ATWT Update Friday 3/7/03


As the World Turns Friday 3/7/03

By Loretta 

Bonnie visits a jumpy Jessica. Jessica is in the process of packing Marshall’s belongings and informs her daughter that she had Marshall taken to jail. Bonnie asks why her mom suddenly sent Marshal to jail. Jessica says their living situation changed and she is not representing him. Bonnie asks her mom what Marshall did to her, since she was so insistent on helping him. Bonnie also asks why she is double locking her doors now. Bonnie tells her that her actions do not make sense. While completing the packing of Marshall’s belongings, Jessica starts to breakdown and Bonnie asks her what happened. Jessica simply says she is glad she finally listened to her beautiful daughter (Bonnie). Bonnie asks her why she is unhappy, since she looks like a woman who has just been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Bonnie senses her mom is upset with Marshall and offers her support. Jessica hugs Bonnie.

Marshall’s new attorney arrives to speak to him; he wants to know why Ms. Griffith sent him to jail and is not representing him. Marshall says Jessica only invited him to live with her until he recovered fully from his surgery. Jessica and Bonnie arrive at the police station to bring Marshall’s belongings to Margo. Jessica sees Marshall in the next room. As Marshall is being released he tells Jessica that he will be in touch.

At the police station Hal tells Margo that Emily and Susan had Tom write a letter supporting Alison’s release, which he will present to Evelyn. Evelyn however is not going for this and feels Alison should remain in jail. Hal feels jail won’t benefit Alison. Evelyn insists that Alison is a threat to society and should remain in jail. Behind bars, Alison is going crazy. Alison screams to the guard to check and see if she will soon be released. The guard tells her to pipe down or he will call Lieutenant Munson. Emily and Susan arrive to visit Alison, along with food from Al’s Diner. Alison only has freedom on her mind. Susan says that Hal is working on her release. Tom and Hal arrive and tell Alison that Evelyn denied her release. Hearing this news Alison gets hysterical. Susan and Emily feel it best to leave. Alison then gets a brilliant idea: if she gets sick she will be sent to the hospital. Alison then eats her food from Al’s Diner. Shortly Alison gets on the floor screaming for the guard to help her.

At Al’s diner Craig asks Rosanna where Lucy is. Craig feels Lucy may be with Aaron but Rosanna insists that Lucy told Aaron she does not want to see him any more. Craig feels Rosanna is hiding Lucy from him. Craig asks where Lucy is but Rosanna silences him with a kiss. Craig gets up and walks outside and finds Lucy with Aaron.

Aaron and Lucy just returned to Al’s after visiting Aaron’s baby sister Natalie. Aaron suggests to Lucy that they go on a picnic in the future. Lucy and Aaron discuss her paralysis. Lucy tells Aaron she hopes to walk down the aisle at Rosanna’s wedding. Craig interrupts their discussion. Seeing her dad, Lucy pretends and tells Aaron to stay away from her. Craig tells Aaron to keep away from Lucy. Aaron walks off. When Craig asks her where she has been, Lucy tells her dad she was window-shopping. Craig tells Lucy it was not safe for her to window shop in a wheelchair. Lucy tells him to calm down. Craig tells Lucy that she is only to go out with Gloria and no one else. When she gets home, Aaron calls Lucy. Lucy tells Aaron that Rosanna will help them spend time together. Rosanna asks Craig why he spent the entire night with Carly. Craig tells her that Carly wants an advance on her salary but assures Rosanna he did not give it to her. Rosanna says that if Carly wants money, she can ask her.

At the Lakeview, Dusty greets Molly with a passionate kiss. Molly pushes him away and apologizes, saying she has some problems with her ex-boyfriend at the moment. Dusty says he understands and suggests they order food. Dusty orders a pastrami sandwich for himself and a grilled cheese for Molly. The doorbell rings and it is Carly. Carly asks Dusty if this is room 707 and if Mrs. McKinnon is staying in this room. Dusty says no. Carly leaves. Molly apologizes to Dusty for pushing him away since she came on so strong to him at his welcome home party. Molly accidentally spills her drink, which lands on Dusty’s shirt. Molly tells Dusty to take his shirt off. Dusty does as Molly says. Soon the doorbell rings and it is Carly again. Carly introduces herself to Dusty as Mrs. McKinnon’s cousin. Carly tells Molly she needs to talk with her before she does something she will regret. Dusty leaves the room. Carly apologizes to Molly for sleeping with Mike, but says it is no reason for trashing her life (referring to finding Dusty in Molly’s room). Carly tells Molly that Mike loves her and the only thing keeping her from Mike is her anger. Molly tells Carly that she cannot deal with Mike being part of her and the baby’s life. Carly tells Molly that if she does not get back with Mike, she is a fool. Carly tells Molly she is moving out of Mike’s as soon as she can, then she (Molly) can move back in. Molly wants no part of Carly’s advice and shows Carly to the door. Carly leaves. Molly cries and asks herself what she has done.

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