ATWT Update Monday 2/24/03


As the World Turns Monday 2/24/03

By Loretta

Marshall tells Jessica that he feels Ben is almost a saint, since Ben reacted so calmly when he learned that he moved in with Jessica. Marshall says he underestimated Ben. Jessica tells Marshall that she is tired of him insulting Ben. Changing the subject, Marshall offers to cook dinner, this amuses Jessica. Marshall tells Jessica that if he found the woman he loves living with another man, he would be furious (referring to Ben). Ben then arrives and asks Jessica to dinner that night. Ben tells Marshall he did not forget him in his dinner plans. Ben then hands Marshall a paper bag containing chicken soup. Marshall looks surprised so Ben promises him that he did not taint the soup with any knock out drugs. Jessica and Marshall leave. During their dinner at the Lakeview, Jessica tells Ben that she still cannot believe that he is having dinner with her. Back at Jessica’s house, Marshall is annoyed that Jessica went out with Ben, so he takes the garbage out and closes the door, purposely without the key. Marshall then phones the police department. Jessica and Ben’s dinner is soon interrupted by a police officer and Marshall. Marshall explains that he accidentally locked himself out of her house, so he called the police to turn himself him. Ben knows that Marshall did this to interrupt their dinner date. Jessica then leaves to obtain her legal papers for the police, to prove Marshall is in her custody.

At the hospital, Bob tells Barbara that Alison Stewart confessed to starting the fire. Not taking time to breathe, Barbara furiously rambles on how Emily probably knew this all along and covered up for Alison. Bob tells Barbara she is jumping to conclusions and tells her how Emily and Chris drove to Chicago to find Alison. Barbara makes a mad dash for the door to give Alison and Emily a piece of her mind.

After Hal arrives home, Alison comes downstairs and tells him she started the fire. When Susan tells Alison to not say anything else, Alison (in tears) says that she is tired of hiding this secret. Hal tells Emily and Susan to call Tom Hughes. Hal gently tells Alison that he knows it took lots of courage and maturity for her to tell the truth, but first she needs to get legal representation. Crying, Alison asks Hal why he is being so nice to her. Hal says because when he married her sister (Emily), her family became his family. Hal asks Alison not to let him down. Managing a little smile, Alison says she will not. Emily hugs Hal and thanks him for not hating Alison. Hal says he could never hate Alison if he tried. Tom Hughes arrives to question Alison. Barbara arrives ready to battle Emily and Alison. Barbara has brought two police officers with her who have an arrest warrant for Alison. While evilly smiling, Barbara insults Susan about her mothering skills. Hal tells Barbara to shut up. Emily tells Barbara she is sick and twisted. Hal tells Barbara to leave. After the scene with Barbara, Alison is more upset. Alison cries and tells Susan she must wish she never had her. Susan tells Alison she never regretted having her and cannot imagine her life without her. Before Alison leaves for the police station with Susan and Tom, Hal reminds her to always tell the truth. Outside the house, Alison thanks her mom (Susan) for sticking up for her. Alison tells Susan she loves her. They hug. While Susan steps inside the house for a moment, Barbara walks up to Alison. A scary Barbara tells Alison she intends to spend every penny she has making sure she (Alison) suffers the way Will has. A frightened Alison says nothing.

In the examining room were the sonogram is taking place, Jack learns that Carly is having a girl. Jack then lets Mike come in the testing room to be with Carly. Jack feels that if the baby is Mike’s, then he deserves to experience this moment. Carly’s physician tells her that she and the baby are doing fine. Mike heads home with Carly. When Carly expresses her unhappiness that their baby will be brought up in a broken family, Mike tries to cheer her up by suggesting they pick out baby names. Mike tells Carly that he feels like he is having a second chance at being a father. This upsets Carly and she tells Mike to stop trying to take control of her situation. Mike says since they did not get a chance with Nora, this may be a second chance for them. Carly angrily tells Mike that he is not her family, Jack is. Mike says he only wants to be a good father to their daughter. Carly begins to smile and tells Mike that she cannot stay mad at him. Mike and Carly hug (as friends). Encouraged by Holden to reconcile with Carly, Jack arrives at Carly’s doorstep. Jack walks away when he hears Mike and Carly happily discussing baby names over pizza.

Jack heads over to Lily and Holden’s house. Jack uncomfortably tells them that Carly is having a girl. Lily hugs Jack and asks him to stay for dinner. Holden lets Jack hold baby Natalie. Jack tells Holden that he still cares for Carly and she wants him back also. Holden tells Jack that nothing worth having comes easily and he will have to reach out to Carly. Holden tells Jack that he would be foolish to let his chance at happiness with Carly pass him by. Jack says he is not sure if he can deal with all that has happened. Holden suggests that Jack should let Carly know that he wants to be with her.

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