ATWT Update Monday 3/3/03


As the World Turns Monday 3/3/03

By Loretta

At Dusty’s welcome home party, Paul walks up to Rose and Dusty to ask them why they appear so serious.

Dusty says he crossed the line with Rose. Molly in her red dress continues to flirt with Dusty. Uninvited guest Barbara arrives, upsetting Rose and Paul. John, Lisa and Kim greet Barbara. Barbara tells them she moved into the Lakeview since Will is living with his dad Hal. Lily, Lucinda, Mitzi and Rose all agree that Barbara has ruined this party by showing up. Unable to stand being in the same room with Barbara, Rose, accompanied by Paul, asks Barbara if she can call her a taxi so she can leave. Insulted Barbara says she will leave, but first she stops to say hello to Dusty. Dusty is glad to see Barbara but soon changes his mood when he learns that Paul and Rose want her to leave. Dusty asks Barbara to leave the party. Insulted, Barbara leaves. When John asks Dusty what he said to Barbara to make her leave, Dusty lies and says he asked her out to lunch. Lily and Holden leave and say goodbye to Dusty. Nancy convinces her grandson Chris to apologize to John Dixon. As Chris does this, he accidentally bumps into John, causing John to spill his drink. Chris tells John he promises not to get too involved with patients (as he did with Will) and to dedicate himself to his internship. John is pleased.

At Fairwinds Rosanna asks Lucy to be her maid of honor at her wedding. Lucy says she cannot since she feels uncomfortable in her wheelchair. Rosanna says that Gloria (Lucy’s therapist) said that Lucy should be able to stand by then. Lucy tells Rosanna she is still unhappy over Aaron. After learning that Alison lied about sleeping with Aaron, Emily arrives at Fairwinds to ask Lucy to come with her to the police station as Alison has something to tell her.

Before Alison gets locked up, Emily asks Alison to explain why she told Aaron she would tell Lucy the truth if he testified for her. Emily convinces Alison to tell her the truth. Alison explains how after a drunken Aaron passed out half undressed on the couch; she undressed herself and got into bed with him. Alison says she just wanted to pretend she was Aaron’s girlfriend, as she still loves him. Emily then convinces Alison to tell Lucy the truth. Emily soon brings Lucy to see Alison. Alison tells Lucy how Aaron got drunk and fell on the couch, and then she got in bed with him without her clothes. Alison also tells Lucy that she did not have sex with Aaron and she is still a virgin. Alison tells Lucy that she loves Aaron. Lucy tells Alison that she cannot really love Aaron since she allowed him to take the blame for starting the fire, plus all the lies she has told. Lucy leaves angry. Emily arrives and consoles a teary eyed Alison. Emily tells Alison she is proud of her and urges her to continue being honest which will make her feel good about herself. Emily tells Alison that she and their mom love her. An officer arrives to take Alison to her cell. Lucy tells Rosanna that Alison lied about sleeping with Aaron. Lucy and Rosanna watch as Alison is escorted to her cell. As Alison looks over her new accommodations in her cell, reality sets in. A sad Alison reaches into her overnight bag and takes out her teddy bear.

Craig arrives at Monte Carlo and learns from Carly that Jack wants to divorce her. Craig feels Jack has done this, as he wants Carly to beg for him back. Carly says she has, but he still wants out of their marriage. Craig feels Jack is trying to tame Carly and will eventually take her back. Craig says he intends to take Monte Carlo over the top, so Carly had better get creative soon. Suddenly Carly gets some great ideas but she is interrupted when Jack arrives.

At the police station, a messenger delivers Jack his divorce papers. Jack arrives at Monte Carlo to bring Carly the divorce papers. Carly tries telling Jack that he will eventually come back to her. Jack says he cannot continue feeling the pain he does in their relationship. Jack hands Carly the divorce papers. Carly says she cannot live without him and will not sign these papers. Carly says she refuses to give up on him, Parker and their baby girl. When Jack says he is not the father, Carly says he is the man she wants her daughter to call daddy. Jack tells Carly he cannot be her husband any more. Carly tells Jack to get out and take his papers with him. Frustrated, Carly tells Jack that she stood by him all through Julia’s many plots, yet he cannot forgive her for one night. Craig enters the room so Jack says leaves. Carly tells Jack not to bother coming back. To help comfort her, Craig makes Carly some tea. Carly tells Craig she didn’t plan on taking care of her children all alone. Craig puts his arms around her and tells Carly she is not alone, he will always be here for her.

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