ATWT Update Wednesday 2/19/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 2/19/03

By Loretta

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As Lily is opening a gift from Iva for little Natalie, Rose arrives to inform her that Dusty Donovan is in Oakdale. Rose recalls for Lily how Dusty kissed her on the neck when he saw her, thinking she was her (Lily). Rose says there is something about Dusty that she is not comfortable with. Lily tells Rose about her past relationship with Dusty when they were teenagers. Rose wonders how Holden will feel about Dusty being back in Oakdale. Lily says Holden has no hang ups about Dusty. The doorbell rings and its Dusty. Dusty hugs Lily then jokingly swoops her down in his arms and says he will take her away! Dusty says he sold his investment business in Chicago and is moving back to Oakdale. Lily says she will throw him a welcome home party. Dusty humorously tells Lily she must be sure to invite Rose. Dusty leaves to head back to the Lakeview where he is staying. Rose tells Lily she feels Dusty wants to take her away from Holden. Rose says she has bad vibes about Dusty. When Rose says how Paul and Dusty chatted away at the Lakeview the other day, Lily says Rose is just jealous of Dustyís friendship with Paul, since Rose is used to having Paul to herself. When Rose starts criticizing Dusty, Lily reminds her of Barbaraís critical behavior towards her (Rose) and Paul. Now feeling guilty, Rose agrees to give Dusty a chance.

Emily and Susan are both on their cell phones, frantically calling AlisonĎs friends and her hang outs, trying to locate her. Emily tries to keep Susan from panicking. Jack arrives and advises them that the D.A. reviewed Alisonís case and issued a warrant for her arrest. Alison will be prosecuted and handled like an adult. Jack asks Susan to monitor their phone, so they can trace Alisonís calls. Alison phones and Emily picks up. Alison says she is in a bus station in Chicago and she canít go back to Oakdale. Emily says they will get a lawyer and fight this. Susan grabs the phone from Emily and tells Alison that running away will make things worst and everyone knows she did not start the fire on purpose. Stepping back inside their house, Jack now tries to trace this call, but Susan hangs up on Alison. Jack leaves and assures Emily and Susan that the police will find Alison. Jack leaves the phone tracer machine with them. While Emily makes them coffee, Susan admits that she hung up on Alison as she panicked at the thought of Alison saying something to incriminate herself on that tracer machine. Susan says if Alison can keep her mouth shut, she intends to protect her any way she can. Emily tells Susan that Alison cannot lie any longer. Emily does not agree with Susan and feels that the police handle this. Chris arrives and offers to help. Susan accuses Chris of forcing Alison to confess, causing her to run away. Susan asks Chris to go to Chicago and find Alison.

At the hospital, Chris talks to a fellow-intern about his involvement in the Alison situation. Chris intends to find Alison himself. John Dixon tells Chris he found out how Alison confessed to starting the fire, then orders Chris to work the next 48 hours at the hospital. John tells Chris that when something else comes along more interesting, he (Chris) immediately forgets about his intern duties at the hospital. When Chris accuses John for picking on him since he is Bobís son, John says he wishes that he was more like his dad. After telling Chris to get his priorities straight to avoid winding up on the street, John suspends Chris for three days from the hospital. Chris tells his dad (Bob) that John suspended him. Bob tells Chris he is under scrutiny because he is his son. Bob advises Chris to take his punishment and act like an intern.

Margo arrives at Katieís cottage. Katie expresses her worries about Simonís peculiar behavior. Margo says itís probably cause they are nearing their move to Australia and their plans to have a baby. Margo says that marriages always go through changes, but Katie says Simon is not in love with her any longer. Katie explains that Simon did not come home all night or call. Katie does not feel Simon is having an affair. After Margo asks Katie when Simonís odd behavior started, Katie explains it was when Bartlesby arrived in town. Katie also mentions that Simon had Bartlesby arrested as he felt Bartlesby was dangerous. Margo says maybe Simon imagined himself staying home changing diapers and could not deal with it. Katie thinks Simon is in deep trouble and she intends to find out what it is. Margo leaves just as a rude Simon arrives home. When Simon refuses to say where he was all night, Katie calmly says it is okay. Katie then suggests they stay home this evening and watch a video. When Simon makes a rude remark about them having nothing to talk about, Katie offers to help him with whatever problem he is having. When Katie asks Simon if there is some problem regarding Bartlesby, Simon says there is not. Simon tells Katie to stop nagging. As Simon heads to go out again, Katie tells him that the love he has given her is the greatest gift of her life. Katie says she will not let him push her away. Simon says he will make his own choice, then leaves. Outside, Simon calls Henry and tells him not to forget the camera. Katie says she will figure this out herself.

Simon sees Bartlesby at the Lakeview bar. Bartlesby urges Simon to get rid of his wife or he will do it for him. Simon sees Henry, who is in the middle of a job (he is spying on a couple having an affair). Simon grabs away Henryís camera and tells him he will give him a job for easy cash. Simon tells Henry that he is cheating on Katie and he wants Henry to photograph him. Simon says he must convince Katie that he is a lousy husband so she will hate him. Simon explains that this is for Katieís own good. Henry agrees and is given a good amount of cash from Simon. When Henry asks Simon if he still loves Katie, Simon says he loves her more than ever.