ATWT Update Thursday 4/3/03


As the World Turns Thursday 4/3/03

By Loretta

Molly finds Dusty standing outside her Lakeview room. Molly lets him in her room. Dusty apologizes to Molly and says he had no idea that she was involved with Mike. Molly says her relationship with Mike is over. Dusty says he wants to pick up where they left off. Molly says all they (her and Dusty) did was have casual sex. Dusty says he was hoping they could date occasionally. Molly laughs and says it sounds like he wants a relationship. Dusty suggests they have dinner. Molly says no thanks, as it would not work out. Dusty asks why. Molly tells Dusty that he would not want to know the real her. Molly tells Dusty how in the last year, her husband was killed, her daughter left, she met Mike whom she loved but lost him when her cousin got pregnant with Mike’s child. Dusty tells Molly that she looks good for a woman who has been through so much. Dusty says that having dinner is harmless. Molly says no. Dusty tells Molly (whom he calls Bright Eyes) to not forget about him. Dusty leaves. Later on, Molly has second thoughts so she heads over to Dusty’s room. As soon as Molly walks in, her blouse comes off and she is kissing Dusty passionately.

Emma offers Carly some freshly baked muffins. Sipping some orange juice, Carly says that Emma is spoiling her. Emma is off to run some errands and Carly seems anxious for her to leave. Once Emma is gone, Carly heads out the door. Carly arrives at Fairwinds to tell Rosanna that she can‘t meet the deadline. Rosanna says she is proud of her for once making a wise decision. Carly congratulates Rosanna, since she says this is what she (Rosanna) wanted all along. Carly asks Rosanna to please not hire Barbara as her replacement. Carly says that she is shocked that Craig is allowing her to hire Barbara. Rosanna reminds Carly that she can return to Monte Carlo after she has potty trained her daughter. Carly asks Rosanna how she can hire Barbara, especially after Barbara had her (Carly) kidnapped. Rosanna says she had no choice and Barbara was the only designer she could find. Carly begs her not to do this. Rosanna says Barbara will stay. Carly tells Rosanna that she is sucking the life out of her for good. Rosanna reminds Carly that she has a husband and family who love her. Carly gets angry and starts cutting up all the flowers Rosanna was tending to for her upcoming wedding. When Rosanna tries to take the knife from her, she causes Carly to cut her hand. Rosanna apologizes and offers to bandage the wound. Carly tells Rosanna she would rather bleed to death. Carly leaves and returns to the farm. Jack asks Carly how she cut her hand. Carly says the knife slipped when she was slicing an apple. Carly tells Jack she wishes Barbara was not replacing her at Monte Carlo. After Jack leaves on police work, Craig arrives. Craig asks Carly why she gave up on designing. Carly tells Craig that she seems to have lost her talent, as when she tried to sketch designs - she could not.

At Fairwinds, Craig finds Rosanna outside tending to the garden. Their discussion turns to Barbara. Craig tells Rosanna that she is sexy when she gets angry. Rosanna mentions that when Carly can’t deliver the designs, Barbara will. Rosanna’s vindictive behavior turns Craig on and he kisses her. Craig’s kiss is interrupted by a call from Jack, who asks to meet with him. Rosanna and Craig resume their disagreement over Carly and Barbara. Craig leaves for his meeting with Jack. When Craig arrives at the Lakeview, Jack hands him Carly’s sketches. Jack tells Craig that Carly is on hiatus until their baby is born. Craig humorously asks Jack if he is sure the baby is his. Jack ignores this remark and leaves. Back at Fairwinds, Rosanna phones Barbara to question how her designs are coming along. From Rosanna’s conversation, Barbara seems to be coming along on schedule. After a brutal fight with Carly, Rosanna phones Barbara to inform her that she (Barbara) is now the official designer for Monte Carlo, since Carly has bowed out.

Jessica gets served breakfast from a helpful Bonnie. Bonnie is off to work but she reminds her mom (Jessica) to call her if she needs anything. Margo is there and asks Jessica why she doesn’t tell Bonnie the truth about how she really feels emotionally. Jessica tells Margo of how she almost shot Bonnie the other night when she thought Bonnie was Marshall. Jessica says that everything has changed in her life and she does not know who she is. Jessica tells Margo how she wanted Ben to make love to her but when he tried, she could not go through with it. Margo tells Jessica to stop trying to protect other people and protect herself. Jessica says that she does not know why she sometimes feels sorry for Marshall, in regards to losing his daughter. Margo reminds Jessica to let her friends and family help her. Margo hugs Jessica, then leaves. Margo goes to Marshall and warns him that if he does not avoid Jessica Griffin, she will do everything possible to keep him away from her.

Ben arrives at Marshall’s room with the photograph of Marshall and Jessica having sex. Marshall explains that since the tape is not allowed in court, he will send this photo to the media, which proves that he and Jessica had a history of intimacy. Marshall says if Jessica drops the charges, he will destroy this photo. Marshall tells Ben that if he loves Jessica, he will protect her and convince her to drop the charges. Marshall begins telling Ben the questions that Jessica will be asked in court, which may make a jury question her charges of rape. Marshall reminds Ben how Jessica lied in the past about their relationship. Ben leaves and heads to Java Underground. Ben tells Isaac how Marshall wants Jessica to drop the charges, or he will give that photo to the media. Isaac says that he does not believe Jessica’s rape story. Ben says he believes Jessica. Bonnie hears this. Bonnie asks Isaac to keep his opinion to himself. Ben tells Isaac that he is wrong about Jessica. Ben leaves and Bonnie walks away from Isaac. Ben goes to Jessica and suggests that she drop the rape charges.

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