ATWT Update Wednesday 2/12/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 2/12/03

By Loretta

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Due to a special local TV news bulletin regarding bad weather, the later portion of ATWT was pre-empted today.

Brady arrives to visit with his old pal Aaron. Brady asks how Lucy is and expresses his concern. Aaron says he and Lucy are no longer a couple. Brady wants to know why, so Aaron explains how Lucy believed he cheated on her. Brady offers to talk to Lucy. Aaron agrees, so he gives Brady Lucy’s address. When Brady returns, he tells Aaron that Lucy did not believe him. Aaron is upset.

Sitting in front of the fireplace, Lucy tries to recall why she is connecting Alison to the fire. Rosanna arrives home from Chicago with chocolate mints for Lucy. Craig has invited Lucy and Rosanna (his two favorite girls) to a Valentine’s dinner. Lucy asks Rosanna for help in regaining her memory. Lucy says that ever since Chris questioned her regarding the fire, she has seen images that she can’t understand. Lucy says she feels that the fight she had with Alison in St. Louis was not about Aaron. Rosanna offers to download photos of the university Lucy visited, to help her remember. Lucy is visited by Brady. Lucy recalls his face and that he helped them on the road. Brady gets right to the point and tells Lucy that Aaron did not cheat on her and that Aaron is crazy about her. This just seems to confuse Lucy more and she asks Brady to leave. Lucy tells Rosanna that Brady came just to “sell” Aaron to her. Rosanna hands Lucy the university photos. Lucy asks Rosanna if she believes Aaron is telling the truth. Rosanna says that is not for her to decide. After Lucy looks at some photos, she recalls in detail the fight she had with Alison. Lucy now realizes that Alison started the fire! Rosanna gets a phone call from Air Mexico notifying her that Craig Montgomery’s bags have arrived in Oakdale. Now suspicious of Craig, Rosanna tells Lucy she thinks Craig went to visit an “old friend.“ Rosanna arrives for dinner at the Lakeview to meet Craig. After mentioning Air Mexico to Craig, Rosanna asks him why he tracked down Carly in Mexico.

At the garage, Chris questions Alison about the fire. Alison (getting defensive) tells Chris to stop poking his nose where it should not be. Alison says Chris is questioning everyone about the fire, as he wants to look good in front of his family. Chris says he is not convinced Will started the fire. When Chris points out that Alison was first to notice the fire, Alison accuses him of suspecting her. As Alison is telling Chris to go to hell, Emily arrives. Alison hugs Emily and tells her to make Chris stop hounding her about the fire. Emily threatens to call the hospital if Chris does not stop. Chris apologizes to Alison and leaves. Emily says that Will is going home soon, so nothing Chris does will make a difference. Relieved, Alison hugs Emily. After Emily leaves, Aaron arrives in a foul mood. Aaron explains that he is finished with Lucy. Aaron grabs a beer and asks Alison to join him. Alison says to herself that this day keeps on getting better and better for her!

Holden tries to make Jack reconsider having Carly’s belongings put in storage. Jack he says he won’t be Carly’s doormat again. When the mover arrives, Jack tells him to wait. After Jack says his marriage is over, Holden reminds him that the baby may be his. Jack tells Holden to shut up. Absorbing a little of what Holden is saying, Jack tells the mover to go, without Carly’s belongings. Jack reminds Holden that he lost a baby with Julia, then JJ and it seems to be one disappointment after another. Holden hugs Jack. Holden leaves. The doorbell rings. It is Molly who immediately grabs Jack and kisses him passionately. Molly tells Jack she needs him “right now.”

Mike runs into Molly at the Lakeview. Mike tells Molly that she should be civil to Carly, at least for the sake of her (Carly) unborn child and little Parker. Molly tells Jack not to lecture her as Kim Hughes did. Mike points out that Carly’s baby is Molly’s flesh and blood, so she should care what happens. Molly tells Mike how dare he pass judgment on her. Molly informs Mike that she will consider turning into an irresponsible slut, because that type of person seems to get ahead in the world.

Carly arrives at the police station and asks Margo to look after Parker until Hal returns. Margo says she would love to and leads Parker to some donuts. Outside the Lakeview, Carly runs into Craig. Carly says she has a beef to settle with her “cuz.” Molly arrives. Molly and Carly coldly stare at one another. When Carly asks Molly what she did with her husband, Molly replies she didn’t do anything she (Carly) did not do with her (Molly) boyfriend. Carly and Molly exchange more heated words. After Molly describes the pleasure she had in having sex with Jack, Carly whacks Molly in the face. Molly falls down. Craig is obviously enjoying this. Molly tells Carly that Jack does not want to stay with some blonde pathological (meaning Carly) the rest of his life. As Molly walks away, she says she has a date with Jack. Alone with Mike, Carly says she had intended to see Jack and suggest they try again, but she cannot now, especially that Molly is with him. Mike asks Carly to move into his house, as he wants to protect her and the baby. Carly smiles and tells Mike that he is a good man.