ATWT Update Monday 3/17/03


As the World Turns Monday 3/17/03

By Loretta

After Paul and Rose announce their engagement, Dusty phones someone to say that things are not going as planned and they have trouble. Paul hears the end of this conversation but Dusty quickly thinks up an excuse, which Paul believes. Rose tells Lily that she and Dusty buried the hatchet and are trying to become friends. Paul makes a toast to Rose, Dusty and his future family (Lily, Holden and Lucinda). Dusty rejects Paul’s offer to be his best man at the wedding, but Paul quickly convinces him. Paul and Dusty hug. Rose asks Lily to be her matron-of-honor. Lily accepts. Alone with Rose, Dusty tells her he is pleased for her and Paul, but suggests she should have slowed down her relationship with Paul. When Rose calls Barbara a “mother in-law from Hell,” Dusty chuckles. When Dusty leaves, Rose walks him out and asks him for his opinion on her and Paul. Dusty says that marriage makes him uncomfortable. Rose insists that Dusty be Paul’s best man, to avoid hurting Paul. Dusty agrees. As Paul looks through Lily and Holden’s wedding album, Lily suggests that Paul invite his mother (Barbara) to his wedding. Paul insists he will not. Lily reminds Paul that her mother was against her marrying Holden at first, so she feels Barbara will accept Rose eventually. Paul leaves and kisses Rose goodbye. Lily suggests to Rose that she make peace with her future mother in law Barbara. After leaving Holden and Lily’s, Dusty heads over to the Lakeview to meet with Barbara. Barbara has obviously been waiting for him.

In their hospital room, Alison shares her chocolate bars with Katie. Susan (Alison’s mom) stops by to check on Alison. Alison says she can still feel her heart pounding, so Susan promises her homemade lentil soup. When Susan leaves, Alison jumps out of bed. Chris arrives and makes a remark, which insults Katie. Katie leaves for a walk in the hallway. Chris warns Alison not to take advice from Katie Perretti (her maiden name). Chris says Katie is “trouble.” Chris tells Alison that once Katie almost made him wind up in jail. Alison asks Chris to think of a plan to lengthen her hospital stay, but he refuses. Alison tells Chris about Simon leaving Katie. When Alison strolls to the hospital gift shop, Chris apologizes to Katie for his harsh words. Alison returns and presents Katie with a large pink toy bunny rabbit and bunny slippers. This cheers Katie up. Susan learns that Alison was faking her illness, so she tells Alison she is coming home with her now. Alison tries to fake an anxiety attack but an angry Susan doesn’t fall for this.

Gloria reminds Lucy that if she keeps on exercising, she will be walking soon. After Gloria leaves, Aaron arrives with pizza. Aaron presents Lucy with a CD of music, so they can dance. After Lucy hesitates, Aaron helps her stand up. Aaron holds Lucy up so they can dance.

After Rosanna stopped by to wish Carly well, Carly got the wrong idea, which rose her blood pressure, setting off her monitors. Rosanna gets annoyed at Craig when he rushes to Carly’s side. Jack gets upset at seeing Craig there. Jack warns Craig that Carly will stay away from Monte Carlo until the baby is born. Carly’s physician tells her she has pre-eclampsia but can avoid it by staying calm. John tells Jack Carly is to stay off her feet and remain calm. Emma arrives and hugs Rosanna, who updates her on Carly’s condition. Emma tells Rosanna she is proud of her being at the hospital for Carly. Jack asks his mom (Emma) if he and Carly can move in with her until the baby is born. Emma pleasantly agrees to this arrangement. Later, Jack talks Carly into this new living arrangement at the Snyder farm. Craig bluntly asks John Dixon if Carly’s current condition will prevent her from doing various activities, but John shuts Craig up. Rosanna catches Craig on the phone with Lucy discussing Carly’s condition. Sensing Rosanna’s bad mood, Craig tells Rosanna he loves her. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly will be living with Emma at the farm, so she suggests they find a new designer. Craig then tells Carly he needs an honest answer regarding her return to Monte Carlo.

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