ATWT Update Friday 3/28/03


As the World Turns Friday 3/28/03

By Loretta 

At Java, Emily meets up with Aaron and Lucy. Emily explains that Alison is ready to leave for the correctional facility. Emily asks Lucy and Aaron to come say goodbye to Alison, as it would mean so much. Emily also feels that by Lucy and Aaron coming as a couple, it will prove to Alison that Aaron is out the picture and intends to remain with Lucy. Emily leaves. Lucy says she does not know if she can speak to Alison yet since she still has not forgiven her. Susan and Hal help Alison prepare to leave for jail. Emily arrives and tells her that the surprise she had planned had not turned out (meaning a visit from Aaron and Lucy). After Hal tells them he will go start the car, Alison says she feels like she is going to lose her sanity soon. Susan and Emily then hug Alison. The doorbell rings and it is Aaron and Lucy. Alison is surprised and happy. For the first time Alison finds herself at a loss for words. Alison finally says it is cool that they both came to see her. Alone with Lucy, Alison tells her she is going to jail for six months and she is scared. Lucy assures Alison that she will handle it. Alison apologizes for all she has done and says she misses having her (Lucy) as a friend. Lucy says she is not angry with her any more but has not forgiven her yet. Alison asks Lucy if she can write her and tell her what is going on in her life. Lucy says sure. Lucy tells Alison that she hopes she will be happy one day. Ready to go, teary-eyed Alison thanks them, then hugs Lucy and kisses Aaron (on his cheek) goodbye.

After Dusty and Molly make love in her room, Molly tells him he was terrific. Their kissing is interrupted by a visit from Rose. Rose doesn’t expect to find Molly there so she apologizes, but she bluntly says she needs cold hard cash now to save her business. Dusty says he will come down with her to the building and talk to the landlord. Dusty takes a shower first. Rose apologizes for interrupting their (Molly and Dusty) party. Rose leaves. Dusty compares Rose to a tornado. Molly asks Dusty to come back after his meeting with Rose. Dusty agrees. Dusty then meets Rose at the building she intends to lease. Making a fuss, Dusty says it is a great place and offers to bring the bank to her. Rose says she is not looking for a handout from him. Dusty says he intends for her to pay him back. The landlord (Lou) arrives and tells Rose the amount of money he needs. Dusty then makes Lou an offer he cannot refuse. Rose reminds Dusty that she does not want him doing the talking for her. Dusty reminds Rose he just saved her lots of money on this deal. Dusty asks to be partners with her with a 50-50 split. Dusty shows Rose his check book. Rose wants to tell Paul first but Lou says that he needs her decision now. Rose hesitates but then accepts Dusty’s offer. Lou then phones Barbara to let him know that he accepted an offer from the other party (Rose) so the building is no longer available (Barbara apparently pretended she wanted to lease the building from him to accommodate a dog grooming business). Dusty arrives at the Lakeview to meet Barbara and tells her he needs more money since he offered to be a partner with Rose in the business.

After Dusty leaves Molly to take care of Rose’s business needs, Molly phones Mike to come over. Molly tells him there is something she must tell him in person. Mike arrives and finds Molly wearing a skimpy robe. Mike sees her messy bed and room service for two. Molly tells Mike that he is off the hook. Mike says she could have told him that over the phone. Mike tells her by the look of things (referring to the bed and room service); it looks like she found someone else.

Emma helps Carly pack to leave the hospital. Mike visits and offers to help her with anything. Carly tells him that he can help by leaving, as she needs breathing room. Carly tells Mike she does not mean to offend him but she feels he is suffocating her. Mike asks if it is ok if he at least visits her at Emma’s. Carly says of course. Carly tells Mike that Jack is making an attempt to reconcile with her. Carly tells Mike to go romance Molly. Mike says nothing. Jack arrives to get Carly and Emma. Carly explains to Jack that she just told Mike that the only person she needs to lean on now is him (Jack). This statement moves Jack. Jack says that it is times like this that remind him they (him and Carly) may still have a future together. Craig arrives but first makes wisecracks to Jack. Alone with Carly, Craig reminds her that she has a deadline to meet and that Rosanna has hired Barbara as her backup. Craig says he will not let it happen though. Carly shows Craig her sketches. Craig says they stink. Carly snaps back at him for his rude remarks. Craig says he will visit her at the farm. Carly feels he will be looking over her shoulder, but Craig assures her his visits will only be to make sure she is ok. Jack then arrives. After Emma and Carly head out the door, Jack finds Carly‘s sketches. This angers Jack.

Craig finds Rosanna tending to the tulips in the garden at Fairwinds. Craig tells Rosanna that without Carly, there is no Monte Carlo. Rosanna asks Craig if she lets Carly go as a designer, does he still intend to marry her. Craig says that has nothing to do with them marrying. Craig say he promised Carly he would make her dream happen and he will not break it. Rosanna tells Craig that she hired Barbara as Carly’s backup. Craig and Rosanna begin fighting over Carly again. Craig tells Rosanna that Barbara is a waste of money. Craig finally tells Rosanna that if Carly does not make her deadline, she (Rosanna) can hire Barbara, but he will walk away from Monte Carly - but not from marrying her. Craig then kisses Rosanna. Rosanna assures Craig that she is not hiring Barbara to get him mad, it is strictly business. Craig says he must leave for a meeting. Rosanna tells him she knows he is going to update Carly. Craig chuckles and kisses Rosanna again. Craig returns after his visit with Carly. Rosanna is still watering the flowers. Craig tells Rosanna that Jack brought Carly to the farm. Rosanna says that Jack sure has staying power. Rosanna and Craig kiss.

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