ATWT Update Wednesday 3/19/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 3/19/03

By Loretta

Rose arrives back at Lily’s. Lily explains she had a chat with Barbara Ryan. Rose feels Barbara has been either heavily medicated or has suddenly become human, since Barbara was pleased to hear of her engagement to Paul. Paul arrives and kisses Rose. Paul says he just saw Will and he is eager to be a part of their wedding, since he (Will) missed out on Hal’s. Rose is pleased to have Will be part of their wedding. Rose explains to Paul that she just spoke with his mom (Barbara) regarding their wedding. Rose tells Paul that he should make up his own mind if he wants his mom out of his life or not. Paul says his mind is made up. Rose says she doesn’t want be the one to come between him and his mom. Paul asks Rose if his mom called her to beg for an invitation. Paul says he was reconciling with his mom, but when Rose came back, she went back to her old vicious ways. Shortly, Rose gets a call from Emily informing her of Carly’s condition. Rose immediately heads to the hospital but plants a big kiss on Paul before she leaves. Paul heads over to visit his mom and asks her about her visit with Rose. Barbara tells Paul she is happy for his engagement. Paul asks his mom to his attend his wedding. Barbara smiles and thanks him. Paul tells her to thank Rose.

Barbara meets Rosanna at the Lakeview. Barbara tells Rosanna she looks wonderful. Rosanna says that is due to Craig Montgomery. Barbara responds by saying that one woman’s poison is another woman’s perfume. Rosanna gets right to the point and asks Barbara to save Monte Carlo for her. Barbara laughs. Rosanna explains about Carly’s condition which may enable her to work. Rosanna tells Barbara that if Carly can’t come through, she will use Barbara’s designs to launch Monte Carlo and will pay her well. Craig arrives to hear some of this discussion. Craig sits down with them. Barbara leaves. Rosanna tells Craig that if Barbara can save Monte Carlo, she will hire her. Mike and Molly arrive and remind Craig that Carly must rest and not work. Craig insists that Carly is following her doctor’s orders. Rosanna explains to Craig why she needs to consider Barbara to replace Carly. Rosanna reminds Craig of Carly’s condition and endangering the baby. Craig feels Barbara is “sicker” than Carly. Craig insists Carly will remain as head designer.

After speaking with Craig at the Lakeview about Carly, Mike and Molly sit at a table to talk. Molly tells Mike she cannot believe she is jealous of Carly when she is ill in the hospital and the baby‘s life may be in danger. Molly tells Mike she realizes he does not want her back and this hurts her. Mike says that when Carly told him to have her (Molly) move back in with him, it just caught him off guard. Molly asks for the truth. Mike says he is glad Carly has a place to live and that they (he and Molly) are speaking again. Mike says he does not want to play house until everything is settled. Molly says everything is settled. Molly tells Mike that she accepts Carly’s baby and she wants to play house with him (Mike), but for real.

Craig visits Carly in the hospital and tells her that Rosanna wants to replace her. Carly agrees to work at home for Monte Carlo without letting anyone know and insists she will meet the deadline. Craig leaves. Carly tries some sketching but is interrupted by a visit from Mike and Molly. Molly brings Carly some of her personal belongings. Carly tells Mike she will move out of his house. Carly suggests that Molly move back in with Mike. Molly says this may not be the right time to discuss this. Mike says nothing. Carly reminds them that life is too short to waste time and they must straighten out their lives. Molly and Mike leave but Carly soon gets a visit from Barbara. Barbara tells Carly that Rosanna told her about her medical crisis and is afraid it will effect Monte Carlo. Barbara tells Carly she hopes she is not on bed rest because it will effect her deadline. Carly starts yelling at Barbara. Rose arrives to hear Carly screaming at Barbara. Barbara says to Rose that this is a happy coincidence running into her again. Barbara tells Carly sweetly that she wishes her luck, then she places her arms around Rose. When Barbara leaves, Carly tells Rose that Barbara is trying to steal Monte Carlo from her. Craig arrives and finds Rose with Carly. Rose asks Craig about Barbara weaseling her way into Monte Carlo. Rose leaves and assures Carly that Barbara will not step out of line again. Craig tells Carly she needs to hide her sketchbook from people since she is working for Monte Carlo in secret.

In court, D.A. Evelyn prepares to speak in front of the judge. Evelyn is representing Jessica. When Bonnie finds her mom (Jessica) outside the courtroom, Jessica shows her the videotape which Marshall gave her. Jessica explains that Marshall threatened to show that tape in court unless she drops the rape charges. Jessica asks Bonnie what she would do in her situation. Bonnie says that since she is an attorney she should know how a jury would react. Jessica feels the tape could be used to prove they did have an intimate relationship. Ben arrives and Jessica shows him the envelope containing the videotape. Ben asks Jessica what she is going to do. Jessica’s decides to go ahead with her charges against Marshall when Ben tells her that if she can walk in that courtroom and swear that Marshall raped her, then she should proceed no matter what. In the courtroom Marshall’s attorney speaks to the judge about how Jessica had a passionate relationship with Marshall and she feels guilty about it, so she is claiming Marshall raped her. Evelyn reminds the judge that husbands have also raped their wives, so this is no different. Jessica then makes a statement in court. Jessica states that it is true she had an intimate relationship with Marshall and had him released in her custody, to avoid staying in jail. Jessica says he showed her his appreciation by raping her. Jessica explains that sexuality has nothing to do with rape. Jessica says that Marshall should pay for what he did. The judge decides that the charges against Marshall will stand and states the trial will start in three weeks. Jessica cries. Ben and Bonnie tell her they will stand by her through this. Outside the courtroom Marshall tells Ben that Jessica is making up this story of rape and tells Ben he is a fool. Alone with Ben, Jessica thanks him for being in court for her today. As Jessica leaves with Ben, Marshall coldly stares at him. Ben phones Isaac and asks him for that letter from Marshall.

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