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As the World Turns Tuesday 2/25/03

By Loretta

Lily and Holden arrive for dinner with Dusty, Rose and Paul. While Paul and Holden leave the table for a moment, Rose sneers at Dusty as he massages Lily’s neck to ease her stress. Dusty jokingly asks Holden if Lucinda has accepted him as Lily’s husband. Dusty says he is so happy for Lily and Holden and makes a toast to them. Lily explains how Rose raised profits at Worldwide when she worked there, but now she intends to start her own business. Lily reminds Dusty that his welcome home party is the following night at Java Underground. Paul announces how Dusty made a huge amount of money in the investment business, so now he is “retired.” Dusty says he would trade all his money for a family and that being rich is not all it is cracked up to be. Rose says she agrees and that is why she left World Wide Industries. Dusty tells Rose to be careful since he may fall in love with her also. Rose still does not trust Dusty with Lily, so she continues to keep her eye on him throughout dinner. Paul mentions to Dusty that he and Rose are working on setting a wedding date. After Lily and Holden leave, Paul steps out for a moment. Dusty asks Rose if he has passed the test and if they can be friends.

Up all night at the police station, Susan encourages a sleepy Alison to make herself look presentable for the D.A. Tom tells Alison she needs to prepare herself as her situation may take some time, but assures her that he will try for bail. Susan reminds Tom that Alison cannot be put in jail since she is a minor and has confessed to her crime. Susan brushes out Alison’s hair to prepare for her meeting with the D.A. Alison gets irritated at Susan and tells her she is making her feel like a child. Susan reminds Alison that she is her child. Susan hugs Alison. Susan, Chris and Tom meet with the D.A. (Evelyn) and try to persuade her that Alison is still a minor and she needs to be rehabilitated. Chris says Susan is right and says that Alison belongs in family court. Evelyn reminds them what Alison has done: starting a fire which injured two children, made Aaron Snyder take the blame and then helped him escape from jail, made Will Munson take the blame and caused Lucy Montgomery‘s accident. Tom asks Evelyn to go easy on Alison so her future can try and be salvaged. Evelyn refuses Tom’s request.

Jack arrives at the police station. Hal informs Jack that Alison confessed to starting the fire in the Snyder barn. Chris arrives. Hal thanks Chris for finding Alison and helping Will. Hal says he owes him. Hal learns from Chris that he and Emily drove to Chicago to find Alison. Chris tells Hal that Emily tried to reach him but could not. Susan arrives and thanks Chris for helping find Alison and fighting off that Ritchie guy who made passes at Alison. While Tom and Alison leave to see the D.A., Emily stays to talk to Hal. Hal asks Emily why she did not tell him that she and Chris drove to Chicago. Hal tells Emily he feels she was afraid to tell him, as he might snap or something. This remark angers Emily so she leads Hal into his office to talk privately. Emily insists she would never think Hal would shoot Alison or something. Hal insists Emily did not trust him, then Hal says that she may be right. Hal says how is still embarrassed at the way he went after Aaron when he thought Aaron started the fire. Emily tells Hal that she always trusts him. Emily lovingly puts her arms around Hal. Hal kisses Emily.

Barbara chats with Will at the psychiatric hospital. Barbara tells him that Alison confessed to starting the fire, so Alison may need his help. Will quickly takes Alison’s part and says she was scared, that is why he took the blame for Alison. Barbara reminds Will that he needs to take responsibility. Will just tells her he wants to go home to his dad’s (Hal) house. Barbara promises him this. As Barbara is asking Will to help her with one thing (teaching Alison a lesson), Dr. Michaels enters and asks Barbara what she means by this. Barbara changes the subject. Dr. Michaels reminds Will that Alison confessed to starting the fire so he is not responsible. When Dr. Michaels asks Will what Barbara wanted his help with, Barbara says she wanted to take Will outside for a walk. Dr. Michaels reminds Barbara that it is freezing cold outside.

Lucy tells Craig and Rosanna that she saw Aaron the other night. Lucy says that Aaron told her that he did not sleep with Alison and that Alison set him up to look as if they did. Jack arrives at Fairwinds to question Lucy about the fire. Craig doesn’t think Lucy is up to it, but Lucy insists. Jack tells Lucy that Alison turned herself in and is being tried as an adult. Lucy explains to Jack that she and Alison argued about Aaron, which is when Alison blurted that she started the fire. Lucy says she then ran into the street and into the trolley. As Jack leaves, Lucy tells him she will be glad to testify if Alison’s case goes to trial. Craig asks Lucy if she is sure she wants to testify against her best friend. Lucy reminds Craig that Alison is not her best friend, she cannot be trusted and Alison is the reason she is in a wheelchair. Craig then says Lucy is right, then he leaves to “tie up some loose ends.” Craig arrives at the police station to talk to Alison. Craig tells Alison that if she tells Lucy the truth, that she had better worry about her mom (Susan) or her sister (Emily) losing their jobs.

From Lily and Holden’s house, Emma phones Rosanna and invites her to come help her with baby Natalie (Emma made this up as Aaron is there and wishes to speak with Rosanna). Rosanna arrives at Lily and Holden’s house and finds Aaron there. Aaron says that he asked his grandma (Emma) to call her over. Aaron tells Rosanna that she must make Lucy believe that he did not sleep with Alison. Rosanna say she will not speak to Lucy on his behalf since her memory is still not back and she is in pain. Aaron insists he never touched Alison. Rosanna says this may be true but she does not know for certain and she will not pressure Lucy. Emma says that Aaron is telling the truth. Rosanna reminds Aaron that he was drunk that night so how can he remember sleeping with Alison or not. Aaron says he will go see Alison and ask her to tell Lucy the truth. Aaron arrives at the police station and tells Alison she must tell Lucy the truth. Alison tells Aaron that she can’t, as she may have to stay in jail, plus Lucy does not like her. Aaron says he already told Lucy that Alison kissed him. Alison tells Aaron that if he testifies that she only started the fire because she loves him, then she will tell Lucy the truth.

Rosanna arrives back at Fairwinds. Rosanna tells Craig that Aaron was at Holden’s house and that he asked her to help him with Lucy. Rosanna says that she declined to help Aaron (with Lucy) and suggested he sort this problem out himself. Rosanna warns Craig that the truth may come out since Alison already confessed to starting the fire. Craig tells Rosanna that he already spoke to Alison, so she knows what will happen if she tries to cross him. Rosanna tells Craig that Lucy is very unhappy. Craig says Lucy will snap out of it and forget about Aaron. Rosanna says that Aaron is Lucy’s first love, so it will not be that easy. Craig ignores her and leaves the room singing. Craig‘s careless attitude irritates Rosanna.

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