ATWT Update Friday 2/21/03


As the World Turns Friday 2/21/03

By Loretta 

Ben arrives at the hospital back from vacation and speaks to Bob. Bob tells Ben that Jessica left him several messages. Jessica arrives home to find Marshall performing sit-ups. Jessica says she just spoke to authorities in Brazil and they will have his daughter’s body sent to Oakdale. Jessica also says that Evelyn gave her more time to spend preparing for Marshall’s trial. Marshall tells Jessica that Ben will explode when he finds out he is living with her. Ben arrives at Jessica’s and sees Marshall shirtless. Marshall smiles and asks Ben how he is doing. Jessica tells Ben that Marshall is staying with her and with a smile, Marshall says he is loving every minute of it. Annoyed, Jessica tells Marshall to go upstairs and put a shirt on. Ben thinks Jessica is making something official with Marshall. Jessica explains to Ben that if Marshall was not released in her custody, he would be put in jail and she could not do that since he is recovering from brain surgery and just lost his daughter. Ben gives Jessica a present (a snow globe) and says he missed her. Jessica tells Ben she is surprised at how calm he is at learning that Marshall is living with her. Ben says he went on a vacation and made a decision not to fall back into his old behavior. Marshall comes back downstairs and finds Ben and Jessica kissing. Ben tells Jessica that Marshall is lucky to have her for his attorney. Jessica kisses Ben. Alone with Ben, Marshall tells him he will not win over him (referring to Jessica). Ben says that Jessica loves him, then Marshall says that Jessica lives for him. Ben kisses Jessica goodbye and promises to call her later. Marshall sneers at the gift that Ben brought her (Jessica) and says she deserves something better. Jessica tells Marshall to stop putting down Ben.

After Ritchie tells Alison he likes 17-year-old girls, Alison tries to break away from his advances. Luckily Chris enters the diner and punches Ritchie. Emily arrives next and asks Alison if she is ok. Alison quickly asks Emily if she can have some money so she can get away and she will be more careful this time. Emily tells her she cannot run any more, so Alison tells Emily she will choose Hal over her (Emily’s own flesh and blood). Emily, Alison and Chris head back to Oakdale. In the car while Alison sleeps in the backseat, Emily cries and says she cannot believe that Alison thinks she does not love her. Emily says she had to stop herself from letting Alison go and taking off with her. Chris tells Emily that he does not feel Hal will turn this into a contest between Will and Alison, but Emily says if Hal makes her choose between him and Alison - she will stand by Alison. Alison is now awake and listens to this conversation. Emily tells Chris that Alison just pretends to be tough but if she spends one night in jail, Alison will not make it. Chris also says that Alison did not mean to start the fire. Emily says that everything Alison does is because of Aaron and Alison is just immature. Alison, Emily and Chris arrive home. Alison is greeted with a huge hug from her mother (Susan.). Emily thanks Chris for everything. Chris leaves. Hal arrives home and kisses Emily. Hal wants to go upstairs with Emily, but she tells him that Will did not start the fire. Hal does not believe this, especially since this news originally came from Chris. In front of Emily and Susan, Alison comes downstairs and tells Hal that she started the fire and allowed Will to take the blame.

At the hospital Bob runs into Barbara. Bob tells Barbara that Alison Stewart just confessed to starting the fire. Barbara prepares to get into an uproar.

At Molly’s request, Jack arrives at the Lakeview. Molly advises Jack that he should be with Carly during her sonogram. Molly says that if the baby turns out to be his, he will regret not being there. Jack says no as he does not want to think about Carly or that the baby may have been conceived by someone else. Molly says that he will regret not hearing the baby‘s first heartbeat, no matter what. Molly tells Jack she loves him and he is her best friend. Jack agrees to go meet Carly at the hospital. Sitting alone at the Lakeview lounge, Molly starts talking to the bartender about her and Mike. Molly asks the bartender if he left her, would he come back to her if she let him. Then Molly realizes something.

At the hospital, Mike and Carly wait for her sonogram. Carly’s explains to her physician that Mike is not her husband and starts explaining what really happened - then Carly stops herself. Her physician is understanding and tells her that all Carly must concentrate is having a healthy baby. When Mike starts talking “like a daddy,” Carly snaps at him and tells him to ease down on the daddy stuff. Carly reminds Mike they still do not know who the father is. Carly asks Mike just to hold her hand for now, he does. Jack arrives and tells Carly he will be here for her until she gives birth. Jack says he immediately wants the paternity issue handled. Carly’s physician says there is some risk involved doing this test, so Carly refuses it. Outside the sonogram room, Mike tells Jack to let this paternity thing settle down for now. Jack says he does not want Mike “playing daddy” to his wife and child if the baby is his. Jack tells Mike he does not need a lecture from him. Mike tells Jack to act like a husband if that is what he wants. Jack says nothing. Jack goes into the sonogram room with Carly. The technician arrives and sets Carly up for the test. Jack and Carly happily view the sonogram pictures. They find out the baby is a girl. This pleases Jack and Carly and they get a picture of the baby. Jack then tells Carly that Mike should be allowed in now, just in case this is his baby.

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