ATWT Update Monday 3/31/03


As the World Turns Monday 3/31/03

By Loretta

Chris meets Alison, Susan, Emily and Hal at the court for her sentencing. Susan reminds Alison that she still has time to change her mind about seeking out a new attorney. Alison does not have time to answer since Tom arrives. Tom insists that this is Alison’s best shot at freedom. Alison agrees. Alison reminds Tom to inform the judge that she wants to get her GED while in jail. Tom says he will mention this but reminds her that the judge has the final decision. Everyone heads into the courtroom. Evelyn is there. The judge arrives who turns out to be the one who Alison spoke with in family court during the past summer, the one who gave her two weeks to change her life. After Evelyn speaks to the judge, he reminds Alison that the courts have been very flexible with her. Alison pleads guilty to her charges. Hal then speaks and says that Alison has made a number of mistakes recently but she is starting to turn around and accept responsibility for what she has done. Hal asks the judge to provide Alison with a library so she can earn her GED. Alison speaks to the judge. Alison reminds the judge that while she locked up she plans to get her GED and plan her future. The judge recalls Alison and agrees that she seems to have changed for the better. The judge sentences Alison to Oakdale Reformatory for Women to serve a sentence of less than one year. Alison screams one year and gets near hysterics. Tom asks the judge why he has increased Alison’s time in jail. The judge says he reserves that right. The judge reminds Alison of her recent criminal acts and says a shorter sentence for her would be inappropriate. Tom tells Alison that there is nothing more he can do for her. Alison stands up and yells to the judge that her deal if off. The judge informs Tom to gain control of his client (Alison). When the judge leaves, Tom informs Alison that he doubts that even with another lawyer she would get a better deal. Tom recommends that Alison live with this sentence and act like an adult. Alison asks Chris what she should do. Chris tells her if she wants to change her life, this is a great way to start. Susan tells Chris to top interfering. Alison asks Susan and Emily to visit her. Emily and Susan hug a crying Alison. An officer arrives and handcuffs Alison. Alison is taken off to jail. Before she leaves she whispers “I love you” to Emily and her mom (Susan).

Rose arrives at her future hair salon building with Paul. Rose explains she signed the lease already and the building is hers. Paul tells her she will love having her own business. Rose tells Paul she wants to decorate the salon in colors of red. Paul asks Rose where she got the money. Rose tells Paul she took a loan from Dusty. Paul is upset over this news. Rose reminds Paul that he told her to go to Dusty for her business, but Paul says it was for advice not money. Paul says maybe she can get her money back as he does not want her taking Dusty’s money. Paul asks Rose to stop shutting him out. Rose explains the bankers refused her a loan but Dusty offered, so she accepted. Paul says he believes in her 110% but they need to be honest with each other. Paul says he hates the fact that she joined up with his best friend (Dusty) in business. Paul angrily leaves. Rose then meets Lily to talk. Rose tells Lily that she borrowed money from Dusty so now Paul is angry. Lily tells Rose she should not ignore her future husband’s suggestions. Lily reminds Rose that Paul always puts her first, even before his mother. Rose asks Lily how she makes marriage look so easy. Lily asks Rose to consider if Paul is worth this. Rose says Lily is right about Paul. Lily leaves to meet her mom for lunch. Rose stays and has a brownie for comfort. Paul arrives but hesitates before coming to her table.

Barbara meets with Dusty at the Lakeview. They sit down and Barbara writes a check out for Dusty, enough to cover his dinners, room and his creditors. Barbara asks Dusty why he looks so unhappy. Dusty says he is not happy betraying his friend Paul. Barbara says she is doing this to help Paul so he should not look so sad. Barbara insists that Paul will get over Rose. Dusty tells Barbara that Rose does not seem to be the person she interprets her as (some cheap money hungry floozy). Barbara tells Dusty that Rose tried to take Paul away from her and soon he (Dusty) will come to realize Rose is up to no good. Dusty tells Barbara that he will work for her but he does not agree with her. Barbara reminds him that she is saving him financially. Before Barbara leaves she tells Dusty that she wants to see him top again and this business is best for both of them.

Mike arrives at Molly’s room (at her request). From looking at the bed with rumpled sheets and room service for two, Mike realizes Molly now has someone else. Mike tells Molly that inviting him here to see this is deliberately cruel. Mike explains he would have never deliberately hurt her like this. Mike and Molly begin to argue. Molly insists that she sleeping with someone else only proves that she is moving on with her life, and meant to get back at him. Mike tells Molly they are not ready to be a couple yet. Molly asks Mike what he wants. Mike says he wants them to take their time in their relationship. Molly reminds Mike that while they “freeze“ their relationship, the baby could turn out to be Jack’s. Mike says he has not thought about that yet. Molly asks Mike if their relationship is overwhelming him at this time. Mike tells Molly that he recalls what it is like to hold her and reminds her of the time they first met. Molly takes Mike‘s face into her hands. Molly looks like she wants to kiss Mike but they are interrupted by Dusty’s knock on the door. The sight of Dusty makes Mike jealous and he leaves. Dusty tells Molly that he never would have come if he knew Mike was here. Molly asks Dusty why he came over. Dusty reminds Molly that she asked him to come over. Dusty tells Molly to stop playing games with him. Dusty says that he hopes Mike will not tell anyone that he was seen at her room. Dusty wants his relationship with Molly to remain discreet. After yelling at Molly, Dusty composes himself. Dusty apologizes and tells Molly not to worry. Dusty leaves. In the hallway Dusty if met by two men who ask him why he skipped Chicago and where their money is. Dusty offers them a check but they only accept cash. These two men then beat Dusty up badly. While lying on the floor Dusty hears Rose’s phone message indicating she no longer wants his loan.

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