ATWT Update Wednesday 2/26/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 2/26/03

By Loretta

At the cottage Katie fiercely swings a broom stick at Henry, who tells her he does not know what Simon is involved with, only that Simon has been flirting with other women. Outside Henry tells Simon that he was just interrogated by Katie, but he did not tell her the truth. Henry tells him that Katie is too nice to hurt, but Simon explains this is for her own good. Simon arrives at the cottage and tells Katie they need to talk. Katie walks downstairs wearing a flashy outfit (she looks like a hooker). Katie says if he goes after wealthy women, she will go after wealthy men. Katie tells Simon they can be a team like Bonnie and Clyde. Simon tells her he does not want a partner and she is too decent to do this. Simon says this whole marriage thing is bothering him. Katie tells him she can tell he is lying since she would feel it if he did not love her. Simon tells her last night he was out with another woman and misses his freedom. Simon says his freedom is like a drug and he needs it. Simon says he is tired of pretending and their marriage is over. Simon says that seeing Bartleby brought up many memories of the good old days for him. Katie recalls Simon once telling her he will never leave her and that she has made him stop his old negative behavior. Simon tells Katie he does love her but not enough to stay. Katie still tells him she knows he is lying about everything. Katie says she feels he is in some kind of trouble and if does not leave, she will be harmed. Simon says nothing. Katie says she is right! Simon denies this. Katie says she does still not believe him and wherever he goes, she will follow.

At the Lakeview, Dusty asks Rose if there is something about him she does not like. Rose tells Dusty he is beginning to grow on her somewhat, but she feels she must protect Lily. Rose tells Dusty that Paul would be glad they are getting along. Dusty tells Rose he has been lucky in money but not in love and that Paul is a lucky man. Rose tells Dusty he is tricky to figure out. Dusty tells Rose the reason he teases her so much is he gets nervous when he is around her. Dusty then presents Rose with a passionate kiss on her lips. Breaking off his kiss, Rose asks Dusty what the hell he is doing. Dusty says he did not know why he kissed her and he tries to apologize. Dusty asks Rose not to tell Paul what he just did. Dusty says he made a mistake and does not want this to ruin his friendship with Paul. Rose tells Dusty she will tell Paul. As Dusty tries to stop her, Paul enters and asks what is going on. Having second thoughts, Rose tells Paul that she and Dusty disagree about sports teams. Paul says if they can argue about sports teams, they must be coming friends. Paul suggest he, Rose and Dusty have drinks to celebrate their friendship. At dinner alone with Paul, Rose tells him that just because he and Dusty were friends when they were little, Dusty has changed. Paul feels Rose is acting like this towards Dusty because she has never had a sibling before and Dusty feels like her brother. Rose mentions that Dusty definitely does not look at her like a little sister. Sensing Paul is hurt by her talk, Rose apologizes for putting down Dusty so much. Paul tells Rose that since her return to Oakdale, it has been the best months of his life. Alone at the bar drinking, Dusty recalls his kiss with Rose.

Lily tells Holden she feels that Rose seems defensive a lot, especially around Dusty. Holden says Rose just feels protective about her, especially since Dusty kissed her on the neck, thinking it was her (Lily). Lily asks Holden if he is jealous of Dusty, after all these years. Holden says he is since Dusty has been successful in business and traveled all over the world, while he has only been in Oakdale. Holden says he wonders what his life would had been like if he had not played it so safe. Lily sits down with Holden and tells him that he has much more than Dusty. Lily says he is a wonderful father, husband and has a wife who loves him so much. Holden and Lily kiss.

Barbara tells Dr. Michaels that she only wants to take Will for a walk outside and that he now has no reason to be locked inside this psychiatric ward. Dr. Michaels tells Barbara that Will is still a patient. Barbara reminds her that she is Will’s mother. Barbara says there is no harm in taking him out for a walk, since he will be released soon anyhow (Will looks unhappy about this). Dr. Michaels gives them 15 minutes. Barbara tells Will to get his coat for their “adventure.”

Aaron tells Alison he is not sure if he can tell the judge that she only started the fire because (Alison) she loved him. Aaron says he cannot do this since it won’t change the fact that she started the fire. Chris arrives and asks Alison if she needs some help. Alison thanks Chris for being there. Chris leaves. Aaron tells Alison that she is blackmailing him again, but he agrees to do this. Alison agrees if he tells the judge what she wants, she will tell Lucy the truth. Emily learns about this.

After Evelyn refuses to go easy on Alison, Tom tells Susan and Chris that he feels he will still obtain bail for Alison. In front of the judge, Evelyn says she wants no bail for Alison and repeats the crimes she has committed. Tom asks the judge for $10,000. bail and says that Alison is a minor. Tom asks Aaron to address the court. Aaron stands up and tells the judge that Alison has made some bad moves but when she started the fire, she did not intend for anyone to get hurt. Barbara arrives with Will and interrupts Aaron. Barbara tells Emily she wants the judge to see the victim (Will). Emily tells Barbara that Will has been through enough. The judge calls for order. Evelyn announces that Will is present and that he has spent much time in the hospital due to Alison’s crime. Evelyn continues that Will also took the blame for Alison. The judge says he does not need Aaron to speak. The judge announces that Alison will be tried as an adult and denies bail. Susan screams that Alison is just a little girl. Susan tells Alison she will visit her every day in jail and will bring her homework to her. Alison cannot believe she is going to jail. An officer handcuffs Alison and she cries as she is escorted to her cell. Tom says he will appeal this as soon as possible. Susan cries and is quite upset. Emily thanks Aaron for offering to speak up for her. Aaron says Alison asked him to do this, in exchange for her telling Lucy the truth (that he and Alison did not sleep together). Emily apologizes for Alison’s behavior. Emily asks Aaron to explain. Aaron tells Emily to ask Alison. Emily says she will be sure Alison keeps her end of the bargain. Still in court, Hal goes over to Will. Will says he is sorry and did not mean to further hurt Alison. Hugging Will, Hal assures him that he did not. Hal asks Barbara if she thinks bringing Will to court today will help him? Barbara insists the judge had to see the victim (Will). Hal tells Barbara he will now take Will back to the hospital. Barbara asks Hal if he is listening to her at all. Hal says no and reminds Barbara that he now has another family to care for.

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