ATWT Update Tuesday 4/8/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 4/8/03

By Loretta

At Java Underground Isaac tries to come up behind Bonnie and kiss her, but this startles her instead. Isaac says he wanted to apologize to her (Bonnie) about his opinion on her mom’s (Jessica) rape charges. Ben arrives and brings a copy of The Inquisitor newspaper, which features a cover photo of Jessica and Marshall having sex. Bonnie immediately gets upset. Isaac says that Marshall is responsible for this photo. Bonnie heads off to be with her mom. Alone with his brother, Ben tells Isaac that he told Jessica to drop the case but, Jessica is insisting she must defend herself. Isaac says there is no way Jessica can win this case. Ben questions why he restarted his relationship with Jessica. Isaac reminds Ben that he did so because he loves her. After returning from spending time with her mom, Bonnie returns to Java Underground. As Bonnie arrives, Jessica phones her to inform her that she is going ahead with a press conference. Ben also insists to Bonnie that Jessica can’t possibly win this. Bonnie tells Ben she will not crawl away from her mother and that she (Jessica) knows what she is doing. Ben leaves and says he will stop Jessica from doing this.

At The City Times office, Jessica meets with Kim and Lucinda. Lucinda urges Jessica to hold a press conference about this magazine photo. Kim tells Jessica that she is providing her with access to tell her story on TV station WOAK. Kim reminds Jessica that her situation is not so unusual, since they were only two unmarried people who had an affair, but both ran for the same job (District Attorney). Lucinda agrees with Kim and reminds Jessica that she did have sex with Marshall, but it is over now. Jessica begins to consider the press conference. Evelyn arrives and advises Jessica against this. Evelyn tells Jessica that she should remain silent. Frustrated with everyone telling her what to do, Jessica tells everyone to drop this once and for all. Jessica apologizes for snapping. Jessica and Bonnie walk to a room to have privacy. Bonnie tells Jessica that she must do what she wants. Jessica reminds Bonnie that the two people she loves the most (Bonnie and Ben) are getting hurt by this. Bonnie gets upset when Jessica tells her that Ben wants her to drop the charges. Later, Lucinda tells Jessica that she does not wish to twist her arm, so she must do what she wants. Jessica says that she wants to hold a press conference (against Evelyn’s wishes).

Still behind bars, Alison finds a knife under her mattress. Nasty roommate Kelsey and Nicole arrive to tease Alison. Nicole asks Alison what she is doing with this knife. Alison accuses Kelsey and Nicole of setting her up. Kelsey reminds Alison that she is getting special treatment since she has a doctor boyfriend (Chris) and a cop brother in law (Hal). The roommates tells Alison that knife will remain under her mattress. Alison asks her roommates why the knife must stay under her mattress. Nicole says every item in their room stays where she says. Alison tells them that if they put the knife someplace else, she won’t tell anyone. The warden arrives just to hear the end of Alison’s comment and asks Alison what she meant. Alison says there is no problem and everything is cool. After the warden leaves, Kelsey and Nicole tell Alison that she did a good job and she catches on fast.

At Fairwinds, Craig asks Emily and Rose to help him make Barbara temporarily disappear, in order to help Carly. Craig tells Rose and Emily that Carly walked out on Monte Carlo, making Barbara Carly’s replacement. Emily and Rose want no part of this. Craig insists they are all friends so they should help Carly. Emily and Rose ask how Barbara is to disappear. Craig tells them he needs Barbara to vanish by the next day. Rose wants to walk out, but Emily starts to reconsider. Emily tells Rose that they cannot allow Barbara to take away Carly’s dream. Emily also says that Barbara hates her (Rose) guts since she is marring her son (Paul). Craig tells the ladies that Carly’s sketches are due the next day, that is why Barbara should disappear ASAP. Craig reminds Rose and Emily of how much Barbara got away with (such as their kidnapping) so this can be viewed as justice.

After making Parker a sandwich, Barbara arrives at the farmhouse to nag Carly. Barbara tells Carly that she made a wise decision to give up Monte Carlo. Despite Carly telling Barbara to leave, Barbara walks into her kitchen. Carly and Barbara begin to argue. Barbara tells Carly that she will be left all alone by the press and Monte Carlo. Carly tells Barbara that the fall collection is hers, so she can choke on it. Barbara starts bringing up the fact that Carly went behind her back and did the sketching for BRO when Paul hired her. Barbara tells Carly that now she is free from pressure, she can sit around and watch cartoons all day. Carly insists she will return to Monte Carlo. Barbara reminds Carly that she will have a two-year-old and a toddler to take care of instead of sketching designs. Barbara advises Carly to stick with cooking. Emily and Rose arrive at the farmhouse just in time to hear Barbara and Carly’s heated argument inside. Barbara tells Carly she has no talent. Carly tells Barbara to go to Hell. Just as Barbara is leaving, Emily and Rose enter. Barbara asks Rose to give her love to Paul. Carly tells the ladies that Barbara may be right about something. Carly politely asks Rose and Emily if they would leave, since she promised Parker they would spend the afternoon together. Outside Rose and Emily discuss Barbara’s harsh treatment of Carly. Rose and Emily agree to help Craig make Barbara vanish for a few weeks.

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