ATWT Update Friday 2/7/03


As the World Turns Friday 2/7/03

By Loretta 

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Bartlesby threatens the innocent life of Snickers unless Simon agrees to do a job for him. Katie arrives home unexpectedly. Bartlesby introduces himself to Katie. Seeing Bartlesby holding Snickers, Katie says that he already is acquainted with Snickers. Impressed with Katie, Bartlesby makes small talk with her and compliments their cottage. Bartlesby explains how long he has known Simon. When Bartlesby asks Simon for a loan of $50.00, Katie offers her help and plants $100.00 in his hand. Simon watches this in silence as Bartlesby says Katie is quite generous and tells Simon to make sure nothing happens to her. Bartlesby leaves. Outside, Bartlesby tells Simon he had better make a decision quickly about working for him. Back inside the cottage, Katie tells Simon she wants to have a baby now, so she will stop using birth control. Simon says he wants to also start a family now, but he needs to take care of some business first. Simon leaves and gives Katie a kiss goodbye. Simon instructs Katie to lock the cottage doors. After seeing Simon leave, Bartlesby follows him to the police station. Simon tells Margo he is looking for Jack. Home alone, Katie lets Bartlesby inside the house. Simon arrives home and discovers Katie gone with a note and rabbits foot.

At the police station, Evelyn attempts to have Marshall arrested. Evelyn tells Jessica that she is trying to clean up her mess ever since she (Jessica) ran off with her lover (Marshall. Jessica tells Marshall she will ask the judge to set bail for him. Marshall thanks her, whatever happens. Evelyn tells Jessica that she is only doing her job, but she says she is letting Marshall walk, just like she (Jessica) allowed James Stenbeck. Jessica tells Marshall that the judge has released him in her custody.

Alison covers for Aaron at the garage when Burke starts to ask questions regarding his whereabouts. Aaron thanks Alison and tells her that Lucy does not want to see him (Alison is glowing inside). Alison tells Aaron he needs to get over Lucy, she reminds him of all the terrible things that happened since he met Lucy. Alison says Lucy is not even a decent friend. Angry Alison tells Aaron that he never shows her any attention and she will never measure up to Lucy. Annoyed Alison goes back to repairing the car, while motor oil squirts all over her. Aaron chuckles and shares half his lunch with Alison. Alison tells Aaron she loves to hang out with him. Aaron says there is a big difference between her and Lucy. Aaron says Lucy is innocent while she (Alison) is a party girl. Alison admits to Aaron that she is a virgin and got upset when Lucy lost her virginity before her. Aaron is surprised. Alison is embarrassed, but manages to give Aaron a kiss on his lips. Aaron tells Alison never to kiss him again.

Rosanna makes her and Craig some sandwiches. Craig explains that Lucy told Aaron not to see her any more. Craig says that Mallory called (the publicist of Monte Carlo) regarding a magazine which wants to do a spread on Carly’s designs. Craig says that Carly is still the chief designer for Monte Carlo and he advises Rosanna that this business will be a good thing for her (Rosanna). As Rosanna is chatting over lunch with Mr. Frumples, Lucy arrives. Lucy wants to asks Rosanna something confidential. Lucy asks her how you tell if you are not a virgin. After Rosanna asks her why she asks this, Lucy confides that Aaron told her that she and him made love inside a barn in North Carolina. Lucy cannot remember anything about her road trip with Aaron and Alison and feels perhaps he is making this up. Rosanna advises that Lucy has her whole life ahead of her and she will love again. Lucy apologizes to Rosanna for burdening this on her. Smiling Rosanna says they are almost family and she promised Sierra she would look out for her. Lucy asks Rosanna how she is feeling after her operation. Rosanna says she has excepted that she cannot have children, but still wants them. Lucy tells Rosanna she feels safe with her and trusts her. This makes Rosanna cry with happiness. Lucy brings up her virginity question again. Rosanna tells her she should see a doctor about this. Rosanna encourages Lucy to do what makes her happy. To help regain her memory, Lucy (helped by Rosanna) makes a list of everything she remembers about Aaron.

Craig runs into Mike at the Lakeview Lounge. Craig teases him about his fling with Carly and how Jack and Molly know about it. Mike informs Craig that now Jack is having his own fling with Molly. Craig is surprised and laughs. Annoyed, Mike leaves. Craig heads for Jack’s house.

Eating, reading the newspaper and performing sit-ups at the same time, Jack gets a knock at this door. It is Molly. Molly says that she is going to tell Mike that she and Jack did not sleep together. Jack feels everyone should think what they want and feels Molly wants to tell Mike the truth, cause she still loves him. Molly says she doesn’t know what she wants. Molly tells Jack that she knew all along that Carly slept with someone the night before her wedding, but thought it was Craig. Jack opens his door to find Craig. Grinning, Craig tells Jack he knows all about him and Molly. Craig asks Molly if she knows where Carly is. Jack says she is in Cancun with little Parker. Craig tells Molly he is surprised that she slept with Jack. After handing Craig Carly’s Cancun itinerary, Jack tells Craig that Molly is a desirable woman. Outside, Molly asks Craig to keep her fling with Jack quiet. Craig books a flight for himself to Cancun.