ATWT Update Thursday 2/6/03


As the World Turns Thursday 2/6/03

By Loretta

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Today’s episode was interrupted for about 20 minutes, due to a CBS special news bulletin.

Back at the hospital, Jessica assists Marshall, who makes a fuss about sitting in a wheelchair. Marshall explains he needs to make funeral arrangements for his daughter. Ben is there and Jessica says after Marshall gets settled in his room, she will speak with him. Jessica offers Marshall assistance in planning to bring his daughters body to Oakdale. Marshall thanks her, but tells Jessica that she should be with Ben. After Marshall goes back to his hospital room, Ben tells Jessica that he apologizes for telling her in Washington that he forgives her. Ben says this apology was condescending. Ben tells Jessica he loves her. Jessica says she does not know how to respond to his statement. Ben says that he walked back to her hotel room in Washington to apologize again, but when he heard her consoling Marshall, he knew since Marshall learned he just lost his daughter, it was not the right time. Margo arrives to arrest Marshall, who is also reprimanded (along with Jessica) for having left Oakdale without notifying the D.A. office. Jessica announces that she is Marshall’s lawyer.

Craig comes the to garage to chat with Alison who is in the middle of repairing a car. Craig tells Alison to stop sending him voice mails on how to handle Lucy. Alison says that Aaron has no intention of backing off from Lucy. Craig reminds Alison not to “stab him in the back” and tell Lucy that he (Craig) was behind this plot. Craig feels that when Aaron realizes that Lucy does not want him in her life, Aaron will seek out Alison. On his way to see Lucy, Aaron makes a quick stop at the garage and tells Alison that Lucy phoned him to come over. Alison tries to stop him, but Aaron heads for Fairwinds. Craig returns to Fairwinds and brings Lucy a big teddy bear. Lucy cannot remember this bear, but Craig explains it is Mr. Frumples, who she had since she was seven years old. Lucy asks Mr. Frumples for advice on how to handle her Aaron situation.

Craig meets up with Rosanna at the gazebo and brings her a present, a business card. Craig says it is the style of wedding invitation he wants for their invitations. Craig wants to know why Rosanna is stalling to marry him.

Getting no call backs from Lucy, Aaron continues to leave her messages. Lily walks in and sees Aaron leaving Lucy another message. Lily suggests that Aaron should give Lucy some space. Aaron explains that he needs to make Lucy see that he would never lie or do anything to hurt her. Aaron gets a phone call from Lucy, she asks him to come over to talk. Aaron makes a dash for Fairwinds.

Lucy listens to Aaron’s many phone messages as Rosanna walks in. Lucy explains that she will not see Aaron. Rosanna suggests that Lucy call Aaron and not let anyone tell her how she should feel. After Aaron arrives, he apparently has told Lucy that they made love inside a barn. Lucy does not believe this and says she would never have her “first time” inside a barn. Aaron insists to Lucy that he is not lying. Craig arrives and tells Aaron to leave.

Back from speaking to Craig, Alison arrives back at the garage and tries to make herself pretty for Aaron.

At dinner, Simon gets a phone call from the stranger who came looking for him the day before. Simon hangs up and announces that he must leave. Tom explains that Simon’s charges should be dropped in less than a month. Katie leaves to go with Margo for their medical check-ups. Katie tells Simon that when they get home, they will do some “baby practicing.” Simon arrives at the cottage and finds his Australian friend sitting in a chair holding Snickers. This man threatens to hurt little Snickers unless Simon does what he says. Katie arrives.