ATWT Update Monday 3/24/03


As the World Turns Monday 3/24/03

By Loretta

Bonnie congratulates her mom (Jessica) for having the courage to stand up in court to state that Marshall raped her. As Jessica exists the courtroom, she is quickly hounded by the press and flashbulbs. Jessica tells the press that yes, Marshall Travers raped her. Jessica and Ben arrive home. Jessica asks Ben why he has been acting strange lately. Ben’s answer is interrupted by a visit from Kim and Lisa. Lisa and Kim offer any help they can to Jessica. Ben leaves. After Kim and Lisa leave, Jessica panics as she recalls the rape. Alone in the house Jessica starts to hear noises so she walks downstairs to check things out. Jessica gets panicky and pulls her gun out from the drawer. Jessica feels there is an intruder who may be Marshall. Jessica points her gun at this intruder, who turns out to be Bonnie. Jessica gets hysterical when she realizes she almost shot Bonnie. Jessica and Bonnie hug. Jessica says she cannot stop shaking and that this panicky feeling will never go away. Bonnie tries to console her mother. Jessica says eventually she will be ok. Jessica cries again when she realized that she almost shot Bonnie (her daughter). Bonnie tells her mother that they must get rid of that gun.

At Java Underground Bonnie tells Isaac that she wished he had come to court with her and her mom (Jessica). By Isaac’s attitude, Bonnie realizes that Isaac does not believe Jessica’s rape story. Bonnie tells Isaac he can keep his opinions to himself. Bonnie tells Isaac that she does not want to fight with him, so she changes the subject. Ben arrives and asks Isaac for Marshall’s letter. Marshall does not read the letter but recalls Marshall telling him that Jessica sent him (Ben) home on the night he allegedly raped her. Ben then reads Marshall’s letter and still feels Jessica is telling the truth. Isaac however feels Jessica willingly agreed to have sex with Marshall. Ben tells Isaac he does not doubt Jessica. Ben then burns Marshall’s letter and tells Isaac he does not know what love is. After stating that he loves Jessica, Ben leaves.

In the courtroom, Marshall’s attorney assures him he will be a free man. Margo arrives and tells Marshall that she will be glad to see him behind bars. Marshall tells Margo that her vicious remarks are just a way for her to get back at her rapist (Margo was raped in the past). Later Margo tells Marshall that his daughter’s remains have arrived at the Oakdale airport. Margo tells Marshall she is sorry. Marshall’s attorney gets him out on bail. Marshall says he will now go bury his daughter alone.

At the Lakeview Molly suggests to Mike that they marry. Mike reminds Molly of her unhappiness that he may be the father of Carly’s child’s. Molly says that she is getting over it. Molly reminds Mike that life is too short, therefore they should remain together. Molly tells Mike they had a great relationship in the past and it will remain that way in the future. Mike says there are too many things to work out to marry now. Mike says when he marries, he wants to give his wife his undivided attention and at the moment he cannot. Mike mentions Carly. Molly gets angry and tells him she will never again get in the way of Carly’s needs again. Mike tells Molly he is only being honest with her, therefore there is nothing more he can do for her (Molly). Mike leaves. Molly cries, then orders a double martini. After ordering another martini Molly sees Rosanna at the bar. Molly approaches Rosanna and tells her that they may have something in common (meaning Carly). Their conversation turns to Carly. Molly tells Rosanna how Mike turned down her marriage proposal because he feels he must first tend to Carly‘s needs. Rosanna tells Molly how Craig turned down her offer to vacation so he also can tend to Carly’s needs. Molly and Rosanna both agree that every man they want goes after Carly. Rosanna tells Carly they must take care of their Carly problem.

Mike visits Carly in the hospital with a goodie bag. Carly apologizes to Mike for suggesting that he and Molly move back in with each other. Mike says that will never happen. By the look on Mike’s face, Carly realizes Molly‘s relationship with him is over.

Carly angrily tells Craig how Rosanna is considering hiring Barbara as her replacement as head designer at Monte Carlo. Rosanna arrives with a basket of goodies for Carly. Carly asks Rosanna if the basket ticks. Carly tells Rosanna the she only came to visit to see her troubles go up in smoke - but insists it will not happen. Outside Carly’s hospital room, Craig tells Rosanna how Carly got a visit from Barbara, who insisted she would take over as designer for Monte Carlo. Craig insists he will not hire Barbara. Rosanna tells Craig that she makes the decisions regarding Monte Carlo. They disagree. Craig asks Rosanna when she will trust him. Rosanna asks Craig when he will trust her. Craig does not know how to answer this. Rosanna suggests they forget about everything and that she, Craig and Lucy head off on a vacation. Rosanna suggests they sell Monte Carlo. Craig says he cannot, and reminds Rosanna that Carly is in danger of losing her baby. Craig says he and Carly have a business partnership only. Rosanna asks what the hell she (Rosanna) is. Craig tells Rosanna she is the woman he loves and he should trust her. Rosanna walks off saying nothing. Craig calls Barbara to meet him. Barbara arrives and admits she had a visit with Carly. Barbara feels Carly will never meet her April 15th Monte Carlo deadline. Barbara makes a bet with Craig that she will pay him $1000.00 if Carly meets that deadline. Craig says Carly will come through. Barbara tells Craig that she would meet the deadline if she took over as Monte Carlo’s designer. Craig tells Barbara he would prefer to give sketchpads to a bunch of monkeys to design instead of her. Barbara says then she will send bananas to him and his similar friends. Barbara leaves.

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