ATWT Update Tuesday 3/18/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 3/18/03

By Loretta

Rose cannot believe Lily’s suggestion that she try and make peace with her future mother in law Barbara. Lily tells Rose she must try and avoid coming between Paul and his mom (Barbara). Lily finally convinces Rose to do this, so Rose heads to The Lakeview to speak with “Vampira” (her nickname for Barbara).

Dusty meets Barbara at the Lakeview. Apparently Barbara is paying Dusty to break up Rose and Paul. Dusty tells Barbara that Rose is too much in love with Paul for him to break them up. Dusty suggests that Barbara stay out of Paul’s life. Dusty tells Barbara that she should get over her jealously of Rose. Barbara says she is not jealous and insists that Rose is a conniving, stealing gold digger. Dusty insists that he simply cannot seduce Rose. Barbara tells Dusty that he came on too strong with Rose. Barbara suggests to Dusty that he take it slow with Rose. Barbara reminds Dusty that if he doesn’t want John, Lucinda or Lily to know that he is financially broke, he will do as she says. Barbara promises Dusty she will pay him everything she promised, plus double if he can get Rose into bed with him. Dusty verifies this promise with Barbara. Barbara sweetly smiles, insisting she will double his money if Rose sleeps with him. Before Barbara leaves she tells Dusty that soon he will know that she is right about Rose. Soon Rose arrives to smoke a peace pipe with Barbara. Barbara smiles at Rose. Rose bluntly tells Barbara that she and Paul are marrying. Barbara says that is wonderful and asks for an invitation. Rose says that is Paul’s decision. Barbara asks Rose why she is being so nice to her. Rose says because she loves her son and no one will stand in her way. Dusty watches them. Barbara tries to hug Rose. Rose backs away and says she is not ready for a hug yet. In her most sincere voice, Barbara apologizes to Rose for everything she has done. Barbara pretends to get emotional, telling Rose she will now go tell Kim the good news of her engagement to Paul. Once Barbara leaves, Rose tells Dusty that she is surprised that Barbara took her news this calmly. Dusty says he would have protected her anyway, since he is Paul’s best man, he has to look out for her. Later with Barbara, Dusty agrees to break up Paul and Rose. Dusty says he wants to find out what Rose is really after.

At the police station Jessica tells Bonnie that she found Marshall in her house, but luckily Ben arrived with the police officers and took him away. D.A. Evelyn tells Jessica that feels she will not succeed in proving to a jury that Marshall raped her, especially since she had a relationship with him in the past. Jessica insists she will stand up in court, as she owes it to herself. Evelyn leaves. Jessica senses that Bonnie no longer believes that Marshall raped her. Jessica asks Bonnie why her attitude has suddenly changed about her rape accusation. Crying, Bonnie explains this is so because she (Jessica) lied to her before about her relationship with Marshall. Bonnie tells Jessica that Marshall feels that she (Jessica) still loves him and feels guilty for it, so she is calling their night of love-making “rape.” Bonnie then realizes what she has just said. Jessica is upset and tells Bonnie to go home. Jessica leaves the room and Bonnie cries. Bonnie finds Jessica in the courtroom alone. Bonnie apologizes to Jessica for telling her how she truthfully feels, since it hurt her so. Having a change of heart, Bonnie tells her mom that she is the bravest person she knows and is proud to be her daughter. Jessica tells Bonnie she really needed her to believe her. Bonnie hugs her mom. Bonnie says she will support her through this ordeal. Ben arrives and hugs Jessica. Jessica tells Ben she loves him. Jessica hugs Ben again.

Marshall arrives at the emergency room accompanied by his lawyer, who states that Dr. Ben Harris hit his client. Marshall tells John Dixon that Ben got angry and threw him across the room. Ben is there and gets quite upset. John orders Ben to go home. Isaac arrives and informs Ben about Marshall’s recent letter to Jessica. Ben is hesitant to read this. Isaac says this is a love letter. Ben refuses to read it. Isaac reminds Ben of all the nice things Jessica has done for Marshall, like accompanying him to Washington D.C. and having him move in with her. Ben gets angry and leaves. Back in the emergency room after looking at Marshall’s x-rays, John tells Marshall he is fine. John asks Marshall what happened. Marshall explains that Jessica is filing charges against him for rape, but he did not. John tells Marshall about his accusation of rape years ago (John was accused of raping Dee Stewart). Marshall tells John he did not rape Jessica. John asks why Jessica would do this. Marshall tells John about his intimate relationship with Jessica. Marshall says that Jessica’s true feelings for him scare her, so she pretends this did not happen, so she is calling their night of passion rape. John asks Marshall if he has any proof of their serious relationship. Marshall says there is videotape of them in bed together, but if he shows it in court, it will destroy Jessica. Marshall asks John what he would do? John says if he were innocent, he would not let a woman send him to prison. Later as Jessica is heading into the courtroom, Marshall presents her with a copy of the videotape showing them having sex.

In the hospital Jack tells Carly that everything is ready for her to come live at his mom’s house (Emma). Sensing that Jack is upset, Carly asks him what is wrong. Jack tells Carly he cannot believe that she asked her physician if she could go back to work, which may endanger their baby. Carly notices that Jack said “our baby.” Jack says he meant her (Carly), him and Mike‘s baby. Jack still tries to convince Carly not to return to work. Carly reminds Jack that work did not raise her blood pressure, it was the stress from her situation with him. Carly insists she will go back to work and would never endanger her baby‘s life. Jack kisses Carly goodbye (this kiss catches Carly by surprise). Carly phones Craig to inform him that she got an okay from her physician to return to work. Carly asks Craig to come by. Craig arrives. Carly tells Craig that Jack does not want her to work. Carly tells Craig that she will be staying at Emma’s and will work from home. Craig tells Carly to work on her designs at night while Jack is asleep, so he will never know. Carly laughs. Carly asks how Rosanna feels about her coming back to work. Craig reminds her that Rosanna is already interviewing for a new designer.

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