ATWT Update Friday 2/28/03


As the World Turns Friday 2/28/03

By Loretta 

At Java Underground, Rose displays her displeasure to Paul during Dusty’s welcome party. The guest of honor, Dusty arrives. Dusty kisses Lily when she arrives with Holden. Rose tells Dusty that the reason she did not tell Paul about his kiss is that she does not wish to ruin his friendship with Paul. Dusty finds Rose amusing. Rose locates Mitzi and tells her how Dusty planted a big kiss on her lips the other night and she does not know what to do. Dusty apologizes to Rose for his kiss. Rose then chews Dusty out again, telling him that he is a conceited guy who is used to getting what he wants. Mitzi suggests that Rose tell Paul about Dusty’s kiss, but Dusty begs her not to, as it will only hurt Paul. Dusty asks Rose to give him another chance. Rose tells Dusty she is going to tell Paul about his kiss. Paul asks Rose and Dusty why they are acting so serious.

With the party in full swing, Molly waltzes up to Dusty and plants him with a big kiss. At first Dusty doesn’t remember her so Molly reminds him how he pushed her in the pond when she was 10 years old. Dusty now remembers Molly. Lucinda walks over to Dusty and introduces Molly as the TV station’s brightest star. Lucinda hugs Dusty. Lucinda tells Dusty that she could use him at WorldWide. John arrives next and happily hugs Dusty. Molly dances and flirts with Dusty. Kim watches Molly flirt with Dusty with disapproval. Molly thanks Kim for her concern, but says that she needs to have fun, having lost Jake and now Mike and Carly. Bonnie is irritated with Lisa for inviting her mom (Jessica) who now arrives with Ben. Lisa greets Jessica. Bonnie is cold to her mom and avoids her. Bonnie walks over to Ben and advises him to not put up with her mom (Jessica) and Marshall. Bonnie says Marshall will do whatever he wants to get her mother back. Ben says he is just trying to see both sides, then Bonnie tells Ben he is naive. Isaac tells Ben that he cannot blame Bonnie’s attitude since Jessica is living with her ex-lover. Ready to leave Jessica tells Ben she overheard his conversation with Isaac, so maybe having Marshall live with her is not the best thing. Ben tells Jessica he trusts her judgment. Before Ben and Jessica leave, Bonnie has a change of heart and tells them goodbye. Bonnie tells Paul that she feels Marshal will hurt her mother.

Jack visits Carly’s with divorce on his mind. Jack says they need to discuss the possibility of a divorce. Carly reminds Jack how it was he who called off their wedding and when JJ was introduced into their life, she got over it. Jack says there is nothing to keep them together. Carly reminds Jack of their wedding, in which they vowed to stay with each other no matter what. Jack tells Carly that if she had trusted him, she would not have ended up drunk with Mike. Jack insists their marriage is over. Carly tells Jack he just told a lie, since if he really wanted a divorce he would have presented her with legal papers. Carly says she cannot live without him and he must give her a chance. Carly kisses Jack and says she can’t give up their marriage. Jack says he cannot deal with the baby possibly being Mike’s. Carly reminds Jack that people stay married through all kinds of tragedies and asks why he cannot forgive her. Jack says he loves her but when he sees her with other men, he realizes that he alone will never be enough for her. Carly tells Jack that Mike or Craig do not really know her, but he (Jack) does and she can trust him. Carly tells Jack that he is her one true friend and home. Carly hands Jack her sonogram photo, saying that no matter who the father is; she is Mrs. Jack Snyder. Carly tells Jack that if he feels a divorce will help things, he can proceed. Carly arrives at the Monte Carlo office. Carly looks at her wedding ring, hoping Jack will not divorce her. Jack phones Tom and tells him he wishes to file for a divorce.

As Simon is heading out the door, Katie walks in and says she knows that Bartlesby is threatening him. Katie tells Simon she had Bartlesby arrested for threatening her. Simon tells her their marriage is over and he does not love her any more. Katie says she knows he loves her. Katie grabs Simon and says she will not let him go. Simon breaks free of Katie’s grasp and says he wants to wake up with someone different. Katie asks him to kiss her goodbye but Simon runs out the door. Katie sits down and cries.

From the airport Simon phones Bartlesby (who is at the cottage). Bartlesby says since Katie had him arrested, he will make her pay. Simon begs Bartlesby not to hurt Katie. Bartlesby watches Katie from outside the cottage. Simon arrives at the cottage and finds Bartlesby pointing a gun at Katie through the cottage window. Simon then fights with Bartlesby. Simon shoots Bartlesby dead. After burying Bartlesby’s body, Simon enters Henry’s waiting car. Simon tells Henry he had to kill Bartlesby in order to protect Katie. Simon says he must now disappear and gives Henry an envelope to give to Katie when she is over him. Henry is still against Simon doing this, but obliges. Simon thanks Henry and leaves the car to go have one last look at Katie through the cottage window. While Simon sadly views Katie, a sleeping Katie recalls all her wonderful times spent with Simon (her wedding, this past Christmas). Dreaming, Katie sees Simon at her side and he lovingly kisses her. Katie wakes up, runs outside and screams for Simon to come back but Simon has already gone.

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