ATWT Update Friday 4/4/03


As the World Turns Friday 4/4/03

By Loretta 

Being that Hal is friends with the warden, he and Emily are able to pay a visit to Alison in jail. Alison cries to Emily saying that she can’t cope in jail and she will never last one year. Emily tells Alison that she is strong and she can do it. Alison tells Emily that the other girls in jail are not friendly. Hal advises Alison to stand her ground if any of the girls try to test her. Emily and Hal then say goodbye to Alison. Alison heads back to her room she shares with two other girls. Alone in her room, Alison tells herself to be strong. Alison’s two roommates enter. They are not friendly. Nicole (catching Alison holding her CD) advises Alison to drop her CD or she will hurt her. Nicole and her friend refer to Alison as “Malibu Barbie.” Alison tells them not to call her Malibu Barbie. Nicole tells Alison that she knows her dad is a cop and she gets special treatment. Alison says Hal is just her brother in law. Nicole says that does not make a difference. When the two girls go to lunch, Alison asks to eat with them. Nicole says yes, if Alison gives them her dinner. Alison says no. Nicole warns Alison that if she ever tries sitting with them, she will ring her neck. After lunch, Alison can’t find her teddy bear. Her two roommates got a hold of it and are playing catch with him. As Alison grabs her bear away from her roommate, the bear’s arm comes off. Nicole warns Alison that if she continues to grab, they will grab back. Alison then lies down on her bed and cries.

An investigator (hired by Marshall’s attorney) hands Marshall the news article which is to be sent to the media (along with the photo) about him and Jessica’s intimate relationship. As Marshall sits in the Lakeview lounge Jessica comes along and tells Marshall that he can do whatever he wants, but she intends to put him behind bars. Marshall says nothing. Once Jessica leaves, Marshall tells a man who sits nearby, to go ahead and run the photo in the newspapers.

After seeing the photo (of Jessica and Marshall having sex), Ben heads to Jessica to convince her to drop the rape charges. Jessica asks Ben who pushed him to do this. Ben says he just spoke with Marshall. Ben tells Jessica that Marshall sent him a photograph of her having sex with Marshall (from the videotape). Ben says that if Jessica does not drop the charges, Marshall will release this photo to the media. Ben tells Jessica he does not want to see her publicly humiliated, since he feels she cannot win this trial. Jessica tells Ben that she had to force herself to pursue this and she will not drop the charges. Ben mentions how his brother Isaac does not believe her rape story. Ben says that this is so since he (Isaac) read the letter that Marshall wrote her (Jessica). In this letter, Marshall told Jessica of how much he loves her. Jessica says that at least she will have her self-respect if she pursues the charges. Ben tells Jessica to just bury this rape in the corner of her mind. Jessica tells Ben this rape haunts her and it will continue until she makes Marshall pay. Ben tries telling Jessica that when she is on the witness stand, Marshall’s attorney intends to give her a hard time. Jessica tells Ben she knows he is embarrassed about this. Ben says he is not protecting himself, but her. Jessica says she knew this was going to be tough to prove, but she promised herself that if she took action, she would not allow anyone to stand in her way. Jessica tells Ben that Marshall is using him and he (Ben) is falling into Marshall‘s trap. Ben says Marshall is not. Jessica says she needs Ben to stand beside her. Ben asks Jessica to at least think about dropping the charges. Jessica says no. Ben leaves without saying a word.

Craig arrives at the farm to chat with Carly. Craig wants to know why Carly backed out as designer of Monte Carlo. Carly says she is under too much stress to make the deadline. Craig tells Carly to relax. Carly tells Craig she wants him out now. Carly then throws her sketch pencils at Craig as he heads out the door. Craig quickly returns. Carly says she has no strength to fight a losing battle (meaning Barbara and Rosanna). Craig asks her why she is backing off. Carly reminds Craig that she wants to have a healthy baby. Craig does not believe this is the only reason and he asks her for the truth. Carly says she is afraid of not being special. Craig says she is special. Carly smiles. Craig tells Carly not to let her doubts take control. Carly feels that perhaps Barbara’s designs may be better than hers. Craig insists that Carly must start sketching ASAP. Carly now starts yelling at Craig as he just told her that he made up the story about a car accident on the highway, just to get Jack out of the house. Carly starts to get dizzy but manages to pick up a yoga book her physician gave her for relaxation techniques. Craig tells Carly he knows his own relaxation exercises. Craig tells Carly to lie down. Carly does. Craig then advises Carly to breathe in through her nose and out through her mouth. This is relaxing Carly and she falls asleep. Jack arrives to find Carly on the floor. Jack asks Craig what he did to Carly. Carly wakes up and tells Jack that Craig just taught her some relaxation exercises. Jack can’t wait to tell Craig that once he walks out the door, he is not welcome back in their home. In front of Jack, Carly tells Craig that for the sake of the baby, she will not be working for Monte Carlo. Carly walks Craig out. Carly suggests to Craig that after the baby is born maybe they can start working together again. Craig says Monte Carlo is over for them. Carly then says that unless Barbara vanishes off the face of the earth, Monte Carlo is over for her. Craig agrees with Carly‘s statement. Carly walks back in the house. Outside alone, Craig thinks about the idea of Barbara vanishing. Craig says to himself that the thought of Barbara disappearing is an interesting concept.

Its Katie’s first day as a nurses’ aide at the hospital and she is having a tough day. Mike arrives with a cut finger, asking Katie where the emergency room is. When Katie gets a look at Mike’s bloody hand, she faints. Mike carries Katie into a spare room, to lie her down. Katie wakes up, just as Chris walks in. Mike explains to Chris what happened. Katie is disgusted that she passed out on her first day of work and she feels hospital work may not be for her. Chris says to give it one more day. Chris asks Katie to join him and some interns after work at Java Underground. Katie tells Chris he doesn’t have to pretend to like her. Chris leaves. As Katie is screaming at Simon for leaving her flat, she tosses a bedpan at the door in anger, just as Mike walks in. Mike has come to check on Katie. Katie tells Mike that she is going to look for another job. Mike tells Katie that her job will get better, so give it time. Mike leaves. Katie smiles at him.

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