ATWT Update Thursday 3/6/03


As the World Turns Thursday 3/6/03

By Loretta

Aaron coaxed Lily to accompany him to Al’s Diner. They run into Rosanna and Lucy who wears a smile. Rosanna advises Lucy to keep her visit with Aaron short since Craig could walk in. Lily asks Rosanna why she is suddenly so concerned over Lucy. Rosanna says she has never been needed before by anyone, except for her money. Rosanna tells Lily how hard Lucy is working with her physical therapist. Lily asks Rosanna if she is the same Rosanna Cabot she used to know. Rosanna laughs. Aaron and Lucy sit at a booth and lovingly recall their past. Aaron promises Lucy he will not push her to remember things and will not kiss her again until she is ready. Lucy takes out the necklace Aaron gave her in the summer. Aaron reminds Lucy how she admired that in a store, then he went and purchased it for her. Aaron places the necklace back on Lucy. Lucy feels Aaron must feel differently about her since she is in a wheelchair, but Aaron humorously tells her they can still hold hands, plus he would love her no matter what. At her request, Aaron kisses Lucy. Rosanna lets Lucy go off with Lily and Aaron for awhile.

At Fairwinds, Carly asks Craig to give her an advance on her salary to buy a house. Craig says he needs some designs from her first. Craig sarcastically tells Carly to ask her cousin Molly for the money. Craig wants to know why she wishes to leave Mike‘s house. Carly says so Mike can get back with Molly. Craig does not believe Carly and feels that Mike wants a relationship with her. Carly tells Craig that Mike is suffocating her and she needs her own space. Carly sadly tells Craig she really loves Jack and wants to be with him and to please help her. Craig reminds Carly that she already took $50,000. from Monte Carlo. Carly reminds Craig she put that money back. Craig says Rosanna will question why large sums of money come up missing from the company. Craig finally gives in to Carly’s pleas and says he will speak to Rosanna about giving her a cash advance. Craig meets Rosanna at Al’s Diner. Rosanna is still angry with him for spending so much time nursing Carly’s problems. Craig asks where Lucy is (Lucy is spending time with Aaron and Lily).

After Molly tells Mike she wants to patch things up, Mike asks if she will change her mind. Mike asks if her decision has something to do with Carly. Molly tells Mike to accept her suggestion as the truth. Molly says she loves and wants to be with him. Mike says he loves her, but fears she will change her mind about their relationship and leave him. Mike asks Molly if she is on the same page as him regarding Carly. Irritated, Molly says Carly is always in their picture. Mike says since he is probably the father of Carly’s baby, he must do the right thing for the baby. Molly asks Mike why he must choose Carly over her. Mike reminds Molly that she chose to leave and not forgive him. Molly asks Mike to tell Carly to leave his house or it will be too late for them. Mike asks Molly if she has someone else in her life. Molly says no and that all she thinks about is him and Carly living together. Molly tells Mike she wants Carly out of his house. Mike tells Molly he cannot throw the mother (Carly) of his daughter out in the street. Mike tells Molly that he doesn’t believe she wants him back, instead she only wants Carly out of his life. Molly says she has a right to be angry at Carly. Mike tells Molly that he would gladly leave Carly the keys to his house to go live with her (Molly) at the Lakeview, but if Carly phones, he will help her. Mike asks Molly if she could deal with that. A tearful Molly tells Mike that things will never be the same between them. Molly leaves and cries. When Carly returns to Mike’s, he informs her that he and Molly are finished. Carly decides to get Molly back for Mike. When Molly gets back to her suite at the Lakeview, Dusty pays her a visit. Dusty immediately kisses Molly but she backs away. Molly tells Dusty she is having some problems. Dusty asks Molly what is wrong.

While Marshall tries to convince Jessica to change her mind about him leaving, Jessica phones Margo and tells her she does not want Marshall staying with her any longer. Jessica tells Margo to arrest Marshall. Jessica tells Marshall the police are on their way. Marshall insists he did nothing wrong. Jessica says he forced himself on her. Marshall feels Jessica enjoyed herself with him the other night and she will not admit it, so now she must convince Margo and everyone else that he is the big bad wolf. In tears Jessica orders Marshall out of her house. Margo arrives with an officer who takes Marshall to the station. Margo asks Jessica why she wants Marshall out of her house and why he is no longer her client. Jessica says she thought she could help Marshall cope with the loss of his daughter but she cannot. Margo doesn’t believe Jessica and offers to stay. Ben arrives with lunch and is surprised to hear that Jessica had Marshall taken to jail. Ben promises Jessica he will not ask any questions. As Ben suggests they take a vacation, Jessica recalls how Marshall forced himself on her. Noticing how upset she is, Ben asks Jessica what is wrong. Jessica says she had a disagreement with Marshall. Jessica says she is tired and wants to be alone. Ben understands and leaves. After Jessica shuts her door, she puts the locks on.

Marshall arrives at the police station with Margo. Marshall insists he had a misunderstanding with Jessica. Margo asks Marshall to tell her why Jessica no longer wants to represent him and why she was so upset.

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