ATWT Update Tuesday 3/25/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 3/25/03

By Loretta

Margo visits with Katie who holds Snickers on her lap. Katie hears someone outside her door and hopes it is Simon, but it turns out to be Henry. Margo tries to encourage Katie to eat but Katie is too stressed. Chris arrives with Katie’s prescription for medications, which she left at the hospital. Margo makes Henry take Katie’s prescription to be filled. Chris tells Katie if the person he loved had left him he would not know how to handle it. Katie finally breaks down and cries. Sitting down with Chris, Katie tells him how Simon left her penny less. Chris assures Katie she will find a job. Chris suggests Katie train as a Nurses Aide in order to get a decent paying job. When Margo arrives back downstairs Katie tells Margo she will be starting a new career as a nurse. Margo suggests she think this over carefully. Henry tells Katie he is moving in with her and calls her the perfect sister. Katie is against this until Henry tells her he will pay her six months rent in advance. Pleased with herself Katie says she now has a brand new roommate (Henry) and career. Margo and Chris leave.

Before she arrives to ask for a bank loan, Rose arrives at Java to meet Mitzi. Paul arrives and kisses Rose. Paul and Rose are planning to wed in May. Paul informs Rose that Dusty wants to give them their honeymoon as their wedding gift. Rose is against this. Paul offers to loan Rose the money for her business, but she wants to do this on her own. Lucinda arrives and heads off with Rose to the bank. Mitzi and Paul wish Rose good luck with her loan search. Soon Rose arrives back with news that her loan request was declined. Lucinda encourages Rose to be persistent and she will win. Paul tries to console her and asks to see her business proposal. Paul finds some errors in it and offers to help. Rose insists she will do it herself. Paul also suggests she seek business advice from Dusty. Rose tells Paul he is crazy but she finally agrees.

Dusty is on the phone assuring someone they will get their payments in one week. Dusty then recalls Barbara offering to pay him double if he can get Rose to bed. Dusty heads to Java and meets Paul. Paul tells Dusty he is worried that Rose will be denied a business loan. Paul says Rose wants to start her business very badly, but all on her own. Dusty tells Paul he can give Rose business advice. Paul agrees with him. Dusty then meets Barbara at the Lakeview. Barbara is sketching. Dusty tells Barbara he has a plan guaranteed to make Rose turn to him. Barbara is pleased and she tells Dusty she knew she could count on him. Dusty tells Barbara that for this plan however, he will need more money. Barbara agrees. Dusty now gets a call from Rose who asks him for business advice. Dusty tells Rose he can see her that evening.

Ben arrives at Jessica’s house. Jessica asks Ben to take her gun away. Ben does and says he will put it someplace safe. Ben tells Jessica he is worried about the upcoming trial. Jessica assures Ben that she will be prepared. Ben feels that his testimony will hurt her case, especially since she initially lied about her relationship with Marshall and their videotape. Ben tells Jessica he will be forced to testify under oath regarding her relationship with Marshall. Jessica says she is telling the truth and feels a jury will believe her.

Kim and Lisa wait for Jessica at the Lakeview. Marshall arrives and gets nasty looks from Kim and Lisa. After seeing Marshall, Kim phones Jessica to suggest they meet someplace else. Kim and Lisa leave after Marshall tells them he did not mean to offend them. Jessica arrives at the Lakeview. As she gets on the elevator, Marshall also steps in. Marshall stops the elevator from moving and assures Jessica he will not hurt her. Jessica threatens to scream. Marshall starts telling Jessica in detail how he just buried his daughter and how he had hoped she (Jessica) would help him get through this. Jessica says she is sorry for his loss. Marshall asks Jessica to drop the rape charges. Jessica tells Marshall that if he lets her off the elevator, she may consider this. Marshall finally starts the elevator. As Jessica walks out she tells Marshall she intends to put him behind bars and if he continues to harass her, she will have him arrested for stalking.

Bonnie tells Isaac that she wishes he would believe her mother. Isaac says he must look out for his brother. Bonnie finds out that Isaac did not destroy Marshall’s letter and that Ben read it, but then burned it. This angers Bonnie. Isaac insists he was going to tell her about the letter. Bonnie now feels that after Ben read that letter he will dump her mother. Isaac insists that he was simply looking out for his brother. Bonnie tells Isaac she will not tolerate him saying bad things about her mother. Isaac apologizes. Ben arrives with Jessica’s gun. Bonnie says she is glad the gun is out of her mother’s house. Isaac puts Jessica’s gun inside the safe. Bonnie tells Ben how her mom (Jessica) was so jumpy the other night that she almost shot her, thinking she (Bonnie) was Marshall. Jessica says her mom is terribly scared but tries to pretend to be brave when he (Ben) is around. Bonnie tells Ben she is glad that he burned Marshall’s letter. Bonnie begs Ben not to abandon her mother. Ben insists he will not.

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