ATWT Update Friday 3/14/03


As the World Turns Friday 3/14/03

By Loretta 

A newly engaged Paul and Rose (in her red coat) stand outside Lily and Holden’s house. Excited to announce their engagement, Paul and Rose wake Lily and Holden up with their news. Lily answers the door-holding baby Natalie in one arm and trying to get her kids off to school. Rose shows Lily the ring on her finger. Lily and Holden congratulate them. Dusty arrives. Lily tells Dusty the news of Paul and Rose’s engagement. Dusty asks if he should call Barbara over to celebrate with them. This statement makes Lily and Holden wonder about Dusty’s real intentions. Soon Lucinda arrives complete with a bottle of champagne, to party with Paul and Rose. In the living room in front of everyone, Paul gets down on his knees and tells Rose that she has made all his dreams come true. Paul then places his first engagement ring (which Lily held for them) he gave to Rose on her finger. Paul asks Rose to marry him. Rose says of course. They kiss. Dusty leaves. Outside Dusty phones someone and tells this person that they have a big problem.

Isaac arrives at Java Underground and finds Bonnie preparing for inventory. Ben arrives. Ben was trying to reach Jessica all night but was unable to reach her. Bonnie explains that Jessica spent the night at Margo’s and when she spoke to her on the phone, she sounded all right. Ben leaves. Isaac suggests that Bonnie stop inventory and see her mom. Isaac tells Bonnie that he doesn’t know how her mom can file charges against Marshall when she already put her (Bonnie) through so much already. This upsets Bonnie and she asks Isaac why he said this. Isaac reminds Bonnie of the relationship her mom had with Marshall. Bonnie shows Isaac the letter that Marshall wrote to her mom. Isaac reads the letter aloud. This letter convinces Isaac that Marshall does love Jessica and was not written by a rapist. Bonnie says that she believes her mother. Isaac tells Bonnie that she showed him this letter so she figure out the truth. Isaac reminds Bonnie that her mother lied to them before about Marshall. Isaac says that a jury will never believe her mother once they hear Marshall’s letter. Bonnie destroys this letter, but Isaac later retrieves it.

Two police officers escort Jessica back home. They offer to walk through her house first, but Jessica declines their offer. Jessica finds Marshall inside her home (it seems he had an extra pair of her house keys). Jessica tells Marshall there is a warrant out for his arrest. Marshall tells Jessica that he cares too much for her to harm her. Marshall tells Jessica that he does not know how she can call what they did the other night “rape.“ Marshall insists he is not a violent man and that he loves her. Jessica orders him to leave. Marshall says he cannot leave in the state of mind she is. Jessica takes out a gun and points it at Marshall. Before Marshall opens the door he tells Jessica to shoot him since the charges she is filing are killing him already. Marshall moves closer to Jessica. Ben, followed by police officers arrive and grab Marshall. Jessica cries. As the officers are taking Marshall away, he is yelling to Jessica that this is wrong. Ben asks Jessica why she did not tell him about the rape. Jessica said she was ashamed and wanted to avoid causing him more pain. Ben tells Jessica he will support her through this.

After spending the night on the couch, Craig awakens. Rosanna has coffee waiting for him. Rosanna is annoyed with Craig as she feels he never worries about her, as it is always something with Carly, Lucy or Aaron. Craig asks her how many times he must prove that he loves her. Craig offers to send her a greeting card. This makes Rosanna giggle and she tosses a pillow at Craig. Rosanna feels Craig has no time for her any longer and that there relationship is not his priority. Rosanna tells Craig that she wants him to stop worrying about Carly so much. Craig tells Rosanna that perhaps she is right. Rosanna grabs Craig and kisses him, then offers to help him with his shower. The phone rings. Craig learns that Carly was rushed to Memorial, as something is wrong with the baby. Rosanna asks Craig if he will now rush to Carly’s side. Craig says he will not, but suggests Rosanna should. Rosanna says she will as long as Craig comes with her. Craig does.

Carly wakes up in the emergency room. Jack quickly calms her fears regarding the baby. John tells Carly he would like to keep her at the hospital for a few days for observation. Mike arrives and Carly speaks to him in private. Carly asks Mike to tell her the truth about her condition. Mike says the baby is all right but warns Carly she must stay calm. As Carly starts to list all the people she has hurt, Mike reminds her to put the past behind. Molly arrives at the hospital and asks Jack how Carly is. Jack is surprised that Molly cares. Molly visits Carly and affectionately calls her “cuz.” Molly offers to get Carly some coffee. Molly tells Carly this incident was a wake-up call for all of them to let the past go. Carly tells Molly that she is moving out of Mike’s house and getting a place of her own. Carly tells Molly she asked “Rozilla” for an advance on her salary. Molly offers to help Carly find a house. Molly leaves but tells Carly she will be in touch. Molly holds Carly’s hand. Carly smiles. John tells Jack and Mike that Carly’s condition has to be controlled, so they may have to take the baby in order to save Carly. Molly tells Mike she will go to the cabin to pick up some of Carly’s things for her. Mike comes with her. Rosanna arrives. As soon as she sees Rosanna, Carly angrily tells Rosanna that she won’t meet her deadline so she can sue her. A monitor goes off, indicating a rise in Carly’s blood pressure. John and Craig rush into the room. Craig asks Rosanna what she said to Carly.

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