ATWT Update Thursday 3/13/03


As the World Turns Thursday 3/13/03

By Loretta

While driving in the car Rose and Paul manage to kiss passionately. Rose excitedly tells Paul to pull over to the side of the road. Next we see Paul and Rose making passionate love outside. Back inside the warm car Paul and Rose continue kissing.

At Java Underground Bonnie wonders why her mom (Jessica) threw Marshall out of her house and now seems to be in a paranoid state of mind. Marshall arrives. Marshall tells Bonnie that her mom threatened him due to the fact that they recently made love, but Jessica cannot accept it and has interpreted it as something else. Marshall tells Bonnie that he makes her mother feel free and powerful. Marshall then hands Bonnie a letter to give to her mother. Bonnie refuses. Marshal insists that her mother is the most important person in his life and he loves her. After getting a call from her mom to meet her at the police station, Bonnie tells Marshall to leave. Marshall reminds Bonnie that her mom threw him out of her house, but she also asked him to stay and feels that Jessica is afraid of her feelings for him. On his way out Marshall says that there are two sides to every story. Marshall heads for the Lakeview bar and learns from the bartender that two police officers just went up to his room. Marshall dashes off to his room. Isaac arrives and asks what Marshall wanted. Bonnie explains that she must go meet her mother at the police station. Bonnie kisses Isaac goodbye and tosses Marshall’s letter in the trash. Later Ben and Isaac go to the police station. Isaac starts looking through Margo’s files to find out why Bonnie met Jessica here this night. Ben begins reading it and learns that Jessica filed charges against Marshall for rape.

At Al’s Diner Margo asks Jessica what is wrong. A teary eyed Jessica tells Margo that Marshall raped her. Margo suggests to Jessica that they go to the police station and talk. Jessica feels she will get no where if she presses charges against Marshall, since she did invite him to live with her. Jessica says she is to blame for what happened. Margo tells her that she was just being kind to Marshall, especially since he just lost his daughter. Jessica fears the publicity she will receive if she presses charges and the effect on Bonnie this will have. Margo tells Jessica that pressing charges will be the first step to let her be in control of this situation. Jessica insists that Marshall will fight this. Margo tells Jessica that if she does not fight this, she will never get her life back. Margo asks Jessica if she wants this to happen to another women. This convinces Jessica to press charges. Jessica then gives her statement on tape, in Margo’s presence. Margo tells Jessica that she did the right thing. Afterwards Jessica phones Bonnie and asks her to meet her at the police station. Bonnie arrives and finds her mother crying. Jessica apologizes to Bonnie and says she was afraid to tell her this sooner. Apologizing again, a teary eyed Jessica tells Bonnie that Marshall raped her and she is pressing charges. Jessica cries and fears Bonnie does not believe her. Bonnie believes her and is sympathetic. Margo asks Jessica if she had an exam after the attack. Jessica says no. Bonnie says she will take her mom to the doctor. Bonnie asks Jessica to tell her what happened. Jessica says late at night she came downstairs and fell asleep on her couch. Not knowing if she was dreaming or not, she woke up with Marshall on top of her. Jessica says she tried pushing him off but he was too strong. Bonnie tells her mother she loves her. Jessica remains at the station in case Margo needs anything else from her. Bonnie goes back to Java Underground and takes Marshall’s letter out of the trash. Bonnie reads this letter in which Marshall speaks of his deep love for Jessica. Angry Bonnie vows that Marshall will not get away with this.

At Mike’s house, Carly has a severe dizzy spell; Jack manages to hold her up. Jack phones the hospital to inform them that he and Carly are on their way. At the hospital emergency room Carly is examined by her physician. After her exam, Carly’s doctor says the baby has a strong heartbeat. John tells Mike and Jack that Carly has pre-eclampsia and her blood pressure has risen greatly, which may deprive her baby of oxygen. Carly’s doctor considers performing a c-section on Carly, which may put her at risk. At the moment, John states they want to stabilize Carly by keeping her calm. Afterwards, Mike tells Jack to stay away from Carly. Mike and Jack begin arguing. Jack tells Mike how Carly asked Rosanna for money so she could move away from him. Hearing their argument, John tells Jack and Mike to grow up and consider Carly for a change. As Carly is being wheeled to her hospital room, Jack tells her she will be fine.

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