ATWT Update Monday 4/7/03


As the World Turns Monday 4/7/03

By Loretta

Emily accompanies Carly to the hospital for her exam. Carly and Emily run into Mike, who asks to speak to Carly privately. Mike questions Carly as to why she has been ignoring him. Carly tries to tell Mike that she and Jack are trying to work out their marriage. Mike says he understands, but also states that since he may be the baby's father, he wants to know how she and the baby are coming along. Carly understands and agrees to communicate with Mike (little do Mike and Carly know that Katie, who hides behind a hospital curtain, heard this entire conversation). Just as Mike is feeling the baby, Jack walks in the room. This upsets Jack. Trying to prevent an argument, Carly leads Jack to her doctor's office. Once Carly and Jack leave, Mike finds Katie popping out of the curtain. Mike is angry with Katie for eavesdropping. Katie insists she was not eavesdropping. Katie is having her own share of problems with her new job as nurses' aide. Katie starts to cry as her day is not going as hoped. Mike amusingly tells Katie she should schedule her crying times. Katie smiles. Katie and Mike then discuss the problems they have encountered the past few weeks. Mike hugs Katie as a friend.

Sleeping peacefully in her jail cell, Alison dreams of Aaron rescuing her. Soon Alison is awakened to reality when she wakes up to find herself being ticked with a feather by her nasty roommate. Poor Alison, or as her roommates call her "Malibu Barbie" is quite upset with this treatment. When Alison is notified that she has a visitor, the guard mentions to Alison that she try her best to fit in with her roommates and be sure she doesn't give off the impression that she is getting special treatment since her brother in law Hal is a cop. From her attitude, we sense that that the warden seems to know all about the stuff that the bad girls do, but unfortunately she seems unable to do anything about it. Alison learns that her visitor is Chris. At first Alison gets a little upset when she sees him. Chris chats a little while with Alison. Before she heads back to her cell, Alison tells Chris to let Emily and her mom (Susan) know that she is ok. Back in her cell Alison is sitting on her bed and feels something unusual. Alison looks around and under her mattress she finds a knife.

After her doctor exam, Carly and Jack arrive back home (at the farm). Jack settles in and heads to the refrigerator to makes Carly some lunch. Carly, not in the mood for food, is upset and insists that he (Jack) is holding his anger in. Carly tells Jack that at times, she feels more like his (Jack) patient than his wife. Jack explains that he is angry but will deal with it (like when he caught Mike feeling the baby earlier). Jack suggests they both move on with their life. However, Jack does say that he is frightened and angry, but he also tells Carly that he loves her. Carly and Jack share a tender moment. Jack tells Carly that if he had intentions of leaving her, he would have a long time ago.

While discussing the upcoming wedding with Rosanna, Lucy tells her that she intends to ask Aaron to come to the wedding. Rosanna does not think that Craig will take this news with a smile. As Lucy is saying this, Craig walks in the room. Craig tells Lucy that if Aaron was a friend of hers, he would be welcomed. Craig reminds Lucy that she once stated that she never wanted to see Aaron again. Lucy says she changed her mind. Wondering if Lucy has been seeing Aaron behind his back, Craig finally blurts out and asks Lucy if this is so. Lying, Lucy says no, but insists Aaron is just a good friend. Craig goes on to say that he is only trying to protect her from Aaron. Craig also tells Lucy that Aaron does not love her, he only lusts for her. Later on Rosanna sips some tea. Craig walks over and asks her what she is thinking about. Craig mentions Barbara and Monte Carlo. This gets Rosanna going and she insists that the conversation she had earlier about Aaron had nothing to do with Barbara taking over as Monte Carlo’s designer. Rosanna tells Craig that she feels that he is only wants her to share his opinion on Aaron just to prove that she loves him. Craig tells Rosanna she is right but also states that hiring Barbara to replace Carly, made it difficult for her (Carly) to concentrate on sketching. Rosanna reminds Craig that Barbara will only be Monte Carlo's designer until Carly returns. Rosanna asks Craig to accept this. Craig says he will try. Craig kisses Rosanna. When Rosanna leaves the room, Craig phones someone with a plan, which includes Barbara.

At Al's Diner, Aaron discusses Craig and Rosanna's wedding with Holden. This talk leads to Lucy. Aaron says that he has been helping Lucy with her walking everyday and she is making progress. Sensing that Aaron wishes to resume his relationship with Lucy, Holden is worried that Craig will not accept it. Holden does not want to see his son (Aaron) get hurt again due to Craig. Holden tells Aaron that he will try and talk to Craig about him and Lucy. Lucy soon arrives. Lucy says she mentioned to her dad that she wants him (Aaron) to attend the wedding, but that her dad does not. Lucy suggests to Aaron that they meet secretly at the wedding.

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