ATWT Update Thursday 2/27/03


As the World Turns Thursday 2/27/03

By Loretta

Katie observes Simon on the phone telling someone he will be there soon. Simon tells Katie he wants out of their marriage and she is suffocating him. As Simon heads out the door, Margo arrives (Simon tells Margo to get her sister off his back). Katie tells Margo she does not believe Simon does not love her and feels Simon’s behavior has something to do with Bartlesby. Katie tells Margo that on the phone, Bartlesby apparently threatened Simon, which seemed to scare him. Getting an idea, Katie phones the Lakeview lounge and asks the bartender if an Australian man with curly hair is there. The bartender says yes, so Katie goes to the Lakeview lounge accompanied by Margo.

At the Lakeview, Bartlesby orders Simon to quickly get rid of his wife. Bartlesby further warns that if Simon does not, his associates can get rid of her. Simon tells Bartlesby he will go with him but warns him to stay away from his wife. Simon leaves. Margo and Katie arrive at the Lakeview and spot Bartlesby. Katie tells Bartlesby to keep away from Simon and that when she finds out what game he is playing she will tell everyone. Bartlesby grabs Katie’s wrist and tells her that if she doesn’t stay out of this, she will not see morning. Katie yells out that he threatened her, so Margo immediately arrests Bartlesby. Margo’s backup officer arrives to take Bartlesby away. Margo takes Katie to the station with her for an official statement. After questioning at the station, Margo tells Bartlesby she has no reason to keep him there. Bartlesby says he was planning on leaving Oakdale this evening, so she should just let him go. Margo verifies that Bartlesby does have a flight out of Oakdale this evening, so she tells him he can leave. Bartlesby apologizes to Margo for causing her family any problems.

Back at the cottage, Simon finishes packing his suitcases. A heartbroken Simon picks up a photo of Katie and tells Snickers to take good care of her. Ready to leave Simon picks up Snickers, kisses him, and again asks him to take care of Katie. Katie walks in and asks Simon where he is going.

While preparing to dine with Paul at the Lakeview, Rose recalls her passionate kiss with Dusty. Paul brings up the welcome home party for Dusty that evening which Rose says she is not attending. Paul asks Rose why. Tired of thinking up explanations to not attend, Rose tells Paul she will go to the party.

Mike sees Carly performing leg lifts on the floor and tells her to be careful in her condition. Carly tells Mike that Craig keeps calling her to come back to work. There is a knock on the door and it is Craig. Carly tells Craig she ignored his messages, as she did not want to talk to him. Mike leaves to give them privacy. Craig tells Carly she must get back to work as Monte Carlo is on the threshold of greatness and they need her to carry it off (one of the department stores has asked for Carly’s line). This excites Carly but she says she cannot, due to her pregnancy. Craig tells Carly she will enjoy her pregnancy more if she is working. Craig suspiciously asks Carly if she is doing more with Mike, besides living with him. Carly says there is nothing between her and Mike, except friendship. Mike walks back in as Craig urges Carly to come to the office. Carly tells Mike she is going back to work. Sensing Mike’s displeasure, Carly tells him that whether he likes it or not she will go back to work. Carly tries to find someone to watch Parker while she goes to the office, while Craig keeps nagging her about it. Mike tells Craig to back off and says he will hold Craig responsible if anything happens to Carly’s baby.

Jack arrives at Lily’s house. Jack tells Lily that when he went over to Carly’s house, he heard her and Mike discussing baby names which made him feel like an intruder. Jack says he needs to end his marriage to Carly once and for all. Jack says he is tired of running into roadblocks when Carly does something stupid in their relationship. Lily advises Jack not to use divorce as a means to hurt Carly. Jack says he must take action. Lily asks Jack to picture his life without Carly. Jack says he cannot answer this question but then says Carly has lied too many times and he does not want to be with her any more. Lily tells him to take some time to think this over. Jack says as long as he is married to Carly, even if the baby is Mike’s, he has a responsibility to the baby. Jack says he will call Tom Hughes. Jack arrives at Carly’s and finds Craig and Mike there. Urged by Jack, Craig leaves. Mike leaves also. Jack tells Carly that this is not a social visit, he wants to discuss the future of their marriage.

On their court day, Emily and Hal meet Barbara at the hospital. They all wish to drive Will to court. Dr. Michaels arrives and tells Barbara that Will should ride with him. Barbara insists she should drive Will, but Hal tells Will to ride with Dr. Michaels. In court Barbara tells the judge that she intends to devote herself full time to Will’s well being. The judge says he still has many concerns about Will and feels he is still troubled. Will arrives at court and sees Rose and Paul. Paul asks Will how he feels. Will says he is afraid to talk honestly with the judge since his mom (Barbara) may not like it. Paul tells Will not to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. They enter the courtroom. Barbara introduces Will to the judge. The judge tells Will that he would like to talk to him. The judge asks Will why he lied about starting the fire. Will says he thought that is what people wanted him to say and he remembered lighting a match anyhow. When asked, Will says he would like to live with his dad. Immediately, Barbara stands up and speaks about how Will should live with her. Will quickly says he will live with his mother, since he does not mind. Coming to her senses, Barbara walks over to Will and says if he wants to live with his dad, it is ok, as long as he is happy. Barbara hugs Will. Hal, Emily and Will leave the courtroom. Paul asks his mom if she is ok. Barbara says she would be better if Paul would have dinner with her that evening. Paul explains he cannot since he and Rose are attending Dusty’s welcome home party. Hal excitedly tells Will of all the plans he has for him when he comes back home with him and Emily. On his way out, Hal thanks Barbara. Alone, Barbara cries.

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