ATWT Update Wednesday 4/2/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 4/2/03

By Loretta

Standing inside their soon-to-be-salon, Mitzi suggests that Rose accept Dusty’s loan. Rose says she cannot since it may interfere with Paul and Dusty’s friendship. Lucinda braves the rainstorm and arrives offering to be Rose’s partner. Mitzi thinks this is a great idea. Lucinda asks to speak to Rose in privacy. Mitzi pleasantly leaves. After Mitzi leaves, Lucinda asks Rose if she really wants a girl like Mitzi to work in her establishment. Rose reminds her that this comment about Mitzi is just the reason she won’t take money from her. Lucinda reminds Rose that she would have had money if she did not toss her diamond inside the ocean. Lucinda finally convinces Rose to accept her offer.

At the Lakeview, Dusty meets with Barbara. Barbara tells Dusty that if Rose finds out about his involvement with Molly, Rose may see her as a threat, which may help Dusty get Rose to bed faster. Dusty is not crazy about this idea of bringing Molly into this plan. Dusty says it does not please him to come between Rose and Paul. Barbara insists that Rose is out to destroy Paul’s life and soon he will realize this. After Dusty leaves, he heads back to his room. Paul arrives in Dusty’s room. Dusty has asked Paul there. Dusty tells Paul that he is standing in the way of Rose’s dream. Dusty says he just saw Rose and she was crying. Paul feels that Dusty is right. Paul leaves to see Rose.

Paul finds Rose in her shop talking to her make believe customers. Paul smiles and asks her how she will make her salon a reality. Rose says she will be a partner with Lucinda. Paul asks Rose to marry him. Rose giggles. Paul tells Rose that his dream is to walk down the aisle with her, so she must pursue her dream and accept Dusty’s loan. Rose grabs and kisses Paul. Rose then phones Dusty and tells him she will accept his offer. Dusty tells Rose he would love to help her dream come true.

Molly arrives at Mike’s house. Molly apologizes for hurting him (by informing him that she slept with Dusty). When Molly takes off her raincoat, Mike sees she is wearing a seductive black evening dress. Mike asks her what she had on her mind. Molly tells Mike that she went on a manhunt to Java Underground. Mike asks Molly if she just came to his house to have sex. This angers Molly. Molly tells Mike that she wants him back. Molly kisses Mike, then she heads to the front door. As Molly tries to leave, Mike grabs and kisses her passionately. Mike then pulls himself away from her. Mike tells Molly that he does not know who she really is. Molly tells Mike that she is not perfect and admits to have used sex as happiness frequently. Molly says the only man to really love her was Jake. Mike tells Molly that she needs to deal with Jake and he must deal with Carly. Mike says if he is not the father of Carly’s baby, then he will leave town. Molly tells Mike that he still loves her (Molly). Molly starts to cry. Mike sits down next to Molly and holds her. After Molly falls asleep on the couch, Mike puts a blanket over her. Later on, Mike walks back in the living room and discovers Molly gone.

During a rainstorm, Carly and Jack stand out on the front porch. Jack puts his arms around Carly. Carly tells Jack that there is something she needs to tell him - but before she can, Jack stops her. Jack says he knows that she is working for Craig. Carly asks Jack how he found out. Jack says he saw her sketches while she was in the hospital. Carly asks Jack why he is not yelling at her. Jack says he remembers what it felt like when he was suspended from the department - Jack reminds Carly that she is a designer. Carly tells him about her deadline. Jack asks Carly how many sketches she has left to do. Carly says all 30 of them. Carly says that Rosanna hired Barbara to replace her, so she must meet the deadline. Jack feels that Carly stressing out over this deadline may hurt the baby. Carly finally says she can’t fight Barbara and Rosanna any longer, so they can keep Monte Carlo. Jack asks Carly if she is sure. Carly says no - but is sure she wants her daughter to be healthy. Carly says even if she sketched around the clock, she could never make this deadline. Jack promises Carly that she will get another chance.

While slow dancing with Jessica, Ben tries to make a move with her. Jessica recalls Marshall’s rape and quickly asks Ben to stop. Ben realizes he should go. Jessica apologizes for pushing him away. Ben tells her that Marshall is still controlling her life. Jessica asks Ben why he is blaming her for everything. Ben says he can’t understand why she did not go to the police right after the rape happened. Jessica feels that Ben does not believe her. Ben and Jessica start to argue. Ben gets frustrated and leaves. Hesitating outside her door, Ben comes back inside. Ben finds Jessica sitting on her living room floor. Jessica then recalls in detail how Marshall raped her. Jessica asks Ben to never leave her again. Ben holds Jessica as she cries. Ben tells Jessica that he never doubted she was raped. Jessica says that when Marshall got on the elevator she was terrified, but when he started talking about his daughter she felt bad for him. Jessica then spills out her feelings and emotions to Ben. Jessica says Marshall has poisoned everything in her life. A messenger delivers an envelope to Ben. Ben opens it and finds a photo of Marshall and Jessica having sex. Jessica asks him what is inside. Ben lies and says it is x-rays. Ben leaves but promises Jessica he will be back quick. Ben realizes that Marshall sent him this.

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