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As the World Turns Wednesday 2/5/03

By Loretta

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While kissing and hugging Simon, Katie explains that they will have a wonderful life, but Simon has his doubts about running a sheep farm in Australia. Katie says they will manage. Lily and Holden arrive. Lily says she came as she was approached by some strange guy from Australia who asked her where he (Simon) lived. This man also mentioned that he lost their wedding invitation (Katie and Simon did not send out any invitations). Lily says he wanted to know Simon’s wife’s name and that he intends to find Simon himself. Simon says that man was probably an old friend and quickly changes the subject. As Lily joins Katie in the kitchen, Holden tells Simon he knows he is lying, and asks for the truth. Outside Simon explains to Holden that the stranger Lily talked to was part of a gang he belonged to in Australia. When Simon and his gang got into trouble with the police, Simon fled, but this guy was arrested and went to trial. Simon feels this guy wants to get even with him. Holden offers his assistance. Simon explains that after he takes his citizenship test, he and Katie will live for awhile in Australia. Katie asks Simon what he and Holden were discussing outside. Simon says that he only asked Holden to check on the cottage while they are away. After Lily and Holden leave, Katie tells Simon to tell her the truth about that guy. Simon just wants to take Katie to bed. Outside their cottage, this stranger lurks.

Chris explains to his mom (Kim) that when John finds out that he snooped into Will’s files and told Barbara what they contained, John Dixon will surely discipline him. Chris comes to see his dad (Bob) at the hospital and tells him that he told Barbara his theory about Will. Chris says how Barbara, when hearing this, became overly anxious and she went to tell Hal. Bob reminds Chris that he had no right to tell anyone this, especially Barbara. Bob tells Chris he needs to learn to think before he speaks. Kim visits Bob at the hospital. Kim says she visited Will but he seems fine, not like someone eager to leave a psychiatric ward. Kim apologizes to Bob for suggesting to Chris that he find information about Will. Chris arrives and Bob reminds him that if Barbara tells everyone about his theory regarding Will, this may get him into big trouble. Chris says he will talk to Barbara about keeping quiet. Bob offers Chris his support.

Ignoring Emily, Barbara arrives at her and Hal’s house. Barbara says that Chris found out that Will’s stories about the fire don’t match up with the facts and Chris feels Will is innocent. Hal says the oily rags were probably just lying around on the barn floor and Will dropped the matches on them. Hal won’t believe Chris’ theory. Barbara insists that if Chris is willing, she will bring him to the court hearing. Hal says Barbara is beginning to turn Will’s hearing into a circus.

At the hospital, Barbara tells John about Chris’ theory regarding Will and asks him if Chris can testify at the hearing. John explains to Barbara that Chris had no right looking in Will’s confidential files. Then John approaches Bob and Chris about this. Hal arrives also, angry with Barbara. Hal tells Chris he is very irresponsible. Barbara is now angry with Chris “for changing his mind about Will.” Barbara runs off in a foul mood. Barbara finds Hal and says she will try and prove Will is innocent. Hal warns Barbara that they must prove to the court they are both concerned only for Will and are fit parents. Barbara agrees. Smiling, John tells Chris he will not punish him, but if he does something like this again, he will have to. Bob tells Chris he is proud of him for taking action today about this mistake he made.

An angry Lucy accuses Aaron of having sex with another girl when they were in North Carolina. Lucy says she remembers the fight she had with Alison about this issue. Alison is outside listening to them. Aaron says this is not true and brings up Tanya Cole who started trouble for them in the summer. Lucy says she remembers her, but feels he is still lying. Lucy says she will ask other people about this and suggests they take a break from each other. When Lucy tries to leave, Aaron tries to stop her. Frustrated, Lucy gets herself out of the wheelchair and falls.

Rosanna gives Craig her concerns about him plotting with Alison to keep Lucy away from Aaron. Rosanna suggests he leave them alone with their relationship. Craig asks Rosanna if she will squeal, but Rosanna says sooner or later the truth will come out. Rosanna says she promised Craig she would not get involved in this and assures him she will not. As Craig plants a big kiss on Rosanna, Alison arrives. Alison tells them about Lucy and Aaron’s big fight about “his other women.” Rosanna leaves the room. Craig gets a phone call that Lucy fell so he leaves for the hospital. Aaron meets Craig and Rosanna at the hospital emergency room. Aaron explains that Lucy fell because of him, regarding false information she heard about him. Aaron asks Alison to please tell Lucy the truth (Alison has a puzzled look on her face). Alison tells Aaron that she does not feel comfortable getting in the middle, but says she will try and speak to Lucy. Dr. Dixon assures Craig that Lucy is fine. Lucy tells Craig and Rosanna that Aaron lied to her and she does not want to see him any longer. Outside, Craig tells Aaron that Lucy said she does not want to see him any more. Craig informs Aaron that if he needs to obtain court papers to keep him away from Lucy, he will do that. Alison pops in Lucy’s room and tells her that Aaron wants to talk to her. Lucy says she will not see him. Alone with Lucy, Rosanna advises her to not jump to conclusions until she gets all the facts. Lucy tells Rosanna what she learned from Alison about Aaron and is frustrated as she can‘t remember. Rosanna suggests to Lucy that she give Aaron another chance. Rosanna hugs Lucy and says she can trust her.

At the garage, an angry Aaron begins to throws things. Alison arrives. Aaron asks her if she put those ideas that he cheated into Lucy’s head. Alison denies this. Alison tries to console Aaron and says things will work out.