ATWT Update Tuesday 2/4/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 2/4/03

By Loretta

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At their cottage, Katie quizzes Simon on his American history. Katie and Simon are planning to leave for their sheep farm in Australia. Margo and Tom arrive. Tom informs Simon that his legal problems are almost over. Margo explains that she contacted authorities in Australia and told them all the good deeds Simon has done in the U.S. (like helping the police). Katie walks Margo and Tom to their car. Since Katie intends to live with Simon in Australia for a while, Margo is on the verge of tears as she says goodbye. Katie hugs Margo and Tom goodbye. Back in the cottage, Katie mentions something to Simon about their baby. Simon asks what she is talking about. Katie says their baby is on her “things to do” list. Simon now realizes Katie is not pregnant. Simon laughs and says her master list for life, is “pure Katie.” Simon and Katie kiss.

Chris meets Kim (his mom) for dinner. Kim reminds Chris how irritated Bob is with both of them for trying to find information about Will. Kim asks Chris why he looked into Will’s confidential files. Chris tells Kim that he feels Will is innocent and is saying he started the fire so he can go home and things will be back to normal. Kim is worried Chris may get into trouble for the manner in which he found this information out. Kim advises Chris to be careful and not tell anyone about his theory regarding Will. Barbara arrives. Chris tells Barbara he looked through Will’s file and feels he did not start the fire. Kim tries to stop Chris from saying more to Barbara, but he continues and tells Barbara that the police report and Will’s statements do not match up. Barbara jumps out of her chair and says she must tell Hal. Kim and Chris try to tell Barbara to keep this information quiet for the time being. Barbara says she needs some hope, so she leaves to go tell Hal. Chris, now disgusted, tells his mom (Kim) she was right about not telling Barbara.

Lily and Holden bring Aaron some dinner at the garage. Aaron is in a good mood as he explains he had an awesome afternoon with Lucy. Aaron says he wants to buy a mini-van so he can take Lucy anywhere she wants to go, plus he plans to take her to Florida. Holden suggests to Aaron that he needs to concentrate on his future since Lucy will go away to college. Aaron brings up the fact that Holden is still doing (taking care of horses) the same thing he did when he met Lily. Aaron asks Lily if she loves Holden any less for this. Now Lily and Holden don‘t know what to say. Lily says that if Holden were cleaning stalls, she would not love him any less. Holden tells Aaron to keep his options open. Aaron says his life is nothing without Lucy and when he falls in love, it is for keeps. Before Holden and Lily leave, Holden reminds Aaron how Lucinda tried to keep him and Lily apart. On her way to the car, a strange man asks Lily if she knows where Simon Frasier lives and what his wife’s name is. Lily says she is not sure.

Meeting Alison at the Fairwinds’ gazebo, Craig tells her his plan to keep Lucy from Aaron. Alison promises to not let Lucy know that Craig is behind this upcoming plot. Craig instructs Alison to tell Lucy that they had an argument about Aaron, which caused her (Alison) to admit something which angered Lucy, causing Lucy to run into the street. Alison says she will not do this. Craig asks Alison if she really had an argument with Lucy on that day. Alison says they had a small fight, as they were worried Aaron would get arrested. Craig finally convinces Alison to lie to Lucy. Craig instructs Alison that she should tell Lucy that Aaron did something so bad, which caused her to run into the street.

After Lucy asks Rosanna if her dad (Craig) hates Aaron, Rosanna advises Lucy to ask her dad. Pressured by Lucy for the truth Rosanna gives in and says it is all about her dad’s love for her. Rosanna says that her dad just feels Aaron is the wrong choice for her (Lucy). Lucy then says she does not want to know the truth. Rosanna suggests that Lucy concentrate on the present, not the past. Rosanna tells Lucy she is happy now with her life, due to her (Lucy) and her dad. Lucy thanks Rosanna for her trust. Rosanna smiles. Alone with Rosanna, Craig asks her to make pancakes for him, this makes Rosanna realize that he is up to something. After Rosanna leaves, Alison arrives to plan with Craig what she will say to Lucy. When they hear Lucy coming, Alison pretends to tell Craig that she refuses to tell Lucy the truth. Lucy insists that Alison tell her “the truth.” Pretending she is embarrassed by what she has to say, Alison tells Lucy that she hid the fact from her that Aaron had sex with another girl after she (Lucy) had a fight with him. Alison continues her lie, saying that she and Lucy got into a fight after this, causing Lucy to run into the street. Lucy accuses Alison of lying, but then she sadly realizes it may be true (Craig eavesdrops). Alison reminds Lucy about Aaron’s fling with Tanya back in Seattle, which leads Lucy to further believe Alison. Alison advises Lucy not to tell Aaron this, since he will only lie about it. Lucy goes to the garage to talk with Aaron. Lucy tells Aaron that she knows what he did.