ATWT Update Tuesday 3/11/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 3/11/03

By Loretta

At Al’s, Dusty tells Mitzi that he wonders if Rose is the right one for Paul. Dusty begins asking too many questions about Rose, which angers Mitzi. Mitzi tells Dusty to keep away from Rose, because every time he mentions her, he gets a strange little smile. Mitzi tells Dusty that Rose is preparing to tell Paul how he (Dusty) kissed her. Shocked, Dusty runs out to find Rose and Paul, bumping into Emma and Rosanna on his way out.

After having brought Rose to the club where their engagement party was to be held, Paul attempts to propose. Rose tells Paul that she is glad they managed to get reacquainted after her return to Oakdale. Paul kisses Rose gently and tells her he has something important to ask her. Paul tells Rose that their relationship is what other people always dream of having. As Paul is romantically ready to pop the question to Rose, Mitzi interrupts them. Mitzi asks to speak privately with Rose. Mitzi says that at Al’s, Dusty asked many questions about her (Rose) and wanted to know if she (Rose) would accept a marriage proposal from Paul. Mitzi suggests that Rose tell Paul the truth. Dusty phones Paul to tell him that at Al’s, Mitzi freaked just because he asked a few questions about Rose. Dusty says that Mitzi got the wrong idea and ran out. Paul says that Mitzi just arrived and is speaking with Rose. Dusty says he will be right over. Paul walks over to Rose and Mitzi. Paul tells Mitzi that Dusty just phoned to inform him of their disagreement. Paul tries to ask Mitzi what it was about. Rose tells Paul that she will tell him the truth about a recent incident. Fearing that Dusty will walk in the door any moment, Rose leaves with Paul to tell him the truth. Mitzi sits at a table and enjoys Paul and Rose’s champagne. Dusty arrives and is told by Mitzi that Rose is telling Paul how he kissed her (Rose). Dusty tells Mitzi she made a big mistake.

Lily arrives at the police station and presents Jack with Emma’s homemade muffins. Jack tells Lily that he filed for divorce from Carly, but some days he wishes he could take those papers away from her and destroy them. Jack tells Lily how every night when he comes home, all he thinks about is Carly and Parker, but insists it does not mean that they should have a life together. Lily suggests that Jack actually take the divorce papers away from Carly, like he wishes he could. Jack says it is too late. Craig now arrives and hugs Lily. Craig tells Jack he needs a favor from him, that he wants him to stay married to Carly. Jack tells Craig to leave and go to Hell. Ignoring Jack’s insults, Craig tells him that Monte Carlo is on the brink of success due to Carly, but Carly cannot concentrate on her designs because Jack has pushed her for divorce. Craig says that right now Carly is asking Rosanna for a loan which will enable her to buy a house, as she no longer wants to live with Mike. Jack tells Craig that he always thought that he (Craig) wanted him out of Carly’s life. Jack cannot believe that Carly is asking Rosanna for money and wants to get away from Mike. Craig tells Jack that Carly has always loved him and this situation will put him in control of Carly for the first time. Jack seems more confused.

Craig arrives at Carly’s ordering her to let him in. Annoyed, Carly opens the door. Carly tells Craig she is having a hard time concentrating on her designs due to her current problems: the divorce, her pregnancy and trying to raise little Parker. Craig reminds Carly of her deadlines to meet. Carly asks Craig if he asked Rosanna about a loan. Craig says that Rosanna may give her a loan, but tells her that Rosanna wants her (Carly) to ask herself. Carly insists she will not beg Rosanna for money. Craig ignores Carly’s excuses and tells her to be at work in the morning. Craig leaves. Carly finally gets up the nerve and phones Rosanna and asks to meet her that day. Rosanna agrees to meet her in an hour at Fairwinds. Carly arrives and tells Rosanna that she needs the loan to buy a house, as she cannot live any longer with Mike. Carly also says that having her own place will help her concentrate on her designs. Carly offers to pay Rosanna back with interest, assuring her it will be strictly business. Rosanna says if this were strictly business, Carly would have gone to a bank. When Rosanna starts to refuse, Carly brings up little Parker. This angers Rosanna and she tells Carly she should not have brought Parker into this conversation. Carly says she will not let Rosanna see Parker any more and prepares to leave. Before Carly leaves she tells Rosanna that the last two years, she has been forced to move Parker from different homes, leaving him with no stability. Rosanna reminds Carly that this was due to her choices. Rosanna finally gives in and agrees to loan Carly the money, on certain terms. Rosanna requests that Carly stop confiding and distracting Craig. Rosanna also wants her designs by mid-April. Carly says that is a tight schedule. Rosanna says do it or get her loan someplace else. Rosanna says she always believed that working on a tight schedule gives a person confidence. Rosanna also tells Carly that if she meets this deadline she will feel that no one in her field is better than her. Carly smiles and tells Rosanna she is right, but asks why she should care. Refraining from being too nice, Rosanna tells Carly she is her investment. Carly and Rosanna agree on the loan by shaking hands. As Carly leaves she tries to sweetly thank Rosanna, but Rosanna (slightly smiling) tells her to leave and start on the designs.

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