ATWT Update Wednesday 3/26/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 3/26/03

By Loretta

Emily runs into Aaron at Java. Aaron asks Emily how Alison is. Emily says Alison is staying with her and must wear a monitor around her ankle. Emily tells Aaron that Alison needs a friend right now, referring to him. Aaron reminds Emily of all the terrible things Alison did to him and Lucy. Emily apologizes to Aaron for being rude. Emily leaves.

Alison tells Hal that she does not feel she should be locked up for starting the fire since she only did that to help Aaron. Hal says that arson is a hideous crime. Alison says she did not mean for it to spread or for anyone to get hurt. Alison says she confessed and did jail time so that should be enough. From Hal’s comments Alison feels that he wants her in jail. Alison gets angry and runs outside. Tom arrives and tells Alison and Emily that D.A. Evelyn insists that Alison spend six months in a women’s correctional facility or face up to 20 years in prison. This sets Alison off again. Tom reminds her that this is only a suggestion, but they must discuss their response. Tom advises Alison to agree to the six months in jail, otherwise she faces up to 20 years in prison. Upset, Alison runs outside again. Aaron arrives and visits with Alison. Alison tells him that she is facing a long jail sentence but states that the worst part is that when she is released from prison no one will be waiting for her. Alison says she cannot handle jail again. Aaron reminds her that she can, since she is a smart chick. Alison smiles. Back inside the house, Emily is upset and feels that Hal should show more compassion for Alison’s current situation. Hal tells Emily that the courts are only treating Alison as an adult, as she should be. Hal reminds Emily that Alison should shut her mouth, take the six months jail and consider herself lucky.

Rose arrives to talk business with Dusty. After Rose mouths off to Dusty, he threatens to leave unless she allows him to give his opinion of her proposal. Rose gives in and hands Dusty her proposal. Dusty says that no banker would ever approve her business proposal. Rose gets angry but Dusty calms her down. Rose sits back down and agrees to take his business suggestions. Dusty tells Rose that after his suggestions, she may stand a chance of getting a bank loan. Dusty tells Rose he could loan her the money. Rose says she may if she gets desperate. Rose shakes Dusty’s hand and leaves. Afterwards Rose meets Paul at Java. Rose says Dusty’s business advice was great. Paul is glad and kisses Rose. Paul asks to see the proposal with Dusty’s changes. Rose says no since she wants this business to be hers alone. This upsets Paul and he tells Rose that she is pushing him away. Rose then compromises. Rose tells Paul that after she makes the changes, then she will let him see the proposal. Paul agrees to this and kisses Rose.

After meeting with Rose, Dusty phones Barbara. Dusty says things went better than expected. Barbara agrees to meet Dusty to discuss what happened. Barbara arrives for drinks with Dusty. Barbara is pleased with Dusty’s performance with Rose. Dusty says that this will be hard on Paul, since he loves Rose so much. Barbara insists that Paul only thinks he loves her. Dusty reminds Barbara that he will miss Paul’s friendship. Barbara says Paul will eventually forgive him. Barbara reminds Dusty how rich he will be after he breaks up Paul and Rose.

Rosanna runs into Craig at Java Underground. Craig however is in a hurry to leave as he has a meeting with Carly. Rosanna guesses this and gets annoyed. Craig kisses Rosanna and leaves. Rosanna sees Barbara sitting at the bar. Barbara smiles and tells Rosanna that her conversation with Craig seemed tense. Barbara tells Rosanna that she must have been discussing Carly with him. Barbara asks Rosanna if she still wants her to work for Monte Carlo as Carly‘s backup. Rosanna says yes. Their deal is that if Carly cannot meet her deadline, Monte Carlo will launch Barbara’s designs, but if Carly does come through, Barbara will still be well paid. Molly arrives to speak privately with Rosanna. Molly tells Rosanna she is sick of Carly constantly winding up as a winner and she wants to be sure it never happens again. Molly says Carly does not deserve to have Jack, her ex-boyfriend (Mike) and Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells Molly that she plans to get Carly out of Monte Carlo for good. After his visit with Carly, Craig arrives. Craig tells Rosanna he wants to marry her as soon as possible (a suggestion from Carly).

Jack visits Carly in the hospital. Carly quickly hides her sketchbook. Carly tells Jack that she misses work very much. Jack tells her that she is in no condition to meet a deadline. Carly says she would never do anything to jeopardize her baby, but she intends to continue working. Jack and Carly begin to argue about this, but they cool down. Jack leaves but Carly tells him to drop by any time. Soon Craig arrives with Carly’s box of special sketch pencils. Craig asks Carly to see her designs and assures her that Barbara will not get her job. Craig is not happy since Carly only has one design. Craig suggests that she hide the fact that she is currently designing for Monte Carlo. Carly says Jack should know this anyhow. When Carly mentions Rosanna, Craig says their relationship is not going well. Carly suggests that Craig marry Rosanna now. Craig does not agree with this. Carly reminds Craig he is petrified of marriage. Craig leaves. As Carly is wishing for Jack, he arrives with a gift. Jack presents Carly with a beeper so whenever she needs him he will come right over. This pleases Carly. Jack says this beeper will keep him from worrying about her so much. As Jack leaves, Carly repeatedly clicks her beeper. Jack walks back to her. Carly beeps again so Jack will come closer to her, close enough to kiss. Jack and Carly kiss.

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