ATWT Update Tuesday 3/4/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 3/4/03

By Loretta

After all the guests have left Java Underground, Molly continues to slow dance with Dusty. Molly flirts, telling Dusty she is a “live wire.” Concerned that Molly is quickly getting too involved with Dusty, Isaac asks Molly how long she has known Dusty. Molly tells Isaac that she can take care of herself, but needs to have some fun. In another corner at Java, Rose apologizes to Dusty for her recent behavior. Dusty says that if she thinks they should tell Paul that he kissed her, he will. Rose says no, that it would just hurt Paul. Rose tells Dusty they need to put this kissing thing behind them, and start over. Rose thanks Dusty for asking Barbara to leave the party, then she promises him a free day at her future hair salon. Before she leaves, Rose warns Dusty that if he ever tries to kiss her again, she will turn him from a rooster into a hen. Dusty laughs. Molly looks at Dusty and Rose having this conversation. Rose leaves and says goodbye to all. Molly asks Dusty if he has a thing for Rose. Dusty says he is curious and intrigued by Rose, but she is marrying his best friend Paul. When Molly mentions that Dusty spend some time alone with her, Dusty tells her he must take a rain check on her offer. Molly tells Dusty that at the moment, she cannot deal with any more rejection. Molly thinks Dusty’s attitude towards her has changed due to Rose.

After the party Ben brings Jessica back home. They try to be quiet in order to not wake up Marshall. Marshall walks in on Jessica and Ben kissing. Jessica senses Marshall is upset. Marshall says he spoke to Lien, who said that his daughter’s (Zara) remains are being shipped to Oakdale. Marshall wonders if he is being selfish for doing this. When Marshall goes back upstairs, an understanding Ben tells Jessica that he knows she must go speak to Marshall. Ben gives Jessica a long kiss goodbye. Before Ben leaves he explains that he feels Marshall has a hold over her and thinks he will be in her life for a while. Jessica insists to Ben that once Marshall’s trial is over, she will concentrate only on him. Later, Jessica is alone sleeping on her couch in the dark. Marshall walks in and starts gently kissing her (Jessica is still half-asleep). Marshall begins to kiss Jessica more passionately.

Emily tells Hal she cannot stop picturing Alison in jail. Emily begins to make Hal some hot chocolate. Hal tells Emily to make some hot chocolate for a friend of his, who he will now visit. Hal tells Emily he will visit Alison in jail this evening to bring her the hot chocolate along with a care package Hal has prepared. Telling him that she loves him, Emily hugs Hal. Hal leaves for the jail. Emily gets a call from Aaron, who is standing outside her door. Emily lets Aaron in and tells him that Alison told Lucy the truth.

Late at night, Rosanna tries to tell Lucy to get some sleep, but Lucy can’t. Lucy is worried that her dad (Craig) will continue to refuse to let her see Aaron. After Lucy goes to bed, Craig comes home. Rosanna asks Craig why he is home so late. Craig says he was at Monte Carlo trying to help Carly with a problem. This irritates Rosanna and she tells Craig he needs to stop nurturing their employees. Craig tells Rosanna that Jack has filed for divorce and he was urging Carly to start on some designs. Rosanna tells Craig that earlier, she drove Lucy to the police station and Alison told Lucy that she did not sleep with Aaron. Rosanna assures Craig that Alison did not tell Lucy that he had anything to do with Alison’s schemes. Tired of hearing Craig’s explanations for staying so late with Carly, Rosanna tells him to leave the house. Craig does. Lucy awakens and is told by Rosanna that Craig left the house. After Lucy brings up Aaron again, Rosanna suggests that she phone him. Lucy does. Lucy tells Aaron that Alison told her the truth and she apologizes for not believing him. Lucy tells Aaron she will see him in the morning. Aaron gets so excited that he heads straight for Lucy’s. Arriving at Fairwinds, Aaron asks Lucy if she really believes him. Lucy takes Aaron’s hand and says that Alison confessed to everything. Rosanna tells Aaron that he needs to go, since Craig must not find him here. Aaron leaves and thanks Rosanna. Lucy asks Rosanna to help her with Aaron. Within a minute Aaron returns to kiss Lucy goodbye.

After Rosanna kicks him out, Craig is desperate to find a place to spend the night. He pays the doorman at his old Lakeview apartment to allow him inside. When Craig steps inside, he runs into its new tenant, Barbara (with cold cream on her face). Startled by each other, they both scream with fright. Barbara asks Craig what he is doing in her apartment. Craig asks Barbara what she is doing in his old apartment. Barbara realizes that Rosanna kicked Craig out, which gets her laughing hysterically. Craig says he went back to the Lakeview to sleep, due to circumstances beyond his control. After wiping the cold cream off her face, Barbara says she knew Rosanna would come to her senses. When Craig lies down on the couch with a blanket, Barbara screams at him to get out. Craig ignores Barbara and tries to sleep. Barbara threatens to call the police. Craig tells Barbara to get some beauty sleep, which he says she really needs, then he tells her to shut the light off.

In jail, Alison is introduced to her call mate, a prostitute who calls Alison “Amber.” After her cellmate temporarily leaves, Alison daydreams in black and white that she is “Amber,” who was just placed in jail again for the 5th time, for prostitution. After her lawyer pays her a visit, “Amber” starts screaming to be let out of jail. Alison stops daydreaming when Hal arrives with goodies for her. Hal shows her all the items he brought her: air freshener, ear plugs, a blanket, her jacket and hot chocolate. A near hysterical Alison begs Hal to let her come home. Hal tells Alison she will be ok. Alison asks Hal why he is being so nice to her, since she feels he should hate her. Hal tells Alison that she drives him nuts but he loves her as she is part of his family. Hal places a kiss on Alison’s cheek and tells her she will be all right. Alison thanks Hal. Now alone, Alison hears the other cellmates scream to be let out, so she inserts her earplugs.

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