ATWT Update Wednesday 3/5/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 3/5/03

By Loretta

After spending the night on Barbara’s couch, Craig awakens to a cup of latte before him. Barbara tells Craig she just phoned the police for his intrusion. Hall arrives and asks Barbara about her “break-in.” Hal cannot believe that Craig was her intruder. Hal asks Barbara why she waited until the morning to report this. Barbara says she waited because now Craig has upset her more than last night. Disgusted, Hal leaves. After Barbara asks Craig to leave and go to Hell, Craig asks her about Will. Barbara tells Craig that she has custody of Will on weekends. Craig’s tone softens to tell Barbara that maybe she will one day get full custody of Will. Barbara then has a change of heart and reminds Craig that they both have something in common, they both love their children. Barbara tells Craig she is sorry about Bryant and Lucy’s accident. Craig gives Barbara some advice, he tells her to drop her vampire act, then maybe her family and friends will come back into her life. Craig tells Barbara her fuse is too short. Barbara gets snippy and tells Craig that her behavior is due to Will, her marriage to him (Craig), Carly trying to take her business away, the fire she was in, Paul’s betrayal and Rose taking Paul away from her. Craig tells Barbara she must stop blaming everyone else for her problems. Barbara says she only wants to see a sincere smile on Will’s face when he sees her and her life to be normal. Craig tells her since she can’t control her life, just get on with it and let things go. Craig sarcastically tells Barbara he still has a soft spot for her.

An upset Jessica comes downstairs as Marshall is preparing breakfast for them. Jessica asks him if this breakfast is supposed to make up for “last night.” Marshall says he has no clue what she means. Angry Jessica says she must leave. Marshall tries to stop her by placing a hand on her. Jessica tells Marshall to never touch her again. Jessica leaves. Jessica arrives at the police station and tells Margo she will need more time to prepare for Marshall’s trial. Margo tells Jessica she looks upset. Jessica lies, saying something has changed with Marshall. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from Marshall. Marshall asks Jessica why she walked out on him earlier. Marshall asks her to come home now so they can talk it over. Jessica agrees and tells Margo she must leave. Margo still tries to ask Jessica what is bothering her, but Jessica leaves. When Jessica comes home, Marshall says he doesn’t understand her attitude, since they both participated in a wild and passionate night. Jessica says he forced himself on her. Marshall says if she did not want him, she should have told him no. Jessica says she did say no to him and what he did was sexual assault. Marshall says she must be joking, as he is not capable of such an act. Jessica tells Marshall that he scared her and she could not get away from him. Marshall says he was sexually aggressive with her before. Jessica says that he pinned her down and would not let her get away and it was cruel. Marshall asks Jessica why doesn’t she report this crime to the police instead of discussing it with him. Jessica says she was about to tell Margo but he called. Marshall tells Jessica she did not because she did not have the guts. Jessica tells Marshall she is dropping him as her client. Marshall tells Jessica that without her, his charges will not be dropped.

Molly arrives at Jack’s house. Jack tells her how he tried going to Carly’s house to make up but he changed his mind when he heard Carly and Mike happily discussing baby names. Jack tells Molly that he presented Carly with divorce papers and he is tired of her getting away with everything. Molly tells Jack that he made a mistake. Jack accuses Molly of trying to get him back with Carly, so Mike will be all hers again. Jack (yelling at this point) tells Molly she tried to get him to do her dirty work for her. Molly says that was never her intention. Jack says he cannot bring himself to live with Carly, even if her baby is his. Molly leaves.

Mike is surprised to learn from Carly that Jack has already filed for divorce. When Mike tries to put his arms around her, an annoyed Carly moves away from him and tells him that he does not need to rescue her. Mike asks Carly what will now happen to their baby, now that Jack wants a divorce. Carly says it should not make any difference. Mike tells Carly that since she is not with Jack and he is not with Molly, then they should be the parents of their child. Mike says that the baby should be in an environment of care and respect, with two full time parents. Carly reminds him they are just roommates. Mike suggests they make a commitment to raise the baby together. Mike wants Carly to promise that she won’t change her mind about making a commitment. Carly reminds Mike that they are not in love so they should not plan a future together. Angry Carly tells Mike that he sounds just like the know-nothings in Oakdale. Mike says he is only anxious to be a father. Carly apologizes to Mike but says they need to trust each other and perhaps she should move out. Carly tells Mike that at night, she wonders what her life would be like if Molly and Jack had forgiven them. Mike asks Carly to not leave. Molly arrives to ask Mike to patch things up between them. Mike asks Molly whey she suddenly changed her mind because now he is almost talked out about getting back with her. Molly reminds Mike that he said he would wait forever to get her back.

When Craig arrives home at Fairwinds, he bumps into Carly. Carly says she needs a big favor from Monte Carlo regarding her future earnings. Craig laughs. Carly says she needs to buy a house and move out of Mike’s house.

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