ATWT Update Thursday 3/27/03


As the World Turns Thursday 3/27/03

By Loretta

As Aaron leaves, Alison asks him to visit her in jail. Aaron says he will think about it. Back inside the house Hal advises Alison to take the six months in a minimal security facility. Seeing the hurt look on Alison and Emily’s faces, Hal reminds them they are both stronger than they realize. After Hal goes out with Will, Emily tells Alison they will hire a new attorney to give her more options. Emily tries to convince Alison that they seek out a new attorney, as Emily says that she (Alison) will never make it in jail for six months. After Emily heads upstairs Alison freaks out and removes her ankle monitor. As she heads out the door she runs into Chris. Chris says he is here to give her a follow-up exam since she was just released from the hospital. Alison tells Chris she has to go to jail so she has to get out of Oakdale. Chris tells Alison she must not run, and reminds her that she is tough. Chris also tells Alison the jail will actually help her since it will offer high school classes for her to obtain her GED. Chris tells her it is not the worst thing to happen. Alison decides to place the ankle monitor back on. Alison thanks Chris for his advice. Susan arrives back from Chicago and tells Alison she intends to get her a new attorney. Alison says to forget it as she has decided to accept the six-month jail sentence. Emily and Susan are shocked at this news. Susan accuses Emily of influencing Alison’s decision and they argue.

Aaron visits Lucy at the Fairwinds’ gazebo. Aaron tells her that Alison may do jail time. Lucy says that Alison deserves it. Aaron says he agrees but he has forgiven Alison. Lucy says she has not. Aaron says that is ok. Aaron changes the subject and helps Lucy stand up to practice her walking. Lucy asks Aaron to step back as she wishes to try and walk to him. Lucy manages this, then falls down just as Rosanna arrives. Once Lucy is back in her chair Rosanna tells her that she and her dad (Craig) will marry in two weeks. Lucy smiles and says she will have to practice harder with her walking so she can walk down the aisle with her (Rosanna).

Rosanna chuckles when Craig asks her to marry him sooner. Rosanna asks him if he will dump Monte Carlo. Craig says no. Rosanna says he only wants to marry her now so she can get her mind off Monte Carlo. Craig insists he is tired of waiting. Rosanna still does not go for his answers, so she asks him to be honest with her. Craig says he simply wants to marry her. Rosanna asks Craig if he is sure. Craig says yes as he loves her. When Monte Carlo comes up again, Craig says Carly will come through for her deadline. Craig kisses Rosanna goodbye. Rosanna tells Craig that she wants to tell Lucy that they will marry sooner. Craig agrees. Rosanna then phones Carly to remind her that she still intends to use Barbara as her backup designer.

Rose visits Carly in the hospital. Rose congratulates Carly on being lead designer for Monte Carlo. Carly thanks her and says she is the only one to congratulate her. Rose tells her she and Paul are planning to marry in May and she is intending on opening a beauty salon. Carly says Rose will do well. Carly tells Rose she has a deadline to meet for Monte Carlo but can’t concentrate on sketching. Their girl talk gives Carly some much-needed confidence. When Craig arrives, Rose decides it is time for her to leave. Carly tells Craig that Rosanna just informed her that Barbara is still her backup designer. Craig chuckles that Rosanna has gone behind his back and hired Barbara. Carly tells Craig she is afraid she will not meet the deadline, but Craig assures her that she is creative and will manage it.

After visiting Carly at the hospital, Rose learns from Mitzi that the owners of the building she wishes to lease for her beauty salon, want their lease money now. Rose says she will ask Dusty for a loan. Mitzi is against Rose doing this. Rose insists she would never fall for Dusty, since she is marrying Paul.

Barbara meets with Dusty at the Lakeview bar. Barbara tells Dusty to hurry up and seduce Rose since the wedding is coming up soon. Molly arrives. Eyeing Molly eyeing Dusty, Barbara advises Dusty to keep his extra curricular activities away from Rose. After Barbara leaves, Molly sits with Dusty and asks him why he was sitting with Barbara. Dusty says he has known Barbara for many years and is best friends with her son Paul. Dusty changes the subject and asks Molly how she is doing. Molly tells Dusty she has gotten over her problems (Mike). Dusty gets up to leave but Molly suggests that he accompany her to her room. As Dusty enters Molly’s room, she pulls him close and they kiss passionately, over to her bed. As their kissing leads to more things, Dusty stops and tells Molly that he does not want a relationship due to his business matters. Molly is ok with this.

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