ATWT Update Monday 3/10/03


As the World Turns Monday 3/10/03

By Loretta

Lunching with Rose, Mitzi suggests that she tell Paul about Dusty’s kiss. Rose tells Mitzi that she is now ready to become Paul’s wife. Their food arrives and they start to dig in, but are interrupted by Paul and Dusty. After Paul and Rose take off, Dusty tells Mitzi that he feels Rose is not as committed to Paul as he is to her. Angry at this remark, Mitzi tells Dusty to stay the hell away from Rose.

Outside Al’s, Dusty asks Paul if he loves Rose enough to marry her and if she feels the same about him. Paul says he is going to propose to Rose. Dusty congratulations him but asks him again if he is sure. Paul insists that Rose makes him happy but cannot understand why Dusty has doubts. Dusty then changes his tune and says he could not be happier for him. Paul has a plan to propose to Rose: he will have Dusty sit with Mitzi at Al’s, while he (Paul) goes off with Rose. Arriving at Al’s Diner Paul asks Rose to come with him. Rose doesn’t want to, as Mitzi has no ride home. Dusty insists he will drive Mitzi home, so Rose goes off with Paul. Paul takes Rose to the place where their engagement party was to be held (originally it was to have taken place a few months ago, but Rose left to take care of her dad). Paul gives Rose a big kiss and they share some wine. Paul says he wants to bury their past and only relive their happiness. Rose agrees. They kiss some more.

At Henry’s request, Margo arrives at Katie’s cottage. Concerned, Henry says that Katie does not answer her door, so he asked Margo to help him break in. Margo with her spare key enters the cottage. The cottage is in a shambles and they find Katie sitting on the floor. Upset Katie cries on Margo’s shoulder saying that Simon is gone and told her that he does not love her. Henry tells Katie that Simon is gone for good and she must face it. Margo says that Bartlesby is not in jail and she confirmed his flight out of Oakdale. Katie still insists that Bartlesby has kidnapped Simon. Struggling with her emotions, Katie becomes faint. John comes over and diagnoses Katie with dehydration and must be hospitalized, especially due to her recent liver surgery. Henry carries Katie to the car. At the hospital Katie asks Henry to stay at the cottage in case Simon phones and to take care of Snickers. Margo tells Katie that Simon took a flight to Los Angeles, then to Thailand, but there is more she needs to know. Simon also took all of his and Katie’s savings, leaving Katie with no money whatsoever. Katie cries to Margo. In the background, Henry stops himself from giving Katie the letter he holds from Simon.

At the police station, Emily tells Tom and Hal that Alison has been admitted into the hospital. Tom says he will try his best to get Alison released from jail, but Evelyn is a tough one. Emily says that Alison is too sick and fragile to be locked up. Emily heads to the hospital to visit Alison.

In her hospital room, Alison brushes her hair and wishes for a manicure. When Alison is informed that her mom (Susan) is on her way for a visit, Alison jumps back in bed. Susan presents Alison with some pajamas. Susan asks Alison how she is feeling. Alison tells her mom that she was suffering from sweaty palms, anxiety, nausea, a racing heart and confusion. Susan feels that Alison suffered a panic attack. Outside Alison’s room, Emily tells Susan that it still does not look like Alison will stay out of jail, but they still have Tom working on it. Chris tells Alison that he knows she is faking her illness. Annoyed, Alison tells Chris that he isn’t a real doctor yet, so how would he know. Chris tells Alison that if she fakes a panic attack, medication can do her harm. Alison says she doesn’t care, she won’t go back to jail. Alison begs Chris to go along with her pretend illness. Emily and Hal arrive in Alison‘s room. Chris tells them that Alison is suffering from panic attacks and suggests she remain hospitalized for the next 48 hours. Hal tells Alison to concentrate on getting better. Susan and Tom arrive wearing smiles. It seems Tom talked D.A. Evelyn into allowing Alison to come home after her hospital release. Hal reads the legal papers but finds there is a catch. Hal says Alison must be monitored at home by wearing a small transmitter and she must remain home except for pre-arranged excursions. Annoyed, Alison wants to know why she can’t go out and see Lucy and Aaron. Hal reminds Alison if she breaks the rules; she will go back to jail.

Carly tells Mike that she just spoke with Molly at the Lakeview pleading his case for him. Just then, Molly arrives and stands outside Mike‘s front door. Outside, Molly tries to listen to Mike and Carly‘s conversation. Carly tells Jack her visit with Molly did not go well and Molly would not reason with her. Finally seeing Molly through the window, Carly pretends she feels ill so Mike will go out and buy crackers for her. Mike does. Carly asks Molly why she is at Mike’s house when she no longer cares for him. Carly warns Molly about jumping too quickly in a relationship with Dusty and says that Mike still loves her. Molly tells Carly not to lecture her and that she should look at her own life. Carly reminds Molly that she and Mike was both drunk when they had sex that night. Molly tells Carly that her and Jack did not have sex, they only kissed as Jack turned her down. Molly tells Carly that Jack cannot get her out of his mind. Carly believes Molly. Carly tells Jack that he has filed for divorce. Molly says Jack only filed for divorce because he is hurt and confused. Molly offers to help Carly get Jack back. Carly begins to smile and thanks Molly for telling her the truth. Carly tells Molly she misses her friendship. Molly says nothing can ever be the same between them, but manages a small smile. Carly suggests to Molly that she tell Mike she still loves him. Molly admits she loves Mike but can’t deal with her (Carly) living with Mike. Carly says she will move out, but Molly says if Mike wants her back it must be “not by chance,” but because he wants to. Carly asks Molly if they are still enemies. Molly tells Carly that they can perhaps think of a peaceful way to make up. Carly smiles. Molly leaves and runs into Mike. Mike tells Molly that he hopes she makes up with Carly, since they were as close as sisters. Mike asks Molly if they can go to lunch one day. Molly agrees to set a date.

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