cottage. Emily threw in her food, but Barbara threw it back out at her. Babs pushed a fireplace tool out the door & Emily grabbed it. They got into a tug of war. In the end, Barbara snatched off Emily's watch. Barbara suspected the watch belonged to either Carly or Molly. Barbara ruled out Carly due to her condition. Emily communicated with her by hitting on the door when Babs asked her if she wanted her watch back. Rosanna received a fax from "Barbara" saying that she was in Milan. She immediately asked Aaron to send the fax to Paul & Hal. Holden paid a visit to Fairwinds looking for Craig. Holden expressed to Rosanna that he didn't want Aaron to get hurt as a result of Craig forbidding Aaron to see Lucy. Holden advised Rosanna that she shouldn't begin her marriage on a lie. At the station, Hal and Paul are suspicious about "Barbara's" letter. Hal found out that Babs' passport hadn't been used & Paul found out that she hadn't been to Milan. At the Lake View, Hal and Emily have lunch. Hal's worried that there hasn't been a ransom note. Hal suspects Craig, but doesn't think kidnapping is his thing. Hal informed Emily that kidnapping is a federal offense. Emily told him that Craig never thinks that he'll get caught. With that news, Hal says that Craig is his #1 suspect! At the farm, Carly's on the porch sketching. Emma comes out & she had to hide her sketch pad. One pencil is in her ear & Emma questions it. Carly makes up a lie saying that she was doing a crossword puzzle. Later, Craig came to the farm with a bag full of goodies for Carly. During that time, he gave a immediate deadline for the sketches. Emma became suspicious of the visit & called Jack. She told him that she thinks she's designing again. Susan was very appreciative of Chris going to check on Alison. Bob overheard the news & informed Chris that he is not to perform medical care outside of Memorial. He also told him that if he does it again, he'll put it on his permanent record, which will enable him from getting hired elsewhere. Meanwhile, Alison is in the middle of a confrontation with her roomies. The girls were discussing how they were going to hurt someone as Alison walked in. Alison started having another panic attack. She requested to see her doctor. Chris got the message & is contemplating going to see her.

Just as Alison arrives in her cell, she hears Nicole telling Kelsey that she intends to get some “witch” the first chance she gets. Alison thinks they are planning to kill her. Nicole and Kelsey immediately advise Alison to forget what she heard or she (Nicole) will slice her throat. Alison asks them that if they intend to kill someone, to not let her know. Alison says she thought the girls in this facility were supposed to be non-violent. This remark angers Nicole. Nicole violently shoves Alison against the door and threatens to cut her up. Alison suffers a panic attack, making it difficult for her to breathe. At first, Nicole and Kelsey feel Alison is faking, until she Alison starts gasping for air and coughing. With her attack under control, Alison asks the warden to please get Dr. Chris Hughes for her.

Emma arrives on the porch where Carly is sketching. Carly immediately hides her sketchbook. Carly drops her pencil, which Emma picks up for her. Seeing the sketch pencil, Emma reminds Carly that working again can harm her and the baby. Emma leaves for Holden and Lily’s. As soon as Emma is out of sight, Carly grabs her sketchbook. Craig arrives with a goody bag for Carly. Craig tells Carly that her deadline has been moved up. As Carly is asking Craig why the deadline has been changed, Emma arrives. Emma advises Craig that if he does not leave in five minutes, she will phone Jack. Emma tells Carly and Craig that she knows there is something going on between them and she does not like it. Emma walks out of the kitchen. Crag then tells Carly she has 24 hours to get the sketches done, since Barbara ran off to Milan. Craig tells Carly she must come through for Monte Carlo. Craig leaves. Later on, Craig phones Carly to remind her that the designs must be completed today. Emma (who hands the phone to Carly) goes in another room to phone Jack. Emma leaves a message for Jack indicating that she thinks Carly is designing again since Craig has been by the house often.

Paul gives his concerns to Hal that his mom is no place to be found. Hal feels perhaps Barbara chickened out at the last minute about designing for Monte Carlo. Paul says his mom would never do this. Hal receives a faxed copy of Barbara’s letter addressed to Rosanna stating that she went to Milan. Hal says he will have the State Department look into this and he will stay on the case until Barbara is found. Paul says he spoke with designers in Milan and Barbara is not there. Hal feels Barbara was kidnapped. Paul says it was Craig. Hal feels Craig would not do this.

Emily tells Craig her concerns about kidnapping Barbara and reminds him that if Paul finds out that Rose was involved in this; Paul will leave her for good. Craig assures Emily that nothing will go wrong. Emily tells Craig how Barbara won’t eat the food she drops in the doggie door and how she (Barbara) is screaming her lungs off that he (Craig) kidnapped her. Emily says she must leave to go feed the beast (Barbara). Craig suggests Emily feed Barbara flowers. Emily leaves.

Trying her best to escape from the cabin, Barbara violently bangs the doggie door with a stick using all the energy she has. Deprived of energy, Barbara falls down and curses Craig Montgomery! Emily soon arrives outside the cabin to place food inside the doggie door for Barbara to eat. Emily jumps as Barbara plunges the stick outside at the tray of food. Barbara screams out if this person is Carly who wanted her to vanish from the start. Barbara then asks if this person is Craig. As Barbara is poking the stick outside, Emily grabs onto one end to snatch it from her. Inside Barbara grabs the other end of the stick. A crazed Barbara falls down laughing since she managed to obtain Emily’s watch by poking the stick at Emily’s wrist. Outside the cabin door, Emily panics. Barbara screams that she will use this watch and find out who the kidnappers are, then they will wish they had never been born. Barbara then sticks her head out the door and screams “you better watch out cause here comes Barbara.”

Lucy and Aaron give Rosanna a present. They say it is for being so good to them. Rosanna is touched by this, which is a bracelet. Rosanna hugs Aaron and Lucy. Rosanna tells Aaron that once Craig sees Lucy and him walking down the aisle at her wedding, he will change his opinion of him (Aaron). Rosanna gets a message from Barbara. In this note, Barbara states that she had to go to Milan. Rosanna says this is strange since Barbara’s designs are due the next day. Rosanna says that perhaps Barbara’s disappearance was not her choice. Lucy asks Rosanna if she thinks her father made Barbara disappear. Rosanna says she would never accuse her dad (Craig) of this. Lucy says she heard her (Rosanna) and her dad fighting about Carly and Barbara. Rosanna asks Aaron to fax a copy of the letter from Barbara over to Hal for investigation. Lucy tells Rosanna that she is afraid that she (Rosanna) and her dad will fight and break up. Rosanna insists that she and Craig love and are devoted to each other. Rosanna hugs Lucy. Holden arrives and asks Rosanna to stop playing “power games” on his son. Aaron hears this and defends Rosanna, but Holden asks to speak to Rosanna alone. Lucy and Aaron leave. Holden tells Rosanna that Craig will never accept Aaron and she wants her to stop using Aaron to get on Lucy’s good side. Rosanna explains that when Craig sees how Lucy’s condition has improved, he will realize what a good influence Aaron is on Lucy. Holden say if she does not tell Craig that Lucy has been seeing Aaron, then he will. Rosanna refuses to tell Craig, since Lucy and Aaron have been planning her walk down the aisle for weeks. Rosanna says this would break Lucy and Aaron’s hearts. Holden agrees, for Aaron and Lucy’s sake. After chatting with Carly, Craig arrives at Fairwinds. Rosanna shows him Barbara’s letter from Milan. Craig reminds Rosanna that this means that Carly is back in as designer. Rosanna begs Craig not to ask Carly to come back. Realizing she is getting no where with Craig, Rosanna leaves the room. Soon a frantic Emily arrives to tell Craig they have a problem. Emily tells Craig how Barbara got a hold of her watch through the doggie door with a stick. Craig tells Emily to patch up the door. Afterwards a nervous Emily lunches with Hal. Hal says he is worried someone kidnapped Barbara and he doesn’t know how Will can handle this. Hal mentions the copy of the letter he got from Barbara in Milan. Emily makes a comment about Craig, which makes Hal feel that Craig may be responsible for Barbara’s disappearance.

Bob chats with Chris at the hospital. Susan arrives dropping her files on the floor, which Chris retrieves for her. Susan says she is sick worrying about Alison, but grateful that Chris was able to see her. Bob asks Chris how he managed to visit Alison, when her family isn‘t even allowed to. Chris gets beeped, so he leaves. Bob suggests that Susan attend the conference she was scheduled for. After some convincing from Bob, Susan agrees. Later Bob asks Chris how he got to see Alison. Chris says he told the warden that he was Alison’s doctor. Bob reminds Chris that he could be fined for this if anyone finds out. Bob reminds Chris to start following all the hospital rules and no more medical visits to Alison. Chris gets a note from Alison, but he refuses to go to her. Chris feels guilty for this.

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