ATWT Update Wednesday 3/12/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 3/12/03

By Loretta

In her hospital bed Alison has a restless night. Alison has a nightmare that she wakes up in her hospital room wearing a prison uniform with a transmitter attached to her ankle. The alarm on Alison’s transmitter goes off. Hearing Aaron’s voice, Alison gets up to find him but she runs into Hal who intends to punish her. Hal backed by several officers, asks Alison which leg she wants him to chop off for her punishment. Alison wakes up in a frenzy and realizes it is a dream. Alison finds Katie (hospitalized for dehydration) is her roommate. Katie tells Alison that Simon left her and she has lost everything. Alison says she feels the same way. Katie explains about Simon leaving her. Alison tells Katie her story, of how she started the Snyder fire in order to make Aaron Snyder a hero. Alison tells Katie that maybe one day Simon will come back and tell her the real reason he left. To cheer up Katie, Alison urges her to continue their game of poker.

Margo meets Jessica at Al’s Diner for coffee. Margo suggests that Jessica obtain a restraining order against Marshall. Margo asks a nervous Jessica what Marshall did to her. Jessica has flashbacks of that night with Marshall. Marshall arrives and asks Jessica to speak with him. Margo leaves for the station. Marshall sits with Jessica and asks what she told Margo. Jessica tells Marshall nothing. Marshall reminds Jessica that they had sex several times, therefore he sees nothing wrong with what he did. Jessica tells Marshall that if he tries to over power her again she will do whatever is necessary to keep him away. Marshall tells Jessica that since Ben does not light her fire, she turned to him (Marshall). Insulted Jessica jumps up and threatens Marshall with the police. Marshall tells Jessica she can tell Margo that he raped her. Marshall tells Jessica that after the heated relationship they had, no one will believe her story. Marshall insists that Jessica is trying to ignore her hidden desires about him. Jessica tells Marshall to leave. Margo comes back inside the diner and finds Jessica crying. Margo asks Jessica what Marshall did to her. A tearful Jessica tells Margo that Marshall raped her.

Rose and Paul arrive home. Paul wants to know why they need privacy to discuss something. Rose tells Paul that Dusty made a pass at her. Paul tells Rose that Mitzi has a wild imagination and over-reacted to Dusty‘s questions. Rose tells Paul that Dusty asked Mitzi if she (Rose) would accept his (Paul) marriage proposal. Dusty arrives and tells Rose that this is a big mistake. Rose makes Dusty tell Paul himself that he grabbed and kissed her. Dusty says that Rose reminded him of Lily. Paul then realizes this was not a friendly kiss. Dusty apologizes and says he begged Rose not to tell him (Paul). Paul tells Rose that he appreciates her trying to protect him. Paul is not angry at Dusty and thanks him for being honest. Paul suggests that Dusty and Rose start over again. Dusty leaves. Holding a diamond ring, Paul gets on his knees and asks Rose to marry him. Rose excitedly says yes and they kiss and kiss and kiss.

Urged by Craig to try saving his marriage, Jack arrives at Carly’s. Carly says that she asked Rosanna for a loan so she can buy a house and leave Mike’s house. Carly compares a root canal to asking Rosanna for the loan. Jack wants to know how moving out of Mike’s house will affect their marriage. Carly tells Jack she does not blame him for wanting a divorce. Getting defensive Carly also tells Jack that she does not need him any more and will sign the divorce papers. Jack tells Carly that he is miserable without her and lists all the reasons why she makes him happy. Carly reminds him that he gets jealous when he sees her with Mike or Craig. Carly tells Jack she wants a man who will trust her 100%. Jack doesn’t know how to answer this. Carly also brings up the fact that the baby she is carrying may not be his. Jack finally asks Carly to move back in with him, but to stay in the guestroom. Insulted Carly tells Jack that she does not want a platonic living arrangement with him. Carly says he is driving her insane and she can’t keep chasing the same dream (that he (Jack) will take her back as his wife). Carly gets dizzy. Jack holds her.

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