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As the World Turns Tuesday 4/1/03

By Loretta

Paul arrives at Al’s Diner to chat with Rose. Paul agrees that her idea of opening up a charm school is great. Paul says that for years Oakdale has desperately been in need of one. Paul mentions that his mom (Barbara Ryan) could have especially benefited from one. Rose feels she will succeed in this business as she believes there is no such thing as an unattractive person, just some people who do not know how to make the most of themselves. Paul wishes he had the money to loan Rose to open this business, but he does not (Paul is clueless as to what happened to the Stenbeck fortune). Rose is certain that her D’Angelo School of Charm will provide the fundamentals necessary for women and men to become polished ladies and gentlemen by incorporating the social skills of Atlantic City into tools of grace and class to be carried in to Oakdale. Paul assures Rose he will think of some way to finance her charm school. Paul leaves to meet his mom for cigarettes and runny eggs (Barbara’s specialty). Sitting alone, Rose is disgusted she has no money to finance her dream. Dusty arrives and suggests Rose find something she does best to bring in some extra dough. Rose asks herself what she does best. Rose is a whiz at removing unwanted facial hair. Dusty then suggests that she offer this service to the ladies of Oakdale. Rose thinks Dusty may be on to something. Rose can speedily shave and pluck, making it hurt just a little bit. Rose is also skilled in electrolysis, the only permanent way to remove hair. Rose just shoves a metal probe in the skin where the hair grows. Dusty says there are lots of women in Oakdale with moustaches, so she may have a goldmine. Dusty tells Rose to believe in herself.

Paul arrives and meets Barbara. Barbara smiles and tells Paul she wants to help Rose plan the wedding. Paul is glad. Barbara says that every woman’s wedding day should be special, just like her first marriage to Paul’s father (James) was. Barbara suggests that Paul and Rose hold they’re wedding inside a tent in their back yard. Known for her designs made of peanut shells, Barbara recommends that they toss some peanuts shells on the floor, to give it that professional, restaurant look. Paul loves his moms wedding tips. Barbara recommends the food be served family style, in which large platters of food are brought to each table and people help themselves. Barbara feels this will benefit their guests, especially Rose’s family.

Out on a manhunt, Molly arrives at Java Underground. Isaac sees Molly and tells her he loves her and cannot live without her. Molly tells Isaac to go take a hike. Molly scans the room for conquests. A handsome young blonde man asks Molly to dance with him, but it turns out to be Henry Coleman. Molly turns Henry down and begins her search again. This time, a more mature gentleman approaches Molly and asks her to have a drink with him. Realizing this is Craig Montgomery, Molly tells him to get lost. Being the aggressive type, Craig won’t take no for an answer. Isaac steps in and orders Craig to leave. Molly cries. Isaac presents Molly with a cup of green tea for relaxation. Molly tells Isaac that she is tired of looking for love in all the wrong places, so she decides to become a nun and will move to a convent. Molly heads over to Mike’s house to give him this news. Mike expresses his joy at Molly‘s news. Mike informs Molly that she is not the only one who intends to change his life. Mike intends to become a brain surgeon.

Marshall continues to tell his lawyer that he did not rape Jessica, instead she came after him, being the tramp that she is. Marshall’s attorney is not aware of Jessica’s background. Marshall informs him that Jessica Griffin is the first female attorney to become famous purely for having sex on film. Marshall states that due to Jessica’s escapades on film with him (Marshall), she has become a sexual fantasy for many Oakdale men. Marshall feels that the tape of him and Jessica having sex should be released to the media...first on video, then DVD.


Here is today's real ATWT recap:

Paul arrives at the diner Rose is at. Paul tells her she has every right to pursue her dream of opening her own salon. Rose says she is too consumed with the wedding to think about a business and that her deal with Dusty is off. Rose tells Paul that he is her top priority. Rose says their wedding is her top priority. Paul tells Rose he still wants to see her open up her salon. Paul leaves to have drinks with him mother (Barbara). Sitting alone, Rose tears up her business card. Dusty arrives and tells Rose that he got her message. Rose tells Dusty she appreciates his offer but she cannot accept any money from him. Rose says she can’t get married and start a business at the same time. Dusty asks Rose if Lily or Paul told her that, cause he insists she can have it all. Rose thanks Dusty for his help and belief in her. Dusty suggests they delay the opening of her shop, in order for her to marry. Rose tells Dusty she just won’t have time to open a shop and marry. Dusty says she can open a shop and have her wedding cake too. Rose finally tells Dusty that Paul and Lily don’t want her to accept money from Dusty. Dusty says he hates to see her dream end up in smoke. Dusty tells Rose that her wedding seems more like a chore than a happy event. Dusty tells her to find a way around this loan problem. Rose insists the deal is off. Rose gets up and starts to cry. Dusty comes after her. Dusty tells Rose that if she really wants something then she must do whatever she can to get it, and once she gets it - she must let it go. Rose thanks Dusty and jokingly pushes him in his broken ribs. Dusty cries out in pain. Rose asks Dusty what happened. Dusty lies and says he fell off a horse. Dusty tells Rose to believe in herself. Later, Rose arrives at the salon and meets Mitzi, who just cleaned up the place. Rose tells Mitzi how Dusty offered her a loan, then Paul got mad about it, and now she refused Dusty’s loan.

Paul arrives to meet his mother (Barbara) for drinks. Barbara smiles and tells Paul she wants to help Rose pick out her china. Barbara asks Paul how the wedding plans are coming along. Barbara asks if Rose secured a loan yet. Barbara says that she thinks highly of Rose for not going to Lucinda or Lily for the money. Barbara suggests that Rose go to someone she knows for a loan, someone she can trust. Paul tells his mom that Dusty offered Rose a loan. Paul mentions to Barbara that Dusty is seeing Molly. Barbara comments that Molly and Dusty make a strange couple. As Paul leaves, Barbara asks him to give her love to Rose.

After having his ribs broken by two men who came to collect their money, Dusty manages to get himself up off the floor. Dusty leaves a phone message for Barbara asking her for more money - in cash. Later that evening Dusty meets Barbara at the Lakeview. Dusty assures Barbara that he will get Rose into bed ... if he lives. Barbara asks Dusty what is wrong. Dusty says he needs more money from her because two men broke his ribs today. Dusty says that if he does not pay them back their money, they will kill him. Barbara takes out a large amount of cash from her purse and hands it to Dusty.

Molly arrives at Java Underground dressed to thrill. Isaac chats with her, but soon Molly is off scanning the room for hunks. By the dress Molly wears, Isaac realizes she means business. Many men in the bar are eyeing Molly, who eyes them back. Isaac tells Molly to watch her step. Looking at a handsome blonde man, Molly fantasizes that she dances with him, but it turns out to be Mike. Molly then comes back to reality. Molly begins to daydream again about Mike, who lovingly suggests they go to the cottage and open up a bottle of wine. Back to reality, a another handsome man orders him and Molly drinks. Molly tells this man she is not interested, but he won’t take no for an answer. Isaac steps in and tells him to leave. Molly cries and tells Isaac what happened between her and Mike. Isaac presents Molly with a cup of hot chocolate. Molly tells Isaac that she is seeing someone new and she made sure Mike heard about it. Molly says she begged Mike to come back to her but she cannot get through to him. Isaac tells Molly she needs to ask herself what she wants. Molly realizes what she wants. Molly heads over to Mike’s house and apologizes.

Marshall tells his lawyer that he did not rape Jessica but she gave herself to him freely, like she always did. Marshall says that all he needs is one slim opportunity to prove to a jury that Jessica wanted him equally and he will win in court. Marshall says he is getting nowhere in trying to get Jessica to drop the rape charges. Marshall feels that Jessica is determined to punish him. Marshall learns that his lawyer has hired someone to follow Ben and Jessica, in order to know when and if Ben starts to doubt Jessica’s story, which will benefit Marshall‘s case. After having words with Ben, Marshall discusses his upcoming trial with his attorney. Marshall says that Ben is very protective of Jessica, therefore Ben may actually help his case. Marshall explains that since the court will not allow the tape of him and Jessica having sex, he may release the tape to the media.

Jessica sits down to dinner with Ben at the Lakeview. Lisa passes by and tells Jessica not to worry about Marshall Travers or anyone hiding in the elevators. When Lisa mentions Marshall, Jessica stops her and changes the subject. Lisa leaves. Ben asks Jessica what happened in the elevator between her and Marshall. Jessica explains to Ben how Marshall stopped her in the Lakeview elevator and tried to convince her to drop the charges. Jessica says she did not tell the police this. Ben insists she should have, since Marshall is stalking her. Ben tells Jessica that she needs to start thinking like an attorney. Ben reminds Jessica that every time Marshall harasses her and she does nothing about it, it gives Marshall more reason to convince a jury of his innocence. Jessica says that Ben is absolutely right. When Ben leaves for the bar, he meets Marshall there. Ben warns Marshall to keep away from Jessica. Marshall says that since he resides at the Lakeview, he can’t control people from stepping in an elevator with him, as Jessica did the other day. Marshall tells Ben that Jessica willingly stepped in the elevator when she saw him. Ben calls Marshall a liar and he tries to hit him. Jessica breaks up the possible fight between Ben and Marshall. Ben tells Jessica that Marshall is trying to intimidate her since he does not have a real case. Jessica suggests she and Ben head for home. Once home, Ben puts on some romantic music. Unfortunately this tune is the same one which played while Jessica was raped by Marshall. As Ben tries to make some moves on Jessica, she recalls the rape and stops Ben.

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